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Do you wonder if it is possible to download programs for pc for free? There are certainly several ways to circumvent Steam’s rigorous admins, searching the Internet you can find several direct download sites for, but…do they really offer you confidence?

If you want to download PC programs for free, in GUMS UP, just follow some fun and easy steps to start earning Gums. For example, participating in the community, recommending and commenting on social networks, participating in advertising campaigns such as surveys; downloading trial apps; and participating through other actions that will allow you to get the Gums you need to download for free those programs and apps for Windows that are usually paid… You don’t have it yet?!


There are countless pirated software download sites on the Internet for illegally downloading premium software. Similarly, the most popular torrent sites offer cracked versions of paid software for free. Aside from being illegal, these activities put you at risk for malware and notorious viruses…

So, instead of taking a walk through the dark alley of torrents and malicious websites, GUMS UP is the place to download full paid programs for free and legally. It’s the smartest and fun way to get complete programs for free download!

What are you waiting for? Enter and join the gumer community!


Downloading free programs Windows 7 is as easy as downloading GUMS UP, one of the new fashion apps that are revolutionizing the industry with its system to get free prizes, discounts and virtually all content from Itunes, Google Play and Amazon for free. And also, programs like:

  • NOX PLAYER: Nox is a fast and easy Android emulator for PC and Mac. And free. That’s why he’s the best.
  • SHARE IT: A cross-platform file sharing app available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows and Mac platforms.  With more than 1 billion users: Share IT is essential in your mobile as well as in your PC.
  • CALIBRE:Â Converts e-books from one format to another. For example from EPUB to Kindle (MOBI) or vice versa. Use it also to order and manage your e-books library.
  • VIDEO LAN VLC: Supports MPEG and DivX streaming, and can play videos while downloading, allowing you to see the beginning of a movie and then decide if it is worth downloading it completely.
  • TOR NAVIGATOR: Use it to enter the mysterious hidden Internet or deep web. Or to browse with much more privacy than with any other browser.
  • FREE MAKE VIDEO CONVERTER: Provides a good selection of output options, including AVI, WMV, MPG and MP4. It can also record video on DVD or Blu-Ray, and has a preset profile for video game consoles, smartphones and tablets. You can even export the video directly to YouTube!
  • MOVIE MAKER:Â The ultimate in ease of use for video editing. Stabilization. Choice of transitions. Automatic preview of the effects. Voiceovers and other audio features. Good options to share.
  • BLUESTACKS: One of the best Android emulators for Windows. With it you will be able to use in your PC the same games that you have in your smartphone. That’s great!
  • OFFICE 365 HOME: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, OneDrive. Think productivity and think Office 365.
  • CORE TEMP:Â Find out the normal temperature your CPU should have and what it really has. See the maximum limit to avoid very serious faults or even your PC getting burned.
  • ILLUSTRATOR CS5:Â As complete as Photoshop has become, it is still a bitmap editing program with more bits on top. To create scalable logos, complex technical drawings, and text-based designs with more graphic tricks than InDesign can handle, you need vector graphics. And Illustrator is the only serious option.
  • WPS PDF TO WORD CONVERTER:Â Precise conversion to Word formats. Ideal for small documents. Maintains OCR formatting for text recognition. Limit five pages. Only Word formats are supported.
  • WINDOWS KEYFINDER PRO:Â Very small discharge size. Very simple interface. Instant visualization of your product key. Save or print keys for backup purposes. Copy product keys to clipboard. It does not need to be installed (portable).



