Fishing Clash, as its name suggests, is a fishing game in which you can join millions of fishermen and catch fish of different species. You can compete against other players to see who is the best. This game was distributed by Ten Square Games in 2020.

Available: Android, iOS
Gender: Fishing
Players: Multiplayer
Launch date: 2 April 2020



Fishing Clash Trailer + Game Images

Fishing Clash is a wonderful game in which you can level up, unlock fish tanks and get a lot of baits to catch all kinds of fish. Here is the official trailer of the game so you can start to understand how it works:

Fishing Clash is a fishing game designed for those who like fishing adventures, action games, simulation games, competition and the outdoors. Here are some images of the game so you can start getting familiar with it:


How do you get coins in Fishing Clash?

One of the biggest concerns of players in this game is how to win coins to improve their hooks. Hooks are easy to acquire, but coins are not so easy. That’s why below we explain some tricks on how you can get more coins in the game.

  • Complete the daily challenge in Fishing Clash, most of the time you will get coins.
  • Get the daily Coin Bonus
  • Winning duels and championships (requires a lot of effort)
  • Use the clan to earn coins (by donating hooks within your own clan)
  • Open packets of hooks
  • With the Gums Up platform you can get coins for the Fishing Clash game

Free resource generator for Fishing Clash

On the internet you will find a multitude of resource generators for mobile games, however many of these websites do not provide a solution for players. We personally recommend a 100% reliable web that will allow you to get resources for any game in a very easy, fast and free way.

Guide to Fishing Clash Coins

You can find a lot of information about getting coins for this game on the internet. However, many of these sites are based on the use of hacks (which is preferable that you do not use). For that reason, we provide you with a guide to some tricks in the game, including how to get coins legally.

What are the coins for in Fishing Clash?

As we mentioned before, it is important that you get coins in this game. The Coins will provide you with a number of advantages that will make playing this game a pleasure. Here are some of the uses and benefits that the Coins will provide:

  • Improve your hooks
  • To have a competitive advantage
  • To be able to enjoy all the features of the game
  • Play freely

Basic guide to playing Fishing Clash

The game of Fishing Clash is very intuitive and basic. However, it is very important to take into account a number of basic points to start playing this game. Below we provide you with a basic guide on how to play the game to make it easier for you to get started.

Fishing Clash Analysis

Fishing Clash is a game that has been very successful these days. Its great dynamics and free to play are triumphing and nowadays this type of games are gaining a lot of popularity. However, there are a number of negative points to consider as well. Now that you know how the game works, we provide you with an analysis of it with its pros and cons:


  • Good graphics
  • Very realistic
  • Entertaining and addictive


  • The game doesn’t explain how to play
  • Hard to earn and easy to spend
  • Several system failures

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