Fortnite Chapter 2 - Guide on how to get experience and level up

In this guide we will explain how the new experience point system, so from progress rapidly to obtain rewards in the Battle Pass.

Experience points

Below, we've rounded up all the ways you can earn experience points in Fortnite:

  • Find out the place name - 2.000 experience points
  • Discover a Landmark - 2.000 experience points
  • Reach a new Storm Cycle - 50 experience points
  • Cashier found - 70 experience points
  • Rare chest found - 70 experience points
  • Ammo crate found - 65 experience points
  • Eliminate an opponent - 85 experience points
  • Double elimination - 85 experience points
  • Headshot - 25 experience points

Level up and experience bonus

Experience points were big news in Fortnite Chapter 2. The goal of each player will be to get as many experience points as possible for to level up and progress in Battle Pass.

They can also be obtained at the end of the game bonus experience points depending on your individual performance.

In this way, even if you don't win the Battle Royale, you can still receive extra experience based on the enemies killed and from how long you survived.

Fortnite Chapter 2 It is available for all consoles e PC.

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