Fortnite - How to visit Shipwreck Bay, the Yacht and the Flopper Pond

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Other challenges coming for Fortnite Chapter 2, this flies to complete the Battle Pass we will have to face the challenge it asks us to visit the Shipwreck Bay, the Yacht and the Flopper Pond.

Last week we saw another challenge, namely like stealing surveillance plans from Well, Yacht or Shark.

Furthermore, Epic Games has already announced the Season 2 end date of Fortnite Chapter 2, so it is important to complete all the proposed challenges before the conclusion.

It is not necessary that you visit all 3 locations in a single game, in fact you can easily do it in multiple games. If you don't want to complicate your life you can directly land in the place indicated by the challenge during the initial descent.

Here's how to get to the places of the challenge

  • Shipwreck Bay: This bay is located south of Corso Commercio and more precisely is located in the recess between the snow-capped mountains
  • Yacht: We have already talked about the Yacht in the last guide, it is not very difficult to find as it is a huge boat in the middle of the sea. Its location is at the top right corner of the map
  • Pond Flopper: Between Sabbie Sudate, Borgo Bislacco and Siepi D'Agrifoglio there is a small lake, and it is there that you will have to go to reach the Flopper pond.

We leave you a map with references to help you

Red Circle: Shipwreck Bay

Blue Circle: Yacht

Yellow circle: Tin Flopper

Given the rather turbulent period that we are all going through due to COVID-19, we are unfortunately forced to stay indoors. However, this gave us opportunities to spend time with our favorite games.

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