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Now you can download Android and iOS apps that cost money for free. All the apps you want and that are worth money with Gums Up are completely free. Want paid apps but don’t want to pay for them? Well, with Gums Up it’s easy to get them for free.

Downloading paid apps for free is something many of us want to achieve: that is why we offer you Gums Up, a free app available for Android and iOS that will allow you to get the necessary points (Gums) to download paid apps for free.

Digital content online stores offer a lot of products, but if you don’t have money or don’t want to spend it, now you can get it too. Register and start Gumear. You won’t regret it. Downloading free paid apps at Gums Up is easy and you can do it from your couch. At Gums Up you will have fun!


To install Google Play Store, simply download the APK file to your terminal and run it. Go to the “Settings” section and enable the installation of applications from unknown sources. Requires a phone or tablet with Android 2.3 or higher.

Catch up on the best apps and games from major online stores and get them for iPhone, Android, tablet, iPad and Mac without spending a penny. At Gums Up we offer an extensive catalogue of digital content. To get it for free you only have to participate in our advertising campaigns that consist of downloading trial apps, playing fun games, answering surveys and other types of actions that will only take a few minutes.


It’s worth it! Don’t hesitate: download our application and start earning Gums so you can then download apps, games, books, music and other products from Play Store and Apple Store for free.

Available for Android devices now and easily downloadable from Google Play or the Apple Store for iOS devices. Easy, simple and intuitive design for any user! Remember for Android and iOS! And enjoy the different options that Gums Up gives you to win Gums and get your apps for free in both Android with Google Play and iOS in Apple Store!


Downloading free applications is not difficult. We suggest you do it in exchange for participating in some of our offers that will reward you with Gums, our sweet virtual currency that will allow you to get rewards for free. The paid apps you like the most are now at your fingertips: just redeem your Gums with your Paypal account and you can download free paid apps, or even movies, music, books and gift cards from the main online stores for both Android and iOS until their latest versions 9.2.1.

Download the application now and start earning Gums!


To do this, do the following: – Access the settings/applications/all and search for the ‘Downloads’ application. – Go inside and click the ‘Force Stop’ button. Reboot your device and you should no longer see the Google Play Store error message.

Clear Cache and Data

The solution to the ‘Google Play Store stopped’ issue would be to delete the data from the Google Play Store installed on your phone. To perform this task, please follow these steps:

  • Access settings/applications/all and search for Google Play Store.
  • Inside, clear the data and clear the cache.

With this simple process this error should no longer appear. If so, perform the same steps from the previous two points and then restart your terminal.

Stop the application Downloads

Other things you can try if the above method does not work for you is to force the ‘Downloads’ application to stop:

  • Access settings/applications/all
  • look for the ‘Downloads’ application.
  • Go inside and click on the ‘force stop‘ button.
  • Reboot your device and you should no longer see the Google Play Store error message.

In principle, trying either of the two previous procedures should definitely solve the problem with the shop, which makes you unable to enter the shop to download applications. You can always restore your device to factory default if you can’t fix the “Google Play Store has stopped” error, but it shouldn’t take that long.


How to download free paid apps? With our App ‘Gums Up’! Just download it, register and, once inside, start Gumear. We have lots of offers for you to win Gums. Offers are divided according to the type of action you take: from downloading apps and testing them on both android and iOS devices, to answering surveys or even watching ads.

Once you get the necessary Gums, you can redeem them through your Paypal account and download the product you want. Don’t know how to download free paid apps? Well, now you do!

In Gums Up you can download free paid apps in iOS and also in Android. Our app is available for both options.


When we need an application for our mobile or tablet, we go to the Play Store or App Store, depending on whether our device uses the android or iOS operating system, and download it. The best apps, or the most popular ones, are usually free, but sometimes we need a specific application that is paid. In that case, having apps like Gums Up is more than a lifesaver.

While a simple Google search will provide us with a multitude of results on how to get that app for free, the best thing you can do if you don’t want to risk your cell phone or tablet, by rotating it if it’s Android or with the jailbreak if you use iOS, is to get a gift card for Google Play or the App store, or PayPal money to pay for the app at either store. Those are the prizes that Gums Up gives us and that you can use to download paid applications.

