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Have you ever imagined changing your face with a friend, even with your pet, your relatives, a famous person, any image…whoever? Really nobody would have thought it a few years ago and that could create credible at the same time as funny but now it is thanks to Face Swap Live, an app that allows you to have fun, the service of for and for fun and get more out of that device that we always carry around creating moments totally unforgettable and that will make you laugh out loud.

Haven’t you ever wondered what you’d be like with Kim Kardashian’s face? Or Brad Pitt’s?

The Face Swap, or ephemeral plastic surgery, is the fever for fun in the universe of applications!

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Face Swap Live is a photo editing program with which we can basically exchange facial features with those of another person. It’s the face changing app that sweeps the Internet! Want to see yourself with the face of your best friend? Then this is your app! Use Face Swap Live and laugh with your friends with the funny pictures you can take with this program. Cut your face, plant it in another head and from there, sing, shout or just talk. Record it and share it. And all with this same app!


Face Swap Live is a photo and video application that allows you to manipulate images captured by the camera of your device in two ways : Swap the faces of two people on the screen or place a face with other features.

  1. The first feature, Swap Faces, is exactly how it sounds and instantly exchanges the facial features of two people on the screen. The other option, Use photo, allows users to choose a photo (such as the Mona Lisa) or a facial feature (large eyes) and apply a filter to change the appearance of the image on the screen. In addition to various photos and built-in functions, users can import an image from their device’s camera rolls or search for images on the Web.
  2. In the “Mode Mask“, these imported images are superimposed on the camera face as a mask or as a background. All these images can be saved on the camera roll of the device and shared in a public gallery or published in social media. To publish in the public gallery, users need a public Twitter account (photos are also published there), and their Twitter handles will appear next to the images.



  1. Open Face Swap Live from your home screen
  2. ¡Make sure the front camera is on!
  3. Touch your face and hold it down for one second: a white grid will appear on your face and the lens options will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Slide your finger to the left until you find the option to exchange faces.
  5. Adjust your faces in position – this may take a few attempts!


Without a doubt we are in front of an app that will be part of your great moments with friends or even to make videos in Youtube funny or record with your friends and go through WhatsApp among many other things … We are in the golden age of apps and internet and if before it was necessary to make your own costume to show it to your friends now with just a photo or a video you can look like a completely different person or change your face with that of a famous person.


Let’s be honest, there are many applications in which you can change your face with another person but all is said: many promise something that later is not. Many apps what they do is take a picture of you and then you can edit that picture by cutting your face with the other character and it’s really a tedious process in addition to the fact that the final result is not credible or fun at all.

With Face Swap Live apk not only will you be able to take pictures with the faces changed but also videos in real time direct from your own camera and with a realism effect that is charming!

Exchanging faces with your friends with this application can be both monstrous and hilarious , but Internet search and social sharing make it better for pre-teens.

Do you want to paint your face like Ziggy Stardust or see how you look with Hagrid’s beard?

You can do it here with remarkable flexibility and success. Although the built-in face options may seem a bit random (J.S. Bach?), that option of searching faces on the Web is a fun and surprising dimension that invites creativity and has a real potential to delight children and adults alike . Although the search filter does not allow naked body parts to pass through, images of people in underwear and drug paraphernalia can be obtained, so those things could appear in the public gallery.


Also note that this application tops the sales lists for a reason: is rare and quite crazy , and exchanging faces with your children or your friends can be a nightmare for some. In addition, there is no privacy policy or terms of service available on the developer’s website, which may make this a dubious option for children and families!


Besides being able to change your faces with everything you want in this app you are also allowed to put on masks and indumentary of the most characteristic and funny in which we have the typical clown, even masks of psychopathic killers, make-ups, etc … Besides this we will also have the opportunity to enjoy different aberrations in the image, distorting it and making our face wider, longer or other possibilities that will make us look like a totally different person.

As it has already been commented if it is true that there are apps that already come for free but do not offer what they promise, they offer us to edit the photographs but they do not change our face directly and they are also full of ads that do not let you enjoy with your friends. With Face Swap Live Android apk this will not happen!


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