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Gums Up is the best app to make money from your smartphone quickly and easily!


The Gums Up rewards system is very simple: it consists of adding up the points you get for interacting with the actions proposed by the different advertisers.

First of all, you have to download it from the Android Play Market or IOS Appstore. From that point on, the items within the app are valued through a points system instead of their monetary value as they would happen if we wanted to access those apps directly. And how do you get those points? It’s relatively easy: rating apps, testing apps or game versions, filling out surveys or participating in the various services you’ll find within Gums Up. Once you’ve earned enough points, called gums, you can redeem them for thousands of Appstore, Google Play, XboxLive, PlayStation Store, Amazon or Filmotech products with transactions via Paypal or exchanging them for gift cards. Rewards in point forms start with very low values, which allows us to quickly increase our gums counter and over time we can download multiple applications.


We are also allowed to redeem in games or apps you need to buy the following levels as Clash of Clans, in which to access the successive levels you must buy them within the app. The intention of Gums Up is to create a new form of relationship between application developers and gamers and the public to which they are directed by what own app contain a system of social interaction between users and a wall of news from which to access the content that most interest us.

As the app, itself comments:”In Gums Up, you will be able to get all the prizes you can imagine, whether they are paid apps, music, books, movies, games… totally free. Gamers will be able to get all kinds of free coins for their favourite games through Gift Cards or PayPal money. Thus, in this way, everyone can have access to paid content in exchange for a collaborative and cooperative system in which everyone interacts for the benefit of all, thus achieving a new non-economic paradigm within the world of applications.



To win the gums, just go to the Win Gums section of the app and choose the option you want: use the proposed apps; watch videos; participate in polls; invite your friends to download Gums Up… And when you have enough gums, you can go to the Gifts section and choose the prizes you like best: there’s everything from music, movies, books, games, free pay apps to gems to play Clash Of Clans and Clash Royale! If you are passionate about online shopping, you’re sure to get Google Play, iTunes, Amazon or Steam gift cards. And gamers will also find Xbox Live or Play Station Network cards.

One of the most interesting prizes offered by Gums Up: PayPal money.

We won’t discover anything new if we warn you of the dangers of the Internet. Performing these jobs requires mutual trust between the two parties, there can always be some cheat who wants to take advantage of the work of well-intentioned people, so the best thing you can do is to check the reputation of the web, the time it takes to pay – and the minimum amount, which is sometimes exorbitant -, the opinions of other users, etc…

We have done it, and we’ve come to the conclusion that Gums Up is the best way to make easy PayPal money.

The original thing is to use the applications offered by Gums Up, but you can also watch videos and we have the famous surveys. No matter what you do, as you’ve seen, all the actions have their reward. In the Gifts section, you will find a huge catalogue of prizes, among which are the vouchers with PayPal money. The more gums you have, the more PayPal money you earn, and unlike other sites or apps that offer PayPal money in Gums Up, there is no minimum limit to requesting a payment that will reach you instantly.

To do this, you’ll need to go to the App Store if you have an iPhone or iPad or the Play Store if you’re from Android and download the Gums Up application, which is totally free!

Once downloaded you have to register, which will not take more than a couple of minutes, and from there you can start earning gums, points that we will then redeem for PayPal money. To do this, go to Gana Gums, where you will see a menu with all the options you have to get the gums and choose the one that best suits you.

Among the applications recommended by Gums Up you will find games of all kinds, so just by installing them you will be winning real money. Normally, if you want the gums for using one of the apps recommended by Gums Up, you have to comply with a usage requirement. Usually, you have to play for a few minutes, reach a score or exceed the initial levels to collect the gums that correspond to you, so take advantage to play and earn money!


In Gums Up, you can get Google Play gift cards by getting the necessary Gums points and exchange them for numerous gifts!

You can get Google Play cards in the Gift Card section of the App Store… In Gums Up, you can get Google Play Gift Cards by getting the necessary points or gums and exchange them for numerous gifts!

When we go to the Play Store, in most cases we do it in search of games or apps for our smartphone or tablet. Any mobile phone with the Android operating system comes standard, but we don’t make the most of it. To use it, simply redeem it by transferring the card balance to your Google Wallet account. The best way to get free google play cards without verification.


If you don’t want to link your credit cards to your Google Account, you can purchase a Google Gift Card and redeem it as a Play Store credit.

Its operation is very simple: For it, we can have a Google Play code generator, with it we will get all the: You only have to do what we have been counting you, that is to win gums. Those people who buy everything online. Yes, then you must know Amazon and we have what you are looking for. Free Amazon Prepaid Cards to make your purchases without spending a penny.

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