In 2017, Google Play cards were one of the most sought-after gifts.n them, you can not only download games and applications for android: in the Play Store you can download the best applications, the best books, the best movies or your favorite music using them to pay.

Obviously, you can download titles and records released or published in 2018 without having to resort to links and downloads of dubious legality. If you want to download the best applications for free, for Android and for iOS, Gums Up is the best solution: in 2018, in 2019 and in the future!


Enjoy the best app to get free paid applications among many other prizes. If it’s prizes themselves and you want to see your time paid for, Gums Up is the best option!
We are more and more gumers and there is the possibility to get many more prizes. Download the app and if you have any doubt about how it works or if you have any problem, do not hesitate to ask us. We have a team of professionals at your side that will make your experience at Gums Up the best you have ever had.

It’s no exaggeration to say that the world of mobile phone apps is divided between free and paid apps. We all like free stuff, so we don’t mind downloading the dumbest app we can find as long as it’s free, but we have a much harder time downloading paid apps. What many people don’t know is that there are alternative methods for downloading free, paid apps, such as taking advantage of the free app of the day or getting them through other free apps.


What at first was a way of promoting some paid application that was priced out for 24 hours to make it known, has become a constant and in the Play Store or App Store we usually find an app of the day that users can download for free for 24 hours. This is a very interesting initiative, especially for small apps, without a big marketing campaign behind them but that can be popularized thanks to word of mouth.


They can be apps of any kind, like games, which allow us to download music and videos or anything you can imagine. The big disadvantage of this method is that they are temporary offers, so you must be aware of the offers (there are apps that notify you daily of the app of the day). In addition, they are often unknown to the general public, and if you are looking for a particular app it may take a long time before it appears for free.



We like to explore other ways to get paid ios 9 free apps which is the latest update of IOS free paid apps, for example by downloading free apps that will allow us to download paid apps without paying a cent. The best example is Gums Up: you download it, install it on your smartphone or tablet and it will allow us to download some free paid apps. But not only that, because for every application you install on your mobile devices you will add gums -points- with which you can get interesting prizes.

For example, you can get gift cards for the Play Store or App Store, plus money from PayPal so you can use these rewards to pay for the apps you want to download.

In addition, you can get gift cards with balance for Play Station or Xbox stores. If you already have all kinds of apps on your mobile, don’t worry, you can also earn gums by watching ads or taking surveys. Now that you know these tricks for getting free apps, you won’t have to pay more to get the app you want.

We all like apps, and have in our smartphone or tablet the best apps on the market, although sometimes we doubt their usefulness. But what we don’t like so much is having to pay for them. That’s why it would be perfect to know how to download free applications!

If you are one of those who get depressed when they enter the AppStore or the Play Store and see that the app they are looking for is a paid app, don’t worry, because we will explain you how to download free applications to enjoy them without having to pay a cent!


One of the most common ways to avoid paying for applications is to download them through a third application – free of charge – that allows us to download paid applications. It’s not as fast as it sounds, but it’s simple enough, and there are quite a few apps that allow you to download paid apps for free, most of which work similarly. For example, Gums Up. Once you have downloaded them, you must accumulate points, in this case gums, and the more gums you get the more paid applications you can download!

There are many ways to accumulate gums: responding to surveys, testing and downloading apps – you may be able to download that app for free that you have to pay for – watching ads or filling out surveys. Generosity is rewarded, so bringing a friend or sharing your gums will also earn you points. When it comes to transforming your gums, you can choose from Google Play Gift Cards or the App Store, which you can use to ‘pay’ for those apps at zero cost, or PayPal, which lets you learn how to download free apps.


Another answer to the question of how to buy free applications is to do it through our personal computer. You can download the apps to your PC and then transfer those files to your smartphone or tablet. Now we only need a file management application to touch those .apk files and we can install them without any problem on our smartphone or tablet. It will not be too difficult to find a website that allows you to download the .apk files to your computer.


The last way to download free applications we have is to take advantage of promotions that from time to time launch the Play Store itself or the App Store. The most common is the one known as the App of the Day, which allows us to download an app for free during 24 hours. The aim of this method is to promote new or not very well known applications, which reach a much wider audience. Among its strengths, it is a faster method than the previous ones; but it also has gaps such as the limited offer of free apps.

