Final Fantasy XIV - Basic Class Guide

You have just started Final Fantasy XIV or are you going to do it, and you don't know which of the base classes is the best with which to start your adventure in Eorzea?

Don't worry, in this guide we will go through each class available to character creation, explaining a little the play style of each and finding the right one for you.

If you don't like your initial choice, don't worry! One of the many peculiarities of the game is that it allows you to play any class, and you just need to switch weapons!

To do this, however, you must first complete the missions of your class (Job Quest) up to level 10, to unlock theArmoury System.


  • Role: Tank
  • Departure city: Ul'dah 
  • Top stats: Vitality e Strength
  • Advanced class: Paladin
  • Recommended End Game Crafting and Gathering Jobs: ArmorBlacksmith Undermine

Il Gladiator uses a one-handed sword and a shield, also bringing white magic into the fray when it develops into Paladin. This is not a very recommended class though FFXIV is your first MMORPG: as Tank, the Gladiator requires a certain amount of security and knowledge of dungeons.

Despite this, the community will understand if you are a beginner and no one will yell at you if you make a mistake, so don't be discouraged.

If you feel confident and still want to try, know that a good tank will have to use i Cool down (DC) regularly, that is, those skills that decrease the damage received (For example Rampart).

Furthermore, it is normal that the Healer are busy doing harm instead of constantly keeping you on top of your life, so don't panic if the healers will only heal you when you're left with about the 20% of life.

Always remember to keep the skill active Iron Will, which allows you to generate enmity (aggro) and to keep enemies on you.

The equipment to be preferred for this class are those that develop the statistics of VitalityStrength.


  • Role: Tank
  • Departure city: Limsa Lominsa
  • Top stats: Force e Vita
  • Advanced class: Warrior
  • Recommended End Game Crafting and Gathering Jobs: ArmorBlacksmith Undermine

Marauders are great tanks to start with, endowed of a huge amount of HP and a considerable strike force. They use an ax as a weapon, and they have high damage almost like a DPS.

 Unfortunately, as previously mentioned with the Gladiator, the first Dungeons will already require an excellent knowledge of the class, because they will have to concentrate on themselves whole hordes of enemies.

Always remember to keep the skill active Defiance, which allows you to generate enmity (aggro) and to keep enemies on you.

As with the Gladiator, the best gear is the one that increases the stats of Strength e Vitality


    • Role: DPS
    • Departure city: Ul'dah 
    • Top statistics: Force
    • Advanced class: Monk
    • Recommended End Game Crafting and Gathering Jobs:GoldsmithLeatherworkerMy

Il Boxer is a fighter who uses brass knuckles to attack the enemy.

Pugilist skills are based on positional (Hit the enemy from the flank or from the rear) e the use of poses that allow you to use other skills or add special effects.

The advanced class, the Monk, has the same premises as the Pugilist, but also has abilities that allow you to increase your attack speed, making it one of the fastest DPS.

To develop the Pugilist at its best, equipment that increases the Strength.


  • Role: DPS
  • Departure city: Gridania
  • Top statistics: Dexterity
  • Advanced class: Bard
  • Recommended End Game Crafting and Gathering Jobs: Leatherworker, CarpenterBotanist.

The Archer is able to inflict damage from distance using the bow and thanks to the possibility of move while attacking results a very good DPS for novices.

Il Bard instead it takes care of keeping active gods DoT on the enemy, while exploiting the effect of own songs to support himself and his party.

To optimize it, equipment that increases the value is recommended Dexterity.


  • Role: DPS
  • Departure city: Gridania
  • Top statistics: Force
  • Advanced classes: Dragoon
  • Recommended End Game Crafting and Gathering Jobs: Leatherworker, Carpenter, Armor e Botanist

Il Launch uses a spear to attack his enemies, then combining them with the dragon powers to perform jumps and other attacks as he develops into Dragoon, in pieno stile Final Fantasy.

This is the easiest melee class to play, but probably the hardest to master. As a novice class, however, it is highly recommended. It is also the non-tank class with the highest defense and life in the game.

The equipment recommended for this class are those that increase the force (Strength).


  • Role: Curator
  • Departure city: Gridania
  • Top statistics: Mind
  • Advanced class: White Mage
  • Recommended End Game Crafting and Gathering Jobs: ReviewCarpenterBotanist

Conjurer they are the base class curator par excellence, based on the use of the white magic to treat the wounds of the allies as well as their own. They use the white magic even in an offensive manner, mainly through the use of Aero e Stone, but also ahead of the skill Holy

It is the only one healer available to those who have just started playing, but still remains an excellent job even at high levels.

The recommended equipment is the one that increases Mind, which will determine the power of both healing and offensive spells.

Other good statistics are there Spell Speed, which will allow you to cast your spells faster, and the Piety, which allows you to recover your MP faster.


  • Role: DPS
  • Place of departure: Limsa Lominsa
  • Top stats: Intelligence
  • Advanced classes: SummonerScholar
  • Recommended End Game Crafting and Gathering Jobs: Alchemist, ReviewBotanist 

L’Arcanist represents an excellent and powerful magic class, which is based on the use of type spells Arcanima. The class is capable of summoning a pet at his side, who will attack independently or according to the player's instructions. 

The class ofArcanist has a peculiarity: at level 30 it has access to two advanced classes, Summoner (DPS) and lo Scholar (Healer). This means that it allows you to carry on both classes at the same time: in fact, the experience and levels acquired on the Summoner will also apply to the Scholar, and vice versa.

Il Summoner, as the name suggests, it is a class based on its pets: the management of these in fact will be more important compared to that of the Arcanist, although it is still almost similar.

They can be summoned Ifrit, Garuda e Titan, then also the mighty dragon Bahamut e Phoenix.

If, on the other hand, you are interested in one curating class based on pet care (A fairy) and with a great emphasis on magical shields, the Scholar is what it does for you. This means that you will have to start your career as Arcanist.

The recommended gear for the Arcanist is the one that increases the stat of Intelligence, which enhances your magic attacks.


  • Role: DPS
  • Place of departure: Ul'dah
  • Top statistics: Intelligence
  • Advanced classes: Black Mage
  • Recommended End Game Crafting and Gathering Jobs: Review, GoldsmithBotanist

A great class for novices, which uses black magic to deal damage to enemies. This is the DPS with the highest damage of the entire game, very easy to learn but very difficult to fully exploit. The magical DPS par excellence between the base classes.

Il Thaumaturge it is based on alternating fire and ice spells: the first to bring about extensive damage, the latter for MP recovery. In fact, the Thaumaturge is capable of unleash magic without ever stopping except for the death of one's enemies.

To complement the two main types of magic, ice and fire, we have electric magic (DoT) and powerful spells like Foul. In short, the whole class is based on the cast attacks relentlessly and more and more scenic.

The recommended equipment is the one that increases Intelligence, to increase your damage dealt.

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