Disgaea 4 Complete + – Review per PlayStation 4

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Disgaea 4 Complete + is about to come out soon, after a not very long wait but still heavy enough for any fan of the series.

In this review we will tell you about the PlayStation 4 version mainly, even if there are no huge differences with the other versions available. Definitely, if you prefer a more "portable" experience the version Nintendo Switch it is your case.

It is possible to pre-order both the Nintendo version that the version Sony paying 10 euros less than the list price, take advantage of it!

As said some time ago by Sohei Niikawa in an interview, Nintendo Switch was fully part of Nippon Ichi Software's plans, as well as Sony devices and in the future PlayStation 5.

No more chatter, let's get to the point and see if this title is really that good!

What is Disgaea 4 Complete +?

Let's start from the origins, what is Disgaea 4? This is the fourth title in the well-known series of strategic JRPGs Disgaea, originally released in 2011 for PlayStation 3 under the full name of Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten.

Later, a version for PlayStation Vita was also added in 2014, that is Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited, containing all the DLCs of the 2011 version and also some additional content of various types. However, some elements were also removed, for example sprites and previously dubbed parts.

After 5 years, Nippon Ichi Software offers a new version of this great classic of strategy for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Disgaea 4 Complete + offers all the content of the other versions and of course additional elements aimed at improving both the actual gaming experience and the actual content. For example, the ability to review events or other online features that Disgaea 5 players will be familiar with.

We also point out the presence of the so-called Peta level skills, which are a good addition since it never hurts to add moves on Disgaea! In addition, there are the exclusive abilities of the classes, which give greater exclusivity to the available options.

However, the above additions are already present from the PlayStation Vita version. In the end, the real new content lies in the technical improvements made.

Some additions from other titles

This new version borrows elements from other titles in the series. We talk about the most interesting and relevant ones to give a full judgment on this production.

First, the Cheat Shop introduced in Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness, which allows you to modify various elements such as the EXP received, the money and even the strength of the enemies in battle. This addition is quite useful for novices or veterans looking for a challenge and wanting to increase the difficulty.

Put simply, Disgaea's heavy grinding is mitigated by the presence of this element.

Directly from Disgaea 5 comes the Innocent Warehouse, which allows us to enhance our objects.

The usual story full of humor

If you are looking for a rather serious and tragic story, then this title may not be for you. Disgaea has always stood out as a series from quite humorous and light plot which focuses heavily on Japanese stereotypes.

The plot takes Hades as its reference, a place located inside the underworld, where the souls of sinners are transformed into Prinny, that is, the penguins that you will see during the adventure, and subjected to heavy hard labor.

The protagonist is the vampire Valvatorez, who is in charge of educating the Prinny and refuses to drink human blood, following a promise made some time ago. Instead of doing like all the other vampires, he prefers to regain his strength by ingesting sardines!

Speaking of sardines, Valvatorez had promised that he would give a sardine to every single Prinny who passed the intense training in Hades.

One day, a mysterious dark energy sucks the Prinnies away, due to their overpopulation. Valvatorez never breaks his promises and decides to start a plan to save his "disciples".

In doing so, he will meet many allies and will have to carry out a real rebellion rather than a simple rescue plan.

As clearly visible from these premises, history does not want to be taken seriously and try in every way to be as humorous as possible. There will certainly be dialogues aimed at highlighting this aspect and exasperating its characteristics.

A combat system that is always up to scratch

If we talk about Disgaea it is impossible not to praise its gameplay, which has always been a point of reference for lovers of the strategic genre.

As an experience we are nearing the peak of the series, as this title remains one of the strongest at the moment.

The gameplay is based on a grid system where you can move your units and perform different actions in full SRPG style. Disgaea never ceases to amaze and is characterized by different mechanics that refine the gaming experience.

For example, if you have nearby allied units during an attack you will perform a combined attack! But the surprises do not end there, as it is also possible to move our allies by lifting them and throwing them away. The choices in terms of positioning are quite varied and allow greater exploitation of the grid system.

But it doesn't stop there, some maps will have some colored blocks with particular effects, which will greatly influence the strategy you adopt and how you move around the map.

So far we have talked about the system in general and the outcome has been more than positive. Disgaea 4 can certainly boast enviable gameplay within its genre.

Not just experience ...

While experience points are indisputably one of the essential points within an SRPG, they won't be your first thought on Disgaea 4.

In fact, you will need much more Mana, which you will get by defeating the enemies. Without it it is not possible to perform the most trivial actions such as enhancing our skills or “Evility”, that is, passive skills that can be equipped.

Fortunately, the Cheat Shop comes to our rescue, in case you don't want to put up with many hours of grinding.

Never-ending customization

Not counting the fact that there are more than 400 skills, including those exclusive to classes, Disgaea 4 Complete + also boasts a truly exaggerated level of choice.

We remember in particular the mechanics of the Magichange, which allows us to transform our monster-type units into powerful weapons with equally strong abilities. It is also possible to merge more monsters to get better units to turn into weapons later for even more devastating bonuses!

He couldn't even miss the possibility to create our own customized units, indispensable for a title of this magnitude and longevity.

Disgaea manages to differentiate itself and enhance its predisposition towards grinding thanks to the presence of numerous dungeons necessary to improve some elements.

For example, to upgrade our characters it will be possible to access the Chara World, where we will be able to visit the levels belonging to our characters. By completing them, we will get several bonuses and more not obtainable regularly with regular grinding.

The same goes for objects, potential through theItem World.

In summary, Disgaea has always valued its mechanics and the fourth installment of the series is an example of this. By combining the need for upgrades with the challenge of maps, the sense of challenge is never abandoned and indeed becomes present even in tasks that may seem more trivial.

Not just strategy on the pitch!

If you thought that the strategic side of this title was limited to battles, you were wrong! From the main square it is in fact possible to access the Cam-Pain HQ, which allows us to see our team and place the so-called "Evil Symbols"But also to access the Senate.

The "Evil Symbols" are nothing more than constructions to be placed on the grid of the Cam-Pain HQ to obtain various bonuses. It will be enough to place our units inside the area of ​​effect of the building to be able to enjoy the aforementioned advantages.

Finally, we have the Senate, an indispensable place to be able to unlock new classes and improve the goods available in the shops. To get the maximum consent from the assembly we can use any means, including bribery and bribes!

As you may have noticed, the management aspect also emerges which serves as a detachment to normal battles, but without sacrificing the reflective phase.

A look at the technical sector

As mentioned above, this new version adds some improvements in terms of QoL. We enjoyed it quite a lot new resolution in Full HD and other small changes such as the auto-save function after missions.

For the rest, the game proved to be quite stable by our standards and definitely more enjoyable than the old versions. Despite this, do not expect anything exorbitant from a technical point of view, after all for this genre of games what is proposed by this title is enough and advances.

Another point in favor is the portability enjoyed by the Nintendo version, a not indifferent factor to consider when buying. However, if you're not particularly interested in this aspect, go straight to PlayStation 4!


Disgaea 4 Complete + brings back a classic of strategy and does it quite well too. The question remains as to whether or not it is convenient to buy this title again, in case you have already played 4.

In our opinion, Disgaea 4 is always worth replaying, while taking into account that this version doesn't change anything and in no way undermines your knowledge of this chapter of the series.

If, on the other hand, you are a novice and want to approach the genre, do it with your eyes closed. There will be difficulties, but you will be faced with a title capable of really giving you many hours and fun (and a lot of grinding).

For more information you can consult the official website of Disgaea 4 Complete +.

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