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Are you a photographer? Do you love to edit photos with countless filters, frames and many more options to be able to immortalize totally unique moments? Without any doubt, Afterlight is your application! An app that will make your photos with the mobile camera to look like a film and also to frame them in any photo exhibition. If you like photography, you can use this app with a very friendly design, simple and intuitive navigation. An app that offers 59 filters, 66 textures, 15 tools such as stretching, rotating, cutting and more the image in addition to 77 frames in total.


Afterlight is not a complicated app to use. When starting it we will only have 5 buttons among which we can go to the settings of the application, the Instagram Afterlight , the information of the app and the two most important: the gallery of images we have taken and the camera to take a picture. At first we realize that is an app very easy to use and does not require previous experience with any image editor. But let’s go to the question kit, the most important thing is undoubtedly the option that gives us for image editing.


In general, Afterlight is a good photo-editing application, as it has manyDownload afterlight for free functions. You can lock the white balance and add grids to the camera interface so you can get the perfect shot. The editing section also has lots of options that can be mixed according to your tastes to create unique combinations. These are the main features:

  • Afterlight’s user interface is minimalist , ingenious and easy to use. As soon as you open the application, you will receive a screen containing all the recent images you took on your iPhone. If you want to edit a different set of photos, you can select the albums button or if you want to make a new photo, you can press the camera option.
  • The camera in Afterlight is quite simple. It doesn’t have access to the different modes, like panorama, burst and HDR. However, you get some additional features. If you love grids, you’ll really appreciate Afterlight! You can easily access the grid option from the top of the camera window. With a single tap, you’ll get a basic grid where you can use the thirds rule for your photo. Another tap on the grid icon will give you an alignment tool that is useful to get the perfect landscape shot. You also have the option to lock the white balance that can be accessed from the camera’s own interface. When you are shooting in darker environments, you will find this option quite useful.


    • In editing is where Afterlight’s true capabilities are highlighted. It’s a great application to edit all the photos on your phone. When you open the edit tab, you will see 6 icons at the bottom of the screen . You have access to basic photo editing settings, such as brightness, contrast, color saturation, exposure and highlights adjusted accordingly by moving the slider. You can also have more powerful editing tools, such as midtones, add shadows, bullets and tons of other great configurations.
    • Each configuration has additional options to adjust your images to perfection. Afterlight gives you 15 adjustment tools, 74 filters , of which 27 are fully adjustable and original, there are 14 guest filters created by different Instagram users and 18 seasonal filters. Afterlight developers recently introduced 15 additional filters called Wander Pack. Each filter can be adjusted according to your requirements. You can also mix and match filters and tools to create your own type of filters. It also has 78 textures that can be mixed with the filters.
    • Afterlight offers you 128 incredible frames that are simple and adjustable at the same time. All frames work perfectly with Instagram, which is great as you won’t lose any of the effects when posting your edited images. Once you have finished editing the photos, Afterlight gives you the option to share the photos on various social network platforms.



In the section of image editing we specially emphasize that we are not behind an editor who is complicated to get used to. Just the opposite: at all times, when we choose an image we can return to the image from which we started by clicking on the image itself and to see the changes we have been making, the control becomes very intuitive.

  • You can modify the tone, white balance, brightness, color … among others.
  • We also have lots of filters and aberrations that will make us see the image with better effects.
  • We can apply overlapping filters if we want to make the image a little more complete. The points of light and lenses can also be modified as if we had a conventional analog camera.
  • In addition to the above we also have the possibility of putting figures and engravings in the photos we have made and finally framing them in a multitude of different frames that we have at our disposal.
  • Finally, we must also emphasize the importance and how easy  you can export the image that you have created being able to choose the resolution you want and also being able to share it in any social network without many steps to follow, very easy and simple.

Anyone who tries Afterlight for Android will realize that it is a tool very easy to control but with a power to make edits as the best photographers and effortlessly, a tool very complete and that offers you the possibility to freeze moments of great beauty!


The Afterlight application is not free and also includes the ability to perform microtransactions. Do you want to get it for free? Very easy: with Gums Up you have the solution and you can get the app for free! The only thing you have to do is to download Gums Up app and start earning “Gums”, a series of points that can be redeemed for PayPal money so you can get the app completely free without any cost.


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The original Afterlight – which is now free, by the way – is a photo-editing application that gained many fans for its balance between manipulating the Instagrammable filter and deeper power characteristics.

But now Afterlight Collective is back with another big SUV!

For all of Apple’s great advances with the iPhone camera, the process of taking photos remains a highly automated process. The Camera application itself still does not offer users any degree of fine control, while the Photos application has only a few fairly light editing options.

That’s perfectly fine for most of us. The reason why iPhone is such a bright camera is that you can get great results from a fire and forget to get close. Still, those with some knowledge of photographic principles continue to desire greater control.


On the shooting side, Afterlight 2 includes its own modified camera user interface that allows you to manually adjust settings such as white balance, shutter speed, and focal length. There are also small and useful professional-level functions , such as the ability to lock white balance and an optional level meter to help you to take pictures in a straight line.

Let’s be frank: Although you can set it to default startup option, it doesn’t start up very quickly and isn’t available on the lock screen. You also don’t have access to the Portrait or second camera functions of the latest iPhones.


But that’s not the point. If you are in a position to devote a little more time to a special shot in difficult lighting conditions, you can get better results with Afterlight 2. Moreover, taking pictures is not really the focus of Afterlight 2. That falls in the editing stage, which is where the application really shines.

When you enter the application, you will be introduced to a list of recent photos that you have captured, along with the option to jump to the interface of the camera. Once you have selected the image you want to work with and it loads (this takes about a second, even on an iPhone X), you will be shown a branched menu tree editing options.

The first option allows you to crop, rotate, flip, straighten and skew the image, while the next option allows you to do things like manually alter the color balance curve or the image vibrancy. Pretty standard tools, but they are well implemented and they work perfectly.

Next is the filter function, which will be of particular interest for Instagram! The provision of actions is composed of tasteful and sober filters that are evenly divided along the lines of red, yellow, green and blue tones. You also have the option to navigate through an elegant catalog of custom efforts, or to create your own in the Fusion tab..


Also attractive to the audience that shares is the possibility of adding typography and illustrations to your images. This goes much further than in Apple’s own Photos application, with a lot of fonts to choose from and ways to organize the text, not to mention a huge supply of stickers and quotes.

In short, Afterlight 2 is a generously proportioned and highly intuitive application that will appeal to a relatively wide range of users. In a world of purchases in-app and pro subscriptions, it is refreshing to see that Afterlight 2 provides all in advance with no more hassles. Whether you’re looking for an extra level of nuance from your Instagram filters, or much greater control over the entire recording and editing process right here on your mobile, Afterlight 2 has a lot to offer.

A powerful photo-editing application for photographers of all levels.

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