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Video games don't understand age. Several studies about games reveal that the public is very young: kids that still go practically in truck; but games are also for an adult audience, even old men. Our smartphones and tablets have become real video game consoles, and Clash of Clans, Angry Birds or Candy Crush developers have achieved a brutal success from these platforms. Free downloadable games are a very tasty candy- actually, these three titles are free games - but you need to know where to get them.
Android, iOS and PC: free download If you have a mobile phone or tablet that uses Android, in the Play Store you will find a wide range of free games to download of all kinds: strategy, adventure, sports, simulators or classics such as Solitaire. We can say the same about App Store if you have an iPhone or an iPad: just enter the name of the game or topic and get plenty of results. Many times we have to pay for them, something that is not so funny, but we still have some tricks to get them for free. If you want to find out all the games existing in the world of the internet, this is your site.

Free games to download on the tablet

Applications such as Gums Up, that literally pays us for using it, are our best ally at the time to get free games to download. If you want to get the best titles for your Tablet or for your smartphone at 0$ cost, the first thing you should do is to download and install the app "Gums Up" on your mobile device. Both the downloading from Google Play and from AppStore and to open an account is completely for free. Once completed the registration, you can begin to win Gums and download those games you wish for free.

You'll see an icon to WIN Gums. If you click on it, you'll see all the possibilities existing to earn points, which are not few: use and test applications in accordance with requirements of use (really easy), watch videos, answer surveys, invite a friend... Every action you do will report the number of Gums earned, exchangeable by interesting rewards. Google Play, App Store and Amazon gift cards are also a way to download free games.

Free games for PC Download

Things have changed a little bit if you want to get free games to download on PC. On internet, you will find many versions of the trial versions, but you will still stay with the desire to complete the game. That's why you can take advantage of the Gift Cards, offered in Gums Up as a reward, or money of PayPal, one of the most popular rewards, to buy the games or keep it in your wallet. If you're a Play Station or Xbox player, with Gums Up you can also get PSN or , apps to download movies, Xbox Live Gift Cards, a luxury for many gamers.

Also if you want to know which are the best games to earn money you will find mor einformation in this blog.

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