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Gums Up is a young and dynamic application to download free payment programs in an easy and fun way for MAC computers. How does it work? You need to download the app and register, and you can start gumming to benefit from all the advantages of being a member, such as downloading your favorite games for free, plus music, books, movies, apps, and get gift cards from major online stores.


Find the best programs for Mac, protect your computer with antivirus, discover how to record music or learn how to download movies and songs for free with total guarantee. 100% secure software!

  • MOZILLA FIREFOX:Â The main free open source browser. Tabs, pop-up blocking, themes and extensions. Considered by many as the best browser in the world.
  • ADIUM:Â Connect to several instant messaging accounts simultaneously in a single application, including: AOL IM, MSN and Jabber. Good thematic interface.
  • QUICKSILVER: Allows you to start applications (and do just about anything) with a few quick taps of your fingers. Warning: start using Quicksilver and you won’t be able to imagine using a Mac without it!
  • CITRA: A Nintendo 3DS emulator for Mac with which we can recover on the computer screen the best games of this portable game console. Recover games like Super Mario Kart, Pokémon, Animal Crossing and Bravely Default!
  • MOZILLA THUNDERBIRD:Â Powerful spam filtering, solid interface and all the functions you need.
  • VIDALIA:Â This TOR interface keeps you anonymous on the web using military grade techniques. For use with Firefox.
  • THE UNARCHIVER:Â Unzip the RAR, 7zip, tar and bz2 files on your Mac. Many new Mac users will be perplexed the first time they download a RAR file.
  • VIENNA:Â Very good, native RSS client
  • RSSOWL:Â Solid multi-platform RSS client.
  • HANDBRAKE: DVD ripper and MPEG-4 / H.264 encoding. Very easy to use.
  • CABOS:Â A simple and easy to use file sharing program. Red Gnutella.
  • SOLAR SEEK:Â Share Soulseek files for Mac, in a simple and solid client.


Torrents and BitTorrent technology are, in themselves, completely legal. However, many people use torrent technology to download files from popular file-sharing sites such as The Pirate Bay (TPB). Through sites like uTorrent,, Deluge or qBittorrent, we can download programs and apps for MAC for free.

There are many different macOS clients to download torrents, and every year new software comes out. But which Mac torrent software is best for you? Which one has the best features and which one is the easiest to use? Torrent clients let you download torrent files or use torrent magnetic links. Each is used to download and share files over the Internet; and each BitTorrent MAC client offers something different. A good BitTorrent program should be easy to use, reliable, and download files quickly from other computer users. We’ll take uTorrent.

To download MAC programs by UTorrent, follow these steps:

Disables AD-BLOCK plug-ins/Applications, most of which impede the functionality of this site. So with the Ad-Block enabled, the site cannot display the Torrents link…. And we must need advertising revenue to keep this site running! Thank you for your support and help!

2. Click on the “Download” button
Open the post, you will see the Download button for both the torrent file and the magnet. Simply click on one of the download buttons.

*When you click on the button, the ads appear. Ads are needed to pay the maintenance bill for this site, help build this site a better place. What you have to do next is click on the Download button. It is a clickable button that will allow you to move on to the next step.
3. After clicking the “Download” button, you will see the download page. Click on the Download link button.

*This page is also a pop-up ad window. As we always mention, ads are necessary to keep this site alive. Simply click on the Download Link button.


Every time we reconfigure a MAC or install a new operating system, one of the first things we do at GUMS UP is to install this base group of essential MAC programs, applications that are designed to provide a framework that will facilitate the use and administration of .our MAC.

Without further ado, here is our list of must-have MAC applications:

  • TWITCH MAC: The ultimate streaming platform for video games. Sign up and broadcast your games or follow the best eSports players in the world
  • 1PASSWORD: Still the best choice for users who fully trust the Apple ecosystem.
  • CLEAN MY MAC 3: Scans your MAC and removes gigabytes of cruft and gunk that build up over time. Like its previous versions, CleanMyMac 3 works to identify and remove unused external, developer-oriented and general purpose backup files associated with the most commonly used applications in order to free up disk space.
  • JUICE:Â Solid podcasting client.
  • AUTOCAT: Catalogue folders stored on internal and external hard drives and have your files locatable
  • CARBON COPY CLONER: It is our personal choice for a cloning backup application. We like it for its user interface and the ability to program the creation of startup clones. Â
  • CALIBRE: The perfect cataloger for your e-books
  • TODOIST: It is one of the most popular task management applications in the world.
  • ABI WORD:Â A word processor. Lighter and faster than OpenOffice. Compatible with Microsoft Word documents and OpenDocument format.
  • Q EMULATOR:Â Runs Windows programs on your Intel Mac at near native speed. Works on G4 / G5 Macs too, but much slower.
  • TUXERA NTFS:  A driver of the file reading and writing system for the Windows NTFS file system.
  • I LOOK:Â Nice interface. Play any type of video (much more than quicktime). Subscribe to RSS feeds, download them and view them all in one. Torrent support. Search and download from YouTube and others.
  • COCKTAIL: Provides quick and convenient access to many of the OS X settings that are normally hidden. With Cocktail, you can easily configure the user interface options, such as the number of recent items to be displayed in the “Open Recent” menu and where to place the scroll bars in a window.
  • GEMINI 2:Â Identify duplicate folders, images, applications, music files, documents, and videos on your Mac and help free up space by safely deleting them.
  • PERIAN:Â A plugin that allows you to quickly play additional video formats. (Included in Democracy Player.)
  • SWISS ARROWS:Â Â Allows us to manage not only the position but also the size of the windows of an application and is compatible with the use of multiple monitors. By default you have ten window states: full screen, up, down, left, right, centered, top left equine, top right corner, bottom left corner or bottom right corner. But we can also customize up to ten new custom states.
  • SCRIBUS:Â Desktop Publishing. Complicated installation, but a good application.
  • BURN: Record any video on a disc that plays on your DVD player!
  • KISS MAC:Â The best wireless scanner for Mac. Find wireless access when you’re on the move.



