Final Fantasy VII Remake - Guide to the secret boss Ubris

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In the guide dedicated to the best accessory of the game, we have revealed that to get it you will have to beat the secret boss libris.

Confronting this boss will not be an easy task, the battle against Ubris is the hardest fight in FF VII Remake. 

Our guide that will explain in detail how to best deal with it by resisting all its attacks.

Unlock the secret boss libris

To unlock the Secret Boss, you must first complete FF VII Remake in normal mode. Once you have completed the game you can select the difficult mode and use the option that will allow you to choose the chapter to replay.

Having settled the initial preparations, you will have to complete the following actions, in order to unlock the secret challenge:

  • Complete all 20 Research Dossier challenges.
  • Select Chapter 9 and complete all the battles in the Colosseum of Corneo.
  • Select Chapter 14 and complete all the battles in the Colosseum of Corneo.
  • Select Chapter 16 and Complete all Shinra VR Simulator battles.

One last step is still missing. Select Chapter 17 and start it in hard mode, head from Chadley and complete all the new challenges in the new one Shinra VR simulator. If you have correctly performed all the steps listed so far, at the end of the last battle you will unlock the challenge with the secret Boss.

Battle preparation

Your team must be composed of Cloud and Tifa who will have the role of physical and magical DPS, while as the last member Aerith will take care of supporting the entire group. Get the characters to LV 50 and then equip yourself as follows:

Cloud (LV 50)

Tifa (LV 50)

Aerith (LV 50)

Finally, regarding the Matter and weapon skill here are the best ones to use during this challenge:

How to defeat Shiva, Fat Chocobo, Leviathan, Bahamut and libris

The battle will see you fight 5 Bosses nonstop consecutively.

In the first 4 rounds, you will face an enhanced version of all the various summons already fought in previous battles, while the final round will finally put you against Libris.

Let's see how to best fight each of the 5 bosses.

Battle against Shiva

Shiva throughout the battle phase it will try to inflict you Sleep status, but thanks to the accessory Diadem you will be immune to this status by turning the battle in your favor. Throughout the fight, attack it closely and occasionally bombard it with fire spells.

When Shiva uses the move Diamond dust, promptly use Aerith to restore all HP and keep pressing the boss by attacking him from behind while trying to fill the Limit Gauge. If you have the chance, summon Ifrit to cause him a lot of damage.

In the second stage of the battle, Shiva will use Frost Family greatly increasing his magical ability and healing himself periodically. Pay particular attention to the move White Out which will now be launched three times in quick succession. At this point you will be close to the end of the fight, so keep pressing her to defeat her quickly.

Battle against Fat Chocobo

Unlike your previous battle with Shiva, the fight against Fat Chocobo it will be much easier for you. From the early stages of the fight, physically attack the boss using his slowness to your advantage. You should be able to parry most of its attacks.

The boss will summon minions at regular intervals, kill them and then heal yourself in order to survive his move Kweh Kweh. The battle will not vary much, keep it up until its defeat.

Given the physicality of the fight, we advise you to save your spells, they will be useful to you against the next boss, Leviathan.

Battle against Leviathan

The MPs saved in the previous battle they will be very useful for you to better face the clash with Leviatan. As soon as you start the battle, bombard the boss with thunder spells to quickly stun him and fill the Limit Gauge accordingly.

Leviatan will attack you mainly through the use of spells, to mitigate the damage you have to cast Aerith, Manaward. When the boss starts flying attack him with Aerith, doing so will force him to use the move Spinning dive. So take advantage of this opening to do massive damage to him with Cloud e Tifa.

Just like for Shiva's fight, after Leviatan will use the move Tidal Wave heal all HP in order to survive the battle.

Battle against Bahamut summoning Ifrit

Without a doubt the most difficult fight you will face. Bahamut is a formidable opponent, mainly due to theMegaflare attack capable of eliminating your entire team if you do not have the skill Safeguard from KO. In case you have enough MP we recommend using Manawall to reduce the damage of the move.

Attack the boss mainly with physical attacks and defend yourself when possible, try to take the least amount of damage and use spells only to heal yourself when necessary. Once you get down to Bahamut to 50% of HP  will evoke Ifrit.

If you are properly equipped for the fight, Ifrit's arrival will prove to be a godsend. You can in fact use his fire attacks to heal you and consequently continue to focus on eliminating Bahamut.

Otherwise, the fight will become much more difficult and you will have to take out Ifrit as quickly as possible. In this case the Limit Breaks turns out to be the best method.

Once deleted Bahamut you will be ready to face libris.

Battle against libris

Unlike the previous battle against Bahamut, Defeat the secret boss libris it will be quite simple.

Start the battle, press the boss with melee attacks and Thunder Spells. Most of his attacks will be at close range, so it won't be difficult to dodge them at all.

You can end the fight very quickly by attacking continuously with Tifa and Claud, stay just be careful not to get hit by his charge and keep a safe distance when the boss starts using the cannons.

In the case of Ubris Riuscisse a capture a member of your Party, constantly hit the hand of the boss in order to free him and prevent him from coming killed by the Brutal Tackle move.

Once you have defeated libris, you will unlock the trophy Extreme sabotage getting the accessory Sunset of the gods.

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