Demon's Souls - Santa Astraea boss guide

Once we have finally defeated the Unclean Colossus, we just have to kill the last Archdemon. This time it is not about an unclean creature, but the beautiful one Santa Astraea.

Origins of the Archdemon

The young woman was there Sixth Saint of the Church, who left with his trusty knight Garl vinland towards the Valley of Corruption to help its inhabitants. The situation was too drastic, seeing them suffer, the Saint succumbed to corruption, removing their souls from the inhabitants to deprive them of the pains, making them aggressive and bloodthirsty.


Within this clash we will have the opportunity to use different strategies, but we will start from the simplest one.

We assume that within the area there are two enemies, the Holy Astraea and her trusty knight Garl vinland. If we want to bring down the archdemon immediately, we just have to stay at a distance, aim at the young saint and kill her slowly. The knight will not attack us unless we instigate him with some attacks, remaining with his head bowed until the end. If we return to the area after taking down the boss, we will find his body destroyed and his equipment on the ground.

The second strategy is to face Garl Vinland face-to-face, who once defeated, the Saint will commit suicide by openly declaring our victory. Although in words it seems easy, Garl has a brutal attack asset, which with a single attack is able to mow down our entire life.

The third strategy is to physically attack the Santa, but she will try to repel us with a shock wave, making it much more difficult.

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