Daemon X Machina - How to find the secret factory

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Daemon X Machina It owns a wide variety of weapons, among which the ones that can be obtained directly from the different bosses of the game stand out.

Not all projects, however, can be developed in the Factory of the main menu: some, in fact, will require you to take advantage of the so-called Secret Factory (or secret factory).

So today we will explain how can you unlock it e the various objects that you can develop inside. Some will also be present spoiler on all the bosses of the game including the final boss, so if you want to avoid them we advise you not to continue.

Where to find the secret factory

Unlike the normal factory, it will not be accessible directly from the main menu, but from Ice-cream shop. The main requirement to unlock it, in fact, will be eat 20 or more ice creams (which we generally recommend given the useful bonuses they give).

Once this is done, under the normal options for choosing between single or double scoop ice cream we will find a section with three question marks. By clicking on it you can enter the Secret Factory.

The complete inventory

In the Secret Factory you can mainly build weapons obtainable from bosses, with a few exceptions.

Each boss weapon will require both maximizing percentage of analysis of the boss in question that the obtain from it is his specific scheme.

Once these requirements are met, you can buy the weapon in question either by using the credits that good ice cream.

We leave you below the complete list of developable objects. You will also notice that in the Secret Factory there is an Armor section that will be empty at the moment, indicating that the game will probably be supported by Marvelous First Studio with post-launch content.

Daemon X Machina is currently available exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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