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If you are a regular social networker like Facebook or Tumblr you have probably seen among your contacts captures from a video game called Episode. For those of you who don’t already know, it’s a Google Play title that has been downloaded more than 10 million times and is ranked 12th among the most downloaded applications on AppStore, but what makes Episode so popular? Just like those ‘Choose Your Own Adventure‘ books.

Rating: NOTE
Available: Android, IOS
Gender: Interactive Fiction
Players: One player
Launch date: February 2014

Official Episode Trailer + Game Images

In Episode we have the last word in advancing our relationship to success or to failure. It is precisely there, and the wide variety of situations where Episode is sweeping through the mobile and tablet players, taking to a great extent the pregnancy as the main character.

Below is the official Episode trailer to give you a first impression of the game.


Will you be able to cope with your partner getting pregnant at 18? How would you take it if your girlfriend cheated on you with a child on the way? Will I be accepted into my boyfriend’s group in this dress? These and other situations will occur during the video game as we progress through the story that we will create with the different answers.

Here are some screenshots to help you get familiar with the gameplay of Episode.


Tricks to get Gems in Episode

The main resource we will use in Episode is the Gems, this resource has several very useful uses to improve our experience in the Episode game. We will now provide you with the main ways to get free Gems for Episode in a totally legal way.

 Each week you will get a reward of Gems from the game

2ï¸ As you progress in the game or in a new story you will get Gems

 Registering on Facebook or inviting a friend from the social network

ƒ With the Gums Up platform you can get Gems for free for Episode


Free resource generator for Episode

On the internet you can find many free resource generators for almost any game on the market, however many of these generators do not provide an adequate service to the player. We recommend TrukoCash.com a 100% reliable generator that will allow you to get resources for the game you want quickly, easily and for free.


How to get free gems on Episode?

You can find a lot of information regarding how to get resources, the best explained and easiest to understand information for players are the videos from YouTube or any other platform. Here we provide you with a tutorial that will explain how to get free gems for Episode.


What are the Gems in Episode for?

The Gems in this game are quite important to enjoy all the different options provided by Episode. Below we will explain the main utilities of The Gems in this game:

  • Buying items in the shop
  • Unlock other stories in the game
  • Get Passes
  • Edit your avatar


Guide to play Episode

Episodes gameplay is quite intuitive and easy for the player, however we believe there are some aspects of the game that need to be emphasized for new players to have a better Episode experience. Below is a guide to getting started with the game.


Episode Analysis

The Episode game will provide you with an incredible experience with the possibility of living different stories simultaneously. Now that you have the main idea of the game, let’s proceed with the main advantages and disadvantages that we found in this game:


Very interactive and fun game for players

Elaborate graphics

Different styles of well-crafted stories

Not suitable for all audiences

Need for gems to play completely

The game is not translated

Share your opinion of Episode

Did you like the game in Episode? Would you dare to live the experience in the game? If you have any questions about the Episode game, please feel free to comment.

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