Among the most useful programs for Pc, we have a selection with our top 10:

SANDBOXIE:Â This innovative program allows applications to run completely isolated from the rest of the system, in a sandbox to prevent changes in the system. This helps protect against complete system crashes, as well as the spread of malware.
WINDIR STAT: Probably the best free disk space analysis tool you can find. Displays all the information you need to understand what is occupying valuable space on your internal hard drive, flash drives, and external hard drives. Not only does it show you what takes up all the space, but it also allows you to set up clean-up commands and manually delete data, all from within the program.
WIRELESS NETWORK WATCHER: Scans your wireless network and displays the list of all computers and devices that are currently connected to your network. You can also export the list of devices connected to an html/xml/csv/text file, or copy the list to the clipboard and then paste it into Excel or another spreadsheet application.
SPECCY:Â Like all system information tools, it lists the information it collects from the computer in relation to the CPU, RAM, network, motherboard, graphics card, audio devices, operating system, peripherals, optical drives and hard disks. With a clean design, portable support, and a detailed list of hardware and software components, Speccy is the best system information tool available.
5. PROCESS EXPLORER: Not just an overloaded version of Task Manager with more knowledge and control over your system processes. It also includes the ability to detect viruses and identify when programs cling to the software you want to remove.
6. MAGICAL JELLY BEAN KEYFINDER: One of the best keyword search programs available. Find product keys for many software programs, not just for Windows. If you have the right network access, you can identify product keys on other PCs remotely.
7. MALWARE BYTES, TOTAL VIRUS OR ADW CLEANER Compact, portable tools that can help you remove toolbars, adware and other similar browser-based pests.
8. PRIME 95 OR AIDA 64 (apps to test CPU and browser performance)
9. ULTIMATE WINDOWS TWEAKER: Offers easy access to much more, with customization settings, performance settings, taskbar customization… Easy to use and reliable, it is one of the best in its class of software.
10. FING: A useful (and free) application that can help you discover if someone is stealing your wifi. It acts as a scanner of our wifi network and shows the devices that are connected, highlighting your local IP address and your MAC (Media Access Control) address. If we detect computers that shouldn’t be on the list, we need to access the router settings to limit device access or block wifi thieves.


There are many other daily programs that deserve to be in your system, and many others that are useful from time to time. Thanks to the great GUMS UP Rewards program, you can download and install most of them for FREE. First, let’s give a brief overview of the programs we suggest you install with GUMS UP. Then we will list some more of our applications. Don’t let your new system live long without them!

  • GOOGLE CHROME:Â Chrome offers some impressive features. When the Chrome browser was first launched, it was innovative, even if it didn’t have all the extensions and plugins that Firefox offered. Now is the browser that other browsers try to emulate – and sometimes overcome.
  • DROPBOX:Â Improved collaboration capabilities of the new Dropbox Paper feature make it even better for teamwork. Dropbox is an excellent choice for online storage, although it does not outperform Microsoft OneDrive for its value.
  • The free tool integrates with Windows Explorer and supports encryption. Easy to use. Works with Windows Shell.
  • PICK PICK: A great screenshots tool with post-edition that allows you to add text or emojis to your images, for example.
  • VLC or MPC-HC: Both can play virtually any multimedia file, thanks to a large number of built-in codecs. We prefer MPC by the hair, especially because of its menu design and how fast (instant, really) it gets going.
  • FREE OFFICE: The most popular open source office suite.
  • MSI AFTERBURNER: An incredible free combination package to overclock your GPU and make your games work better. The graphic overclocking part of the program will allow you to adjust your GPU, getting even more performance from the card with the most memory and processor clocks. Integrated hardware monitoring will help you adjust performance.
  • RAINMETER: To control the performance of your PC, you can turn your desktop into an attractive information portal that does not require manual input thanks to this small program and its ability to create scripts.
  • GIFCAM:Â Our favorite gift giving tool. Gifcam is a free and very small program that allows you to record an area of your screen, edit the gif frame by frame, add effects and export to a compressed size. Or you can go at high frame rate and upload to a site like GFYCAT for a nice and smooth webm.
  • PHOTOSHOP: This is the photo editing program par excellence. Absolutely essential.
  • F.LUX: Makes your screen intense black and neon orange, making you feel super cool- hacker! But stay with f.lux for a few days, and you’ll wonder how you looked at an LCD screen and how you could have been without it so far… In addition, you avoid headaches and improve your sleep quality. F.LUX automatically tints your monitor as the sun sets to mimic natural light. It is activated towards the end of the working day, going from the typical white-blue LCD to something much more comfortable and soft for the eyes.


