Dead or Alive 6 – Review

The fighting game series of Dead or Alive it was created by the genius mind Tomonobu Itagaki, developed entirely from Team Ninja under the distribution of Tecmo. As you well know, from the fifth chapter the direction of the title is no longer of Itagaki, since the latter has abandoned the boat due to some serious financial problems that hit Tecmo.

The fifth chapter, despite the absence of the original father, managed to achieve a remarkable result and a discreet welcome among those who have always followed this saga. Dead or Alive 5's main fault was having too many versions, which is what Tecmo Koei for some years he is also adopting with other series such as that of Samurai Warriors or Dynasty Warriors.

The sixth chapter apparently looks like an upgrade of its predecessor, but to understand its potential, we plunged into this battle to feel firsthand if it is actually worth buying. Will Team Ninja be able to put a valid but above all fresh product on the market?

Let the tournament begin!

The plot, although it does not play a fundamental role within Dead or Alive, highlights the character of Honoka, which hides a secret. While in, Helena Douglas organizes yet another DoA tournament. The narrative revolves around the various groups trying to discover Honoka's secret, adorning the subplots with a series of elements that enrich the overall picture.

Story mode will take you five hours to complete, a rather acceptable longevity when compared to productions like that of Tekken 7, where Story Mode was completed in barely three hours. Despite the introduction of new characters such as that of the scientist is appreciable NiCO, we were not very satisfied with the clashes, as the final goal will be reached with great ease.

As previously said, history is not the main focus of production, but despite this, it still remains a way that enriches the dish.

Moving on to the modalities, in this sixth chapter there is the DOA mission, which will propose us a series of missions in which we will have to fulfill very specific tasks. In Mission DOA we will learn how to use certain techniques, it will also allow us to do some practice with the longer combos. Upon fulfillment of the objectives, we will receive stars and if we have completed all three requirements, we will receive a bonus to unlock some parts of the characters' costumes.

Obviously, the Arcade route, where we will have to take down a series of enemies until we reach the end of the path. Whenever we finish a course, we will unlock the next difficulty. Survival and the timed challenge also make their return, although we must say that the first mode we found it very subdued compared to what was proposed by Dead or Alive 5, where the enemy did not leave room for the slightest error.

Very narrow roster

Basically, the roster of characters sees the arrival of only two new entries, Diego and NiCO, the rest will come through the Season Pass, already much discussed due to its cost: 89,99€. It is a very rich roster, but honestly we were very disappointed for the lack of "news", being a main and unpublished chapter, we would have expected a greater commitment from the development team, which has well thought of making money on it. to this element through to additional content.

In many ways, the characters are well balanced and feature very similar combos to those seen in the fifth installment of the series.

The Triangle System is once again great, the need to predict enemy hits and dodge plays a very important role in clashes, especially on the net. Although we have noticed that compared to the past, the system has been streamlined and is very immediate, probably to make room for a less elitist audience and thus reach out to those who are less experienced in the genre.

Too much instability

The game arenas are many and varied, once again there are elements on the map that will allow us to inflict damage on our opponent. The main flaw is that graphically the places present in the game are not very inspired, they are rather monotonous and give that feeling of "already seen".

As regards the character costumes, most have been recycled from the previous chapter, a rather tedious unlock mechanic has also been added. To unlock a costume we will have to accumulate points that can be obtained by carrying out the DOA Missions or by facing online battles, even if in the latter mode it takes eons before unlocking one.

At least the damage to clothes and to characters are much more credible, although KOEI and Team Ninja have been put a stop to the fanservice and to the more extreme scenes, to which we have been accustomed for eons, even when the censorship filter was disabled.

Online servers are very unstable, in our session we were not able to do more than twenty fights, as we were almost always thrown off the server due to their instability. We do not understand why Team Ninja has not introduced a system that recognizes the best connection between players, since in sessions it will often happen to see Hosts with only one connection notch.

Final Comment

The sixth chapter of Dead or Alive he is not evil, but unfortunately he cannot go beyond the discreet. The lack of a “newer” roster is one of the elements that make the production not shine for originality. Another negative element lies in the online servers, which are unstable and constantly lagging, making the experience rather frustrating.

The choice to add new characters only through the Season Pass is a very questionable choice, so also the new system for obtaining costumes. In conclusion, this is a chapter that has only partially succeeded, the purchase is mainly recommended to those who are really fans of the series.

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