Fade to Silence – Review

We return today with a new review, this time of a title made by Black forest games and produced by THQ Nordic: We are talking about Fade to silence.

The title showed itself through how a ruthless survival where the player's skill is severely tested; will have met expectations?

Let's find out all the details of Fade of Silence, a title we tested on the Playstation 4 console!

A Flame of Hope in the snow

In Fade to Silence we will take on the role of Ash, one of the few survivors of the great winter that without mincing words we will find ourselves checking right away.

The title begins in a very direct way, with Ash lying on the ground probably lifeless but who with a labored breath manages to resurrect and establish contact with a mysterious malignant incorporeal entity, as well as a threat to the entire game.

The world of Fade to Silence is in fact ravaged by that same evil force named the eclipse , which has spread its dark offspring around the world, wreaking havoc and reducing the entire globe to a perennial host of the harsh winter.

Once we wake up from our sleep we will immediately have the opportunity to test with a very short tutorial of the commands how to move the player, who will initially be able to jump, dodge and hit enemies with the help of a flashlight.

Leaving the starting cave we will see what we remembered as an inhabited village become a ruin full of scarlet corruption, which every day continues to advance and consume what it finds.

It's time to make a premise: Fade to silence offers two different game modes, which we really appreciated and found to be a very wise choice by Black Forest Games.

The first mode is called Exploration, which allows you to play the title in a much more casual way and without the dangers that the game world would normally offer; But what makes you smile and surprise is that this mode does not allow the player to get trophies, almost as if it were a small punishment.

The mode that is intended to be played instead is Survival, which offers the real challenge that the developers have imagined for the player and pose numerous obstacles and concerns before our protagonist.

What the Explore mode looks like
What Survival Mode looks like

The first approach to the survival world of the title will be when we will have to take care of collecting wood to shelter ourselves from the freezing blizzard of winter, which could immediately give some problems if we were not at all attentive to game exploration.

This survival really focuses a lot on the intelligence of the player, that if he is shrewd enough to guess where to collect the right materials, he will immediately have a tactical and often war advantage to protect himself from the elements.

If at the beginning with a little cunning and patience we will be able to easily overcome the tutorial phases of the game, once we start in the real macro-universe of the title we will see some good ones; the plague will spread more and more and it will be up to us to face it, the cold will become more and more annoying and the need to arm ourselves as soon as possible against the threats of the Eclipse will become a real challenge.

An element that will facilitate the continuation of our adventure will be the experience, which unlike any game RPG it is obtained through special points called Shards of Hope, obtainable whenever the player does a certain action for the first time, such as healing a corrupted area or crafting a certain tool.

Here's what the in-game inventory looks like

We haven't told you about a very interesting factor yet: what happens when you die?

Black Forest has devised a really interesting mechanic for the occasion, leave the explanations to us: whenever the player dies a Flame of Hope it will go out and he would restart from a game point with all his resources and progress still, but up to a maximum of only three times.

After the three deaths we pass to the so-called “Permadeath“, Which is a real death in all respects: the player it will start again and will depart from the beginning of his journey; how to not lose your temper in case it happens and avoid disintegrating your controller against the wall of the house?

The solution is called Circle of Torment, special feature that helps make our next life easier.

Il Circle of Torment will activate upgrades available only if the corruption has overwhelmed Ash, bringing him back to a primal stage and gaining access to a skill tree full of interesting perks; some of these will be for example the possibility of having a stock of wood already in the inventory at the beginning of the game and much more.

Here's an idea of ​​the Circle of Torment skill tree

Continuing in the title we will also have the opportunity to lay the foundations of a village that we will gradually create together with the survivors who sometimes happen to meet in the game, who, depending on their specializations, will be able to have different tasks in the future such as managing medical centers, forges and even to protect the area with walls, mortars and other types of weapons of war.

Over time it will be very interesting to explore the game world more easily with faster means of transport such as the sled, obtainable after training wolves.

What doesn't work in Fade to Silence

We therefore understood that Fade to silence is able to offer an interesting experience and able to test the player, but it is in spite of itself also covered by defects scattered on different aspects that greatly undermine both the gaming experience and in general the title as a whole.

The first major flaw lies in the pace of play, at first really too slow and added to all the other defects, potential factor capable of inducing the player to stop continuing with the experience; since the beginning of our adventure will not be particularly scenic or intriguing, the gameplay itself should still allow us to enjoy the first hours of the game, which unfortunately does not happen.

Another aspect that is very unconvincing is the combat system, really not very intriguing; the style is very inspired both in the shots and in the way of approaching the fight against a "Souls-Like“, Yet failing miserably to bring a content up to its great inspirations.

In combat i movements of the character will be incredibly woody and limited, having only a unique moveset for fast shots and an animation for the two-handed shot, both options decidedly not very spectacular although there is the additional presence of ranged combat via the bow.

A decidedly familiar sight

Always talking about the fight must also be taken into consideration the enemies, which will be characterized by a really uninspired and very banal design, predictable in the offensive phases and not fun enough to defeat, especially if you are faced with a boss.

Another aspect to consider is the graphic and sound sector, both of poor quality: the graphics are really one of the game's Achilles heels, being really too retrograde compared to the standard we are used to nowadays and probably a little higher than the level of a Playstation 3 game.

There are also very negative aspects related to the graphics, where we often see the models of some enemies penetrating the terrain and their surroundings, or the fact that sometimes the physics of the title contribute to making the visual experience of the title rather poor.

Graphically speaking, the only positive point that we feel we can give with enough confidence is the rendering that some parts of the game's landscape have, which often offers well-made views of distant mountains.

Finally, the sound is something rather anonymous, which excites little and gives nothing and certainly does not contribute to the generic rendering of this bristly survival.

Final judgement

We got to try this new title given to us by THQ Nordic e Black Forest Games, and we can say that we have remained in part surprised and partly disappointed; Fade to Silence offers really very intelligent and interesting ideas, but at the bottom of them there are little reasoned mechanics and a work that can certainly be refined.

It should however be considered that this is it the first project of its kind to come out of Black Forest Games and which therefore definitely has ample room for improvement and greater understanding, certainly useful in avoiding too harsh criticism of a title that can only lay the foundations for something more successful.

Il Circle of Torment and the way we manage the survival aspect of our cold journey really gave the idea of ​​the intelligence of the developers, who used the super cool gimmicks and very similar to a Souls-Like.

We can therefore only hope that the game will undergo some improvements following the release of patches aimed at fixing the most superficial problems of it, and that the developers take this opportunity as a good way to do better in the future.

If you like to buy the title it will be possible to find it for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

It is possible to get more information about Fade to Silence through the official website dedicated to it.


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