Looking for an incredibly useful Windows application? With hundreds of thousands of Windows applications to choose from, finding the best can be an arduous task. So far.

Our favorites, and what we believe are the best Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile applications and programs, include those that keep you informed of the weather, help you manage your recipes, see the stars, get task lists, correct your grammar and spelling, keep your studies in order, and even help you learn to meditate, to name a few.


Each of these applications is available for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, unless otherwise noted. We no longer mention SKYPE (it is assumed that it is essential) or VIBER for videocats. Check out our 10 favorite optimized applications for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile!

  • WEATHER: MY RADAR:Â Just open this Windows application, allow it to determine its location and then view the weather radar for your area. Use your finger to scroll and zoom to see what’s coming and how close it is. You can also get a quick view of temperatures across the country, as well as overlay cloud cover, and there are options for setting up weather alerts. We consider this to be one of the most essential applications of Windows.
  • PDF VIEWER PLUS:ÂYES, this is a PDF viewer, which means you can view PDF files on your PC or Windows 10 Mobile device, but it’s more than that. You can use this application to open files from local storage. You can also print PDF files if your device supports it. Note that it is only a viewer, you cannot edit the PDF.
  • GIMP: The best free photo editing software. The best alternative to Phtoshop.
  • LIGHTWORKS: To edit videos.
  • FOXIE READER:Â To view, edit and save PDFs
  • SKY MAP:Â Whether you are camping, an occasional observer or an amateur astronomer, this application can be very useful to find what is above you at any time. Just open this 3D application and point to the sky to see stars, constellations and planets in real time. The application repositions as you move the device or zoom in or out, making sitting and navigating the sky easy and fun.
  • KEEPER: A password management and secure file storage application. With it you no longer have to remember your passwords; this application will secure them and remember them for you. It allows you to generate secure passwords and synchronize them instantly between all your Windows-based devices. You can also manage files, although we are very happy with the password function!
  • WIFI GUARD:Â To receive an alert if someone connects to your WiFi
  • WUNDERLIST:Â Keep your to-do lists organized and at your fingertips. The easy-to-use interface makes it easy to add a task. All you have to do is touch, write and add. You can also choose from the many backgrounds available to create the look you want. If you want, you can create shared lists and add others; this allows you to get help completing the tasks you’ve created. Finally, you can choose to receive notifications as items on a shared list are completed by others.
  • ERASER: A free data destruction program that is capable of erasing all data from an entire hard drive at once. Because it can also permanently delete individual files and folders, it is also a great file destruction program, 100% secure, free of charge.


This is our selection with the best programs for Windows 10 64 bits:

  • FREE OFFICE:Â Best Free Office Suite for 64-bit WindowsÂ
  • FIREFOX 64
  • JARTE:Â Free Text ProcessorÂ
  • AIDA 64
  • 7ZIP: Best Free File Packaging Utility Â
  • RECUVA: Best Data Recovery Utility and Free Deleted Files
  • POTPLAYER: Best Free Multimedia Player
  • INKSCAPE: Best Free Vector Grid Editor
  • SIW: Best Information Utility Free System
  • AUDACITY: Best Free Audio Editor for 64-bit Windows
  • MONEY MANAGER EX: Best Free Personal Accounting Tool
  • CAM STUDIO: Best Free Screen Session Recorder for 64 bit Windows
  • RIOT: Best Free Image Optimizer
  • SUPER ANTI-SPYWARE:Â Best Free Anti-malware for 64 bit Windows
  • ERASER: Best Free Secure Erase Utility
  • EARLYBIRD- THUNDERBIRD: Best Free Mail Client for 64-bit Windows

REMEMBER: Winning Gums is as easy as choosing one of the actions proposed by GUMS UP and complying with it: downloading and testing applications, participating in surveys, watching videos… Even for inviting a friend and winning 1500G, you’ll get 200 Gums! Enter the GUMS UP universe now!

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