Final Fantasy XIV - Leveling Guide

You are novices and you are wondering what are the fastest methods to reach the level cap in order to better deal with the new contents of Shadowbringers?

Don't worry, thanks to this new guide, reaching level 80 quickly will now be a breeze!

Yes LV 1 and LV 80 per and new

Final Fantasy XIV it's a very game based on history. Therefore, the greatest source of experience you will get from main quests, marked with meteor symbol.

Le Main Scenario Quest (MSQ for short) will therefore be your total priority to reach high levels with your first class: not only will they give you large amounts of experience and they will present you theexcellent game story, but they will allow you to unlock the most of the content in the game.

Simply put, they must have the absolute priority on the whole.

Despite this, always remember to make yours Duty Roulette every day, accessible via the Duty Finder. Furthermore, if the game happens to require you to level up in order to continue your main mission and you have already performed your daily Duty Roulette, we recommend that you access the higher level dungeon which you can access, in order to obtain the maximum possible experience points.

From LV 1 to LV 60 for the second classes

First we recommend that you unlock the Deep Dungeon Palace of the Dead. To do this, head to Old Gridania and talk to Nojiro Marujiro coordinate X: 12.00 Y: 13.00.

Nojiro will ask you to go to the South Shroud to talk to Issom-Har. Once this is done, talk to l’NPC which is located at Quarrymill to complete the mission and thus unlock the Palace of the Dead.

You can access it by talking to the NPC Wood Wailer Expeditionary Captain located at the coordinates X: 25.2 Y: 20.6, more precisely you will find it near the bridge of the camp of Quarrymill.

Palace of the Dead it consists of several floors, and for every ten floors you will have to tackle one Boss. Once defeated, you will be given the Possibility of save your progress inside the dungeon. Your goal will be to get to the sixtieth floor.

Once done you will have to go out and keep going repeat floors 51-60, selecting the relative option and deleting the saves when you have full slots.

Don't worry if as soon as you start the deep dungeon you find yourself in level 1 as this is part of how deep dungeons work, having a level system disconnected from that of the main game.

Arrived at level 15 you will have three options: continue with Palace of the Dead (it will be necessary to do it 96 times in all, we do not recommend it), take advantage of yours Squadron to go to the highest level dungeons possible (recommended if you are DPS and don't have a party) or to go to the highest level dungeon possible via Duty Finder (recommended if you are a Tank or Healer, in case the DPS wait doesn't bother you or if you don't want to unlock your Squadron).

If you choose the second option, you will need to unlock it first Squadron. This is a group made up of NPCs of your choice that you can command within a dungeon.

To do this you will need to reach the rank of Second Lieutenant in yours Grand Company (by spending the Company Seal required by the corresponding Personnel Officer), then complete the mission "Squadron and Commander". Once unlocked, we recommend that you scour every corner of the dungeon and kill all the enemies on the map to ensure the greatest possible amount of EXP.

If you have chosen the third option, remember to fill the waits by carrying out i DO your level to optimize your time.

In any case, you should always take some time to make yours Duty Roulette missions and missions of your class.

From LV 61 to 70 for the second classes

To proceed from the level 61 to 70 you will have two options, similar to the previous ones: go to the higher level dungeons via Duty Finder (recommended in any case, filling the waits as previously recommended) or use the new Deep Dungeon Heaven-on-High.

To unlock Heaven-on-High go to The Ruby Sea to the coordinates X: 6.2 Y: 11.7 and then talk to Hamakaze, accepting his mission. Complete it and then talk to Kyusei, (still in The Ruby Sea at coordinates X: 21.4 Y: 9.2) to access the dungeon. In this case, your goal will be to reach the fortieth slowly, continuing to repeat floors 31-40.

Use one of these two options in conjunction with Duty Roulette to get to level 70. Don't forget to make time for them as well quest of class, which will bring additional experience and give a new skill at level 70.

To take the step from 70 to 71 you can not help but dedicate yourself to Duty Roulette and, should you need the additional EXP, al level 69 dungeon (Fort Abano) o ai FATE.

From LV 71 to LV 80 for the second classes

For now, there are no other methods but to keep going in highest level dungeon available, In addition to Duty Roulette every day.

We advise you to fill the expectations with various FATE to obtain together with the experience the Gemstones, useful for buying exclusive items from the new special markets added with this expansion.

Finally, always during the wait, deal with the various side-quest di Shadowbringers which, unlike most of the side missions in Final Fanatsy XIV, will give you a good amount of experience.

If you don't feel like waiting, take advantage of the Trust System to quickly tackle the various higher level dungeons.

Proceed in this way until you reach the level 80, the current level cap, and finally being able to start tackling the Trial Extreme and of Raid.

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