Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze – Review

When Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze came out on Wii U four years ago, it almost stayed
completely ignored, despite the general acclaim of the critics.

Now try again to chase success on the most popular Nintendo Switch, but what has changed since then?

A story carved in ice

Not much, actually. If you have already purchased and completed it in the past, now you will not find
no new content waiting for you. If not, however, it's your chance to
recover one of the best 2D platformers ever.

History is very simple: Donkey Kong's birthday party is interrupted by thearrival
dei Nevechinghi, a group of pirates made up of various races of polar animals. Kicked out of
their home island, the entire Kong family must now travel from one atoll to another for
recover their home.

The most agile gorilla ever

Between jumps, bounces, rolls and dips, it is almost surprising how easy it is to manage
check out Donkey Kong. Each input produces an immediate effect, and the ability to
controlling the trajectory of the fall allows you to perform stunts with millimeter precision.

Jumping while rolling, or bouncing on an enemy's head increases the height and duration of the
our jumps, giving access to advanced maneuvers that allow you to create shortcuts
through the first few levels, but they become a fundamental requirement to overcome some
sections in the final part of the game.

Diddy, Dixie e Cranky Kong, our gorilla's family, act like a real
power up. Once freed from the barrels scattered throughout the levels, they will protect Donkey Kong from
maximum 2 shots before disappearing, while increasing platforming skills.

In co-op localeinstead, they will be played by the second player who can control them
freely, or hold on to Donkey Kong's back to help him get through
obstacles like in single player mode.

They make their return too animal companions, which we can ride in some levels to make us
road through any wall.

Novelty and fun are the rules of the game

The different levels that make up Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze are instead demonstration of a surprising and innovative level design.

Numerous mechanics and obstacles are introduced at each new stage, alternating and
mixing with each other, guiding the player through increasingly complex challenges.

Due to such a high concentration of different gameplay elements in each level,
each of them turns out to be particularly long and demanding. The different checkpoints create
moments of respite between a particularly demanding section and the next, without
however break the course of action

The detailed backgrounds interact with the levels as an integral part of the path

Alongside the classic platform paths, the levels on the mine cart and astride a barrel-
rocket offer a completely different gameplay, in which we will not have a moment of
pause as our vehicle will continue its run undeterred without ever stopping.

Finally, in each level they are present two types of collectibles: the 4 letters that form the word
KONG must all be collected in one run, and require you to pass difficult tests of
platforming to be reached. The puzzle pieces, on the other hand, are present in variable numbers,
they require a good deal of exploration to be detected, and if collected, they unlock
different artwork and concept art of the game and its characters.

These collectibles, together with the timed challenges, are the main element of replayability of the
title: once you have passed a level, you can face it again at any time to explore every nook and cranny e
complete it at 100%, or to cross it at maximum speed trying to get the
time as low as possible.

In some cases, the camera will shift forcing us to approach the level from a new perspective

The "big little" news on Switch

As anticipated, the famous Funky Mode does not add any particular novelties to the title. It
in fact it consists of a lower difficulty level than the norm, thanks to the capabilities
extraordinary of its protagonist.

Funky kong, who normally runs the shop where we can buy extra lives e
several upgrades, becomes a playable character, bringing with him a range of skills

Equipped with greater life, the ability to roll endlessly and breathe underwater, taking advantage
his surfboard is also immune to thorns and capable of double jumping e
remain suspended in midair for longer. On the other hand, he will not be able to receive aid
from the other members of the Kong family.

Within the Funky Mode no other element of the game changes, but the superior skills
of the new hero allow even the most inexperienced players to go through the levels without
excessive frustration.

Latest technical notes

In addition to the ability to play on a portable console and play the energetic Funky Kong,
what are the improvements made with this port?

According to Digital Foundry analysis, in docked mode the resolution has been increased to
1080p, while in portable mode it is fixed at 648p. In both cases, the framerate remains
stable at 60 fps, without ever reducing or burdening the image quality.

The loading times, big lack of the Wii U version, were remarkably
reduced, although they still remain quite long.

Some game assets eventually received some slight cosmetic changes, such as reflections
on Donkey Kong's fur and other minor elements.

A little touch of class: even the Kong family has fun with Nintendo Switch!

Conclusioni su Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

Even on Nintendo Switch it remains an extraordinary 2D platformer, difficult but extremely fun and full of ideas and surprises.

The port takes the maximum possible advantage of the features of the new console, but does not introduce any relevant news to attract those who have already purchased it in the past, especially considering higher price than its Wii U counterpart.

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