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One of the main features of Fire Emblem: Three Houses is the presence in the history of 4 different entrepreneurial routes, each of which will give you one different perspective on the events that will happen following the timeskip.

With this guide we want to explain how to access each of them, without going into too much detail regarding the plot (although there will be minor spoilers on the mid-game, you have been warned).

If you want to consult other guides or know everything about the game, consult ours wiki.

Without wasting any more time, therefore, we can begin.

All routes and their official names

As mentioned previously, in the game you can take 4 different routes, too starting from a municipality before the timeskip (the Nube Bianca road).

They are as follows:

  • Green Wind (the road of Claude).
  • Blue Moon (Dimitri's route).
  • Crimson Flower (the Edelgard route).
  • Silver Snow (the route of the Monastery).

Curiously, these routes are called by the subtitle of the game in Japanese.

In fact, the Japanese version of this chapter of the series does not have the wording "Three Houses" but one idiomatic form indicating the four seasons and which literally translates as “Wind, Flower, Snow, Moon”.

How to join each route

To join the routes of Dimitri e Claude it will suffice that join their houses in the beginning (respectively Blue Lions and Golden Deers).

For the routes of Edelgard and the monastery, however, it will be necessary to do a few more steps. 

First, both will need to initially join the Black Eagles of Edelgard. Going forward with the story you will reach, in second month, the Pegasus Moon, and it will be during the exploration that Edelgard will ask you to accompany her on a journey to the empire.

A necessary requirement is also the C + link with Edelgard!

The game will warn you directly that this decision will be able drastically change history.

If you accept, the day of exploration it will end immediately and you will lose the chance to take a lesson the next day You will need this step for enter the Edelgard route.

At this point, you'll just have to wait for the Conflict in the Holy Tomb.

There you will be given two options:

  1. Protect Edelgard e join her (only available if you have made the journey to the empire of the second month).
  2. Rimanere faithful to the church (just choose "Kill Edelgard" or "...").

If you choose the first option you will take the route Crimson Flower, if you choose the second one instead you will join the route Silver Snow.

The optimal order

If you are interested in learning about the best possible order in terms of experience, we can recommend two different routes:

  • Crimson Flower> Blue Moon> Green Wind / Silver Snow> Silver Snow / Green Wind.
  • Azure Moon> Green Wind> Crimson Flower> Silver Snow.

The first order starts from the least spoiler route, gradually continuing in order of plot importance. Since Green Wind and Silver Snow cover quite relevant themes, we have decided to make them interchangeable.

However, it must also be remembered that they are very similar indeed and could weigh on the experience if played in this precise order.

In the second order, priority is given to Crimson Flower, which is put as penultimate to ensure greater understanding of the events narrated. Among other things, Green Wind and Silver Snow are also more separate and reduce the déjà vu effect.

Since we don't want to do heavy spoilers, we will avoid going into further detail and wrap up this guide.

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