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This strategy videogame has reached the top in all the videogames in the strategy category, because it combines the modes of conquest, adventure, companionship, and union of the players in a map of 10 players.

It’s an excellent game Dota 2 was created by the hand of valve, it already has several sagas of this same plot, such as Warcraft, Warcraft Frozen Trone, Warcraft Dota, World of Warcraft and now Dota 2.


Annually the company organizes world championships, which the first championship took place in Colombia and Germany dated 2011, this video game is in constant progress so they achieve an average adaptation of items, skins among other daily, which leads to a daily update in Dota 2.



The games of Dota 2, have a map of 9 towers in line, 2 in base that protect a fortress, which they have to defeat to arrive at the victory, in the map play 5 players of each side, distributing the rolls according to the characters chosen in the same one, like ADC or shooter, Support or Support, Mid or magician, Top or tank, Jungler or Jungla, all have objectives to fulfill to arrive at the victory.


In this videogame, we can make gusts of murders, in a certain place we count on the map of Dota 2 with a legendary beast which is called Roshan or Ancestral Monster which when killed will give us an aura of immortality or a random item to improve the battles between your team and the enemy team. We have torres and creeps, which serve to divide the lines of the game between both teams, each one customized by colors, the two teams in the crack of Dota 2, face for a single objective, defend their ancestors, between the jungles of the map there are also neural creeps, which grant gold to their hunters.


These 2 bases in Dota 2 to obtain the victory are divided by a river , in which there are runes for the players, there are improvements of gold, improvements of speed of movement, of invisibility, of health, of berserker among many others.

The jungle: This player has in his hands the control of the lines, he can make that a line very pressed by the opponent, is appeased with only a good gankeo, this one goes through the jungle collecting gold obtaining bufos, and waiting for the opportunity, stalking the other players to do his best act of presence.


Mid: By law in this line, always play mages and characters at distances , engaged in highlighting the magic power to help the other lines as soon as possible.

Bot (ADC Y SUPPORT): They play murderous characters to rank, and a support in charge of the cures and other spells that guarantee to your adc a good line and domain of other players.

Top: by law in this line play characters with very high defense because they are the ones who started the fights at the time of joining the 2 teams, are characters that stand out for their life, defense, and speed when stunear, etc.



For download endow 2 for free , there is not much complication since it is a “Free to play” game that literally means gugar es gratis, you simply have to visit any web in which they offer the download, but as it is now a game available in Steam, the best thing you can do is to download Steam on your computer and instalar dota 2 gratis on your computer from the servers of Steam.



Other advice for this great game is to know and play all the characters, given that they have approximately 85 heroes, and each one has his skills requires time to know how each one works but it is essential if you want to gain experience in the game. Once known there will surely be one or some that you catch the quick trick, it is more when you are well familiar you will find of dota 2 heroes to go up mmr quickly.



And obviously when you have your favorite characters in the spotlight, and with the option of the dota 2 skins, you’ll want to characterize it your way, but obviously this costs effort and money, unless you know how to get from dota 2 skins for free, or get in dota 2 skins mod, in which you can get free skins and keep playing on official servers, which is a bit difficult these days.



In Dota 2, being a completely free game, it is not rare that we can find hacks everywhere, the issue is to find those who do not ban you from the server, among the most common are the downloads of bots for Dota 2 , which are Dota 2 acks, which carry the game automatically, usually used to play many daily games to “farmear” points. Then we find the Dota 2acks for resources, how can they be Dota 2acks for gold and Dota 2acks for objects. In this way you can reach a high competitive level in a short period of time.



These are all trucos for Dota 2, all these codes are used in the chat window of the game, then we explain what each one does:

    • lvlup x – Allows you to increase your character’s level.
    • lvlbots x – Allows you to increase the level of bots.
    • gold x -You can get all the gold you need, instead of x you have to specify the amount.
    • refresh – Allows you to regenerate health, manna and even reuse times.
    • -respawn – If the player has died he moves it to respawn and if he is alive he takes it to the source. If the player has died he moves it to respawn and if he is alive he takes it to the source.
    • -startgame – Restart the game. Reset the time to zero and the characters reappear.
    • spawncreeps – Drag the spawns to the moment.
    • spawnneutrals – Generate a spawn neutral at the moment.
    • -disablecreepspawn – Allows us to deactivate the spawning.
    • enablecreepspawn – Restores the spawning .
    • -spawnrune – It generates the routes, in some points of runes, in a random way.
    • -killcreeps – Kill all creeps.
    • -killwards – Kills all wards.
    • -unwtf – Weapons will need to recharge the manna again to function.
    • -dumpbots – Shows the state of AI (Artificial Intelligence).
    • -allvision – Allows you to see the map of all factions.
    • -normalvision – Returns the fog to the map and covers the covered areas again.

Important note: Keep in mind that the script is absolutely necessary and, in addition, in some cases the key must be followed by a number or name that determines the action you want to perform.

What do you expect? Join Dota 2 next to us and see what part of the battle you will be in. BY THE HORDE!

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