Death Stranding - Complete Guide to Preppers and Rewards

In this Death Stranding guide, we'll see all the rewards obtainable by the Preppers once reached a certain connection thanks to deliveries.

The rewards of the Preppers

So here is a table to show you all obtainable rewards from the Preppers.

In the first column you will see the objects obtainable while in the second the outposts and the connection level to reach.

How to increase the connection with the Preppers

Making deliveries for Preppers will involve a connection level increase. I Prepper they will leave you a like according to the delivery time and the integrity of the cargo. You will also need to keep an eye on the cargo stolen by marauders or lost in the game map.

Despite the possibility of delivering a found cargo in any place and in any Prepper, it's much more rewarding to deliver it to its rightful owner.

By doing this you will receive I like it many more than for a simple delivery. This is a great way to quickly increase the connection.

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