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This shooter is a first-person action video game created to unleash the war between 2 sides, the Terrorists and the anti-terrorists, each team has a large 16 players on an open map. At Gums Up we tell you how to get Counter Strike: Global Offensive Online Steam for free.
These have goals to be met to win the game, these goals I will explain later if you decide to stay with us in this field of war, What side are you in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive?



This video game was released on August 21, 2012 for the platforms Microsoft Windows, Mac OS x and Xboz 360 , According to the creators of the game has the mechanics of previous games, only now they can equip better weapons the game has a better graph of maps, weapons, hostages, and sounds, also new suits for the bands terrorists and anti-terrorists . If you’re a bit lost we recommend you look for Counter Strike: Global Offensive Tutorial , so you can learn firsthand from expert players how to play.

In these bands we have many characters, such as: Phenix Connexion, Seal team6, Elite Crew, IDF, Pirates GSG-9, Stalkers, Balkans, SAS, FBI, SWAT, Separatist, GIGN. The difference between this delivery and previous deliveries of this video game is that the weapons have real names of current weapons, there are several types of weapons. Silencers are included, and the USP-S and M4A1-S were added to replace them with the M4A4 and P2000. This update also added to the customization of weapons with skins. You can also find out about Counter Strike: Global Offensive all cheats , to see the tricks that exist in this exciting video game.




At the end of a map is the official servers of the game, give you the chance to dropping a box, which by getting the key to it you can get items of great value, these items leave the box randomly to open it. As you increase your Rank in video game combat, you will increase your experience which will give you levels to receive costumes, suits, skins, or armor that the game gives you randomly. It is also interesting to know how to open boxes in Counter Strike: Global Offensive , in order to have more resources, weapons, etc…

Needless to say, you can also get the skins at the steam shop at Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (you can also try to get a cs go steam account for free , with skins and weapons already included) there will be a large storage of clothes and costumes for your video game character for convenient prices, offers and rebates. You have the facility of iexchanging skins with other players whether collection skins, weapons attire, boxes and keys of the chests, and there is between both players a good exchange. Keep in mind that not all weapons acquire skins easily. The counter Stat Trak tells you if you have reached the number of deaths to get skins.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has very entertaining game modes such as:

    • Weapons race: all players start with a MP9, and receive a weapon each time they kill an enemy.
    • Demolition: Combines the norms of arms race and deactivation of pumps.
    • Deactivation mission: The players are divided into two teams, the terrorists run to implant a bomb and the anti-terrorists run to deactivate it in the middle of confrontations.
    • Mission hostages: The anti-terrorists are in charge of finding and rescuing the hostages, and the terrorists of avoiding that.
    • Join our team, or what team are you? at Counter-Strike: Global Offensive!




In CS GO, it is already part of the normal sharing with people weapons, skins or objects that have been achieved in the game, since Valve, has focused this counter strike towards the path of account customization, ie each account can get different types of exclusive objects and therefore makes each player feel more exclusive.


Get free weapons in CS GO, is not an easy task at all, the first way, is playing and get boxes of CS GO, in each box there is the option to receive skins of weapons and other objects, other ways can be with virtual money or real money, and bet online to get your skin or preferred weapon, you can also search for a hack for CS GO weapons, which offer the option to get the weapons directly or keys for cs go boxes for free , that is if you have to know how to choose and be informed before not to receive a permanent ban of the account.



As usual, in the Counter Strike community are gamers and advanced users and therefore adapt to new market offerings, and one of the main topics for sharp is get free skins in CS GO .

There are several ways to get these skins, the first is betting, there are many websites with which you can bet with the skins that come out in the official games we do, one of these can be CSGO Lounge or Fanobet , another way is playing jackpots, which are other types of websites that allow you to bet on objects or skins with real or virtual money or also gives the option to put your objects to bet. If it is not clear how to play jackpots from csgo, it is better not to. There are other websites that also make shopping objects cs go, it is somewhat difficult that you touch some object but there is this the possibility, never this of more get a skins free cs go.

There are other very succulent ways such as point systems or gems or gold, there are several websites where you can make daily logins in exchange for these points and then exchange them for weapons cs go, skins cs go or free boxes cs go. Getting free CS GO boxes you can add weapons or free skins cs go to your inventory and use them as you like.


Another very interesting and productive way to get free skins from counter strike global offensive is to watch tournament games, in CSGO TV for example you can see games online obviously you have to have the Steam account linked otherwise we will not get anything.


It is true that counter strike global offensive boxes, are easy to get, the issue here lies in get CS GO keys, to open them, certainly can be bought, its price is 2€, but is really the best option?

Certainly it is the most reliable way to get keys in counter strike global offensive , since paying you get everything and at the moment, with a very good service certainly, but the issue that drives all gamers crazy, is that of get free keys from CS GO , there are some ways but not confirmed, since we are still trying to get results in this aspect, but some key hack cs go has worked but has been caught in the weeks, so we are waiting to have more information about it.

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