If you’re looking for a free app to download, Gums Up is your app! On our platform you can always download thousands of applications for your mobile phone completely free but also having a good time playing our games to win gums, as well as having fun watching the best ads or giving your opinion on what you want.

If you are asked which is the best app to download free paid apps you know what to answer loud and clear: GUMS UP!

Many people wonder how to download free applications so you have the solution for your friends and family. Now the most important thing is that you download the app and start enjoying it and you know if you ever want something free don’t even think for a second about downloading free apps because you know the answer.

To let you know, at Gums Up we can also get free Clash of Clans gems to be the first in the best mobile game ever, as well as Google Play cards to be able to purchase any product for free.

But come on you are reading this article and you surely want to download free paid applications. That’s us! We like not having to pay for what we want, especially if there are easy ways to do it. Gums Up is one of those ways. Do you already have this application? It’s the best way to download free paid applications in addition to other digital products!

Gums Up was born young but strong, so we can offer you an app to download free paid applications without having to spend money from your pocket.

  • It is available for both Android and iOs and installs in a snap! Download this app to download free paid applications and finally enjoy your favorite products.
  • We’re always looking for apps to download for free. Well, you found it; Gums Up is available for all mobile devices, trablets and PCs and it has become a brutal business, because of the applications to download free applications it is the most useful, fast and efficient.
  • So, these free paid apps that you had lost on your smartphone’s desktop and you end up abandoning because they are not useful, you can delete them now! With only Gums Up you can forget about the rest of the apps to download free paid apps and stay with just this one.
    The app for downloading free paid apps is Gums Up, without a doubt! At least it’s the app par excellence.

If for financial reasons, because you don’t know how to, because you don’t dare to give your bank details or because you are a minor and your parents won’t make it easy for you to spend money buying apps because they don’t trust them and for many other reasons you can’t have the apps you want, Gums Up is what you need: the app to download free paying apps!
Downloading free paid apps has never been easier. At Gums Up we offer you the possibility to do it just by registering and participating in the campaigns that will give you points.

With these sweet spots called Gums you can download free paid apps and many other products from all major online stores!

  1. If you’re Android, go to the Play Store and download the apps that interest you most.
  2. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can download apps from the App Store. But what you probably don’t like is having to pay to download apps.
  3. Popular apps like WhatsApp, social networking apps, and games like Clash of Clans are free, but there are other paid apps that you have to pay for in both the Play Store and the App Store.
  4. If you want to download them for free, keep reading these tips for downloading applications.


Although we are talking about paid applications, there is some possibility – albeit complicated – to download them for free.

  • For example, sometimes some of these apps are free for 24 hours. This is a way of promoting them that their developers have, which by offering them free for one day they manage to reach a certain public that can recommend them.
  • Word of mouth is key in this aspect, and other apps let us know about the free application of the day.
  • So as you know from the app download tips post, we’ve already given you your first tip on how to download free, paid iPhone apps.


Another way of being able to download free applications is through our PC. There are several websites where you can find .apk files, which are used by mobile devices that have the Android operating system, so you can transfer them from your computer to the device with a USB cable. The problem with this method is that you also need a file management app to be able to install this .apk file on your smartphone or tablet, which takes up space and is a bit cumbersome.


You can also download applications through other apps and get rewards for it by paying for paid applications. This sounds a little convoluted, so let’s take it step-by-step. The first thing you do is go to the Play Store or App Store, download and install an application like Gums Up and register. Now you can start using it, earn gums – that’s what the points are called here – and ask for the rewards.

To accumulate gums you can use the applications that Gums Up recommends you to download and fulfill the challenges it proposes (these challenges are quite affordable for any user, so they are not an impediment). You can also score points by filling out surveys or watching trailers. On the top left you will see the button ‘Earn gums’ where you can see all the ways you can earn points. If you invite friends to Gums Up you will also get plenty of gums, so be sure to recommend it to them for downloading free paid applications for android

As you add gums, you can access better rewards. To download applications, the most recommended are gift cards for the Play Store or App Store, and money for PayPal to buy applications. In addition, we have gift cards for Play Station Network, Xbox, Amazon€. Just win gums and choose the best reward.

It’s all advantages with Gums Up!

Don’t hesitate to come with us to test new applications, conduct surveys and participate in the community and you can get the best paid applications for free!

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