You have your MAC, and now you are ready to fill it with great applications. But what should you download? The only downside to having the best app store on the planet is that some really good apps can get lost in a sea of possibilities…

We show you a wide range of the best apps from the App Store, so no matter what interests you, you can find some of the best apps to start enjoying!


These are the top 10 free MAC apps:

UTORRENT:Â For a long time, uTorrent is our favorite torrent program for MAC, combining a lightweight user interface with a solid set of user-friendly functions.

IWORK:Â The iWork package includes a word processor (Pages), a spreadsheet (Numbers) and a presentation software (Keynote). How do they stack in Microsoft Office? The iWork suite isn’t as complete as Microsoft Office, but it’s not as bloated either. Most of us don’t need all the additional functions included in our word processor or spreadsheet, and for us, iWork is perfect.

SIMPLENOTE:Â Simplenote for Mac is very similar to the iOS version, with an optimized interface that does not fill the screen with icons or buttons. You can apply labels (created by you) to notes and click on any label to display related notes. The application also makes good use of white space, making your lists of labels and notes easy to navigate. The Mac version takes advantage of the additional space available on your MAC screen. On the iPhone, you have to scroll left and right between your list of labels and each list of notes, but on the Mac, everything is in front of you on one screen.

4. ATOM: The best open source editor, so there is the flexibility to install themes and plugins to suit you as a programmer or encoder. Atom is also a big supporter of Github, so Atom comes built with the Git panel, where you can manage confirmations and push’s to repo, as well as change branches, all within Atom.

5. DROPBOX:Â A great way to get 2 GB of free storage. This cloud-based storage solution also lets you easily share files between your devices, so if you want a simple way to transfer photos from your MAC to your iPad without having to worry about the cable, you can use Dropbox. And it’s a more geek and easy-to-use solution than the iCloud once you get it up and running.

6. ALFRED 3: An award-winning application for macOS that increases your efficiency with hot keys, keywords, text expansion and more. Search your Mac and the web, and be more productive with custom actions to control your Mac.

OOKLA SPEEDTEST: Allows you to test the total speed of your Internet connection measured in megabits per second (Mbps). Although it may sound like something only a techno-geek would want on their iPad, it’s actually very useful for anyone, especially if you have an area of the house where you don’t get a good Wi-Fi signal. Speedtest will help you determine how bad your connection is and help you test the solutions.

8. AMPHETAMINE:Â Amphetamine is a small application that lives in your menu bar. With Amphetamine, you can effortlessly override energy-saving settings and keep your MAC awake.

9. THE UNARCHIVER: A jewel for MAC. Unarchiver is free and is a very robust file extraction app.

10. WUNDERLIST: An excellent task management tool. It synchronizes with the mobile application so you can create and complete tasks on the fly. This is useful to keep you organized. Easy to learn and requires zero training. For smaller projects it is an ideal workflow.

And we should also include in the ranking better free MAC apps, these incredible apps:Â POCKET; DR. CLEANER; PANDORA; Â VLC FOR MAC OR PIXLR AUTODESK.


On the Internet we can find pages to download free software for MAC, such as DONKEY; FREE MAC WARE, FREE MAC APPS or THRIFT MAC. But without a doubt, the best way to download 100% reliable and secure free software is through GUMS UP.

The smartest and fun way is to download GUMS UP first! Gums Up is a user-friendly application for downloading free network content in an easy and fun way for all types of devices (PC, Tablets, Android smartphones or iOS). How does it work?

You need to download the app and register, and you can start gumming to benefit from all the advantages of being a member, such as downloading your favorite games for free, plus music, books, movies, apps, and get free gift cards from major online stores!


Thanks to GUMS UP you can get the best MAC applications for free. You still don’t have it? What are you waiting for? Enter Gums Up now! Remember: the application to download free games has a name and is called Gums Up!


Microsoft Office was first released in 1990 for Windows 95. The first version for Mac, called Microsoft Office 98 Macintosh Edition, was not released until 1998. It was redesigned by Microsoft�s Macintosh Business Unit and introduced Internet Explorer 4.0 and Outlook Express. It also included Microsoft PowerPoint 98, Microsoft Word 98 and Microsoft Excel 98.

Today, there is very little difference between Microsoft Office for Mac and Microsoft Office for Windows. Since version 15.25, Microsoft Office for Mac has become exclusively a 64-bit application, breaking compatibility with older Mac computers with 32-bit processors.

Microsoft Office is the world’s most popular productivity suite and runs on MAC computers as well as Windows machines. It includes Word; Excel; OneDrive, Skype; OneNote; PowerPoint and Outlook. The question on the lips of many Mac users seems to be: “Should I pay for Microsoft Office for Mac or use one of its many free alternatives? The answer is no! What you have to do is first download GUMS UP for free and you will get OFFICE for MAC completely free.

Why use Microsoft Office for MAC instead of iWork?

iWork is a suite of office applications created by Apple for its macOS and iOS operating systems. Includes Keynote, a presentation program, Pages, a word processing and desktop publishing application, and Numbers, a spreadsheet application. Â iWork is generally considered to be the most suitable professional product for small businesses and home users. It doesn’t have nearly as many features as Microsoft Office for MAC, and it’s also because iWork has a simple user interface that adheres to Apple’s design language and usability principles.

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