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Clash Royale is a very funny video game created by Supercell for mobile devices and tablets. This is a tower defense competitive online multiplayer, and which uses a system of cards that can be normal and can be obtained without too many problems even the most expensive and in which you need to invest a lot of gems, plus the possibility of get codes to redeem in Clash Royale . The cards always come out of the coffers and there are cofres that can cost us too expensive and where we really need to invest real money in the game.


If you think it can’t be true check it out for yourself, besides being able to get totally free gems to unlock many things in the game and without waiting endless times Gums Up also offers to redeem “gums” in google play cards, Paypal money, music, video games, movies….


You have a wide catalogue at your disposal. If you search for tricks and terms in a search engine like “Clash Royale gems hack” on the internet, you will surely find many places but they are really a scam. The key is to redeem “gums” points in gems. Remember also that Gums Up is available for Android and iOS devices. You can alternate without problems the two applications, on the one hand you win “gums” and exchange them for gems and on the other you play and open chests thanks to those same gems.


It couldn’t be more perfect! Now you will have more facility to compete and enjoy the incredible videogame and its free gems! Since the most sought after and what can make you advance to unexpected ways in this games is to get gems.


Without a doubt we could say that Clash Royale is inspired by Clash of Clans , only by the title we can already notice it, but also in the currency of the game, the gems .
Although on this occasion SuperCell has been able to see the “boom” that has appeared in card games in recent years as is the case of Hearthstone and wanted to take advantage of the world that was created in Clash of Clans. Thanks to those letters that we will obtain from coffers we will be able to obtain new troops, magic, defenses, etc in our team.


We are really before a simple video game but with exquisite taste when it comes to show graphically what happens on screen, we are before a video game apparently simple but which encompasses a lot of depth and hours and hours of fun assured.


Sometimes you’ll find that when you win a battle you’ve won a chest but you can’t open it because you don’t have enough gems to open it, that’s what the business is all about and that’s why the video game challenge is, waiting for a few hours or paying to open sooner. So on the one hand we have chests that we will get when we win battles but we also have the possibility to open other chests apart. To open all those chests immediately thanks to Gums Up we can redeem points, called “gums”, which you will get through surveys, test applications and more.


Did you like the Clash of Clans universe? Well, it’s about time you gave a chance, the same aesthetics and universe but with different game mechanics. However, Clash Royale gems can only be obtained based on some chests and real currency. How to get those gems in an easier way? Thanks to Gums Up. Start winning “gums” and exchange them, just like you can get it with Clash of Clans.


Clash Royale is a video game that drinks from Clash of Clans where you need to be constantly up to date with the latest news to take advantage of them and be more competitive, that’s why you need the gems, the money of the game, and you can buy with real money. Gums Up gives you the chance to get them without spending a penny. This game will no longer have borders for you ! Stop watching videos of the best on Youtube: now be the best! One of the most pumping video games, can be yours in its entirety and compete against those you thought were bigger, but… can there be anyone bigger than you?


To beat in battles will depend on the cards we have, how good they are and that is why we will need strong cards, cards that you will undoubtedly need to get through very good coffers and therefore need gems, more than anything to prevent the frustration that can bring this type of games, to be able to fight against very good people you need gems in short to get inside the chests and not have to wait for them, a possibility that is offered quickly, easily and intuitively thanks to Gums Up.


We’ll explain how you can do it. As you go up from Arena and win more drinks, the importance of getting letters legendary increases. In the Arena Legendarian  the competitiveness of rivals is exaggeratedly high, making it more difficult to win games with the passage of weeks.

It’s what drives the developer company to add new levels every few months.


Having a good deck with many legendary is one of the keys to win more games, although it is not an infallible weapon. There are players who don’t have these special cards and they are still very good, because in this game the important thing is to have a good strategy and know how to combine your cards, as well as good reflexes.

You can get more legendary cards for free, but you can also buy them in the shop. Here’s how you can get hold of some of what’s available in the game.


There are many types of Clash Royale chests, from the wood which will be free and we can only open every four hours.

  • A second chest would be the of the crown , which you can get every time you destroy 10 towers, after opening it you can only get it again after 24 hours.
  • The third type of chest that we find is the chest of silver , that we will obtain when we win battles, although we will have to wait 3 hours if we do not use gems.
  • We also have the gold chests, which we can unlock at eight hours or pay gems to open it before and finally the magic chest, the best one, which you can unlock at twelve hours unless you spend a lot of gems.
  • But of course, it is a very rare chest, Nevertheless, good advice for winnig best legendary cards in Clash Royale free is to open all coffers and that the precious letters can appear in any cofre, even in the least important ones, also as cofre occupies a slot and are limited if you open all plus rewards and options get a legendary free CardC without hacks n illegality, you will leave a free slot that can be occupied by another.



Therefore we could say that to stay up to date and at the peak, and win more and more combats the gems are crucial. There are other ways to win all the resources that you want in the game such as getting a Clash Royale Code Generator. In Gums Up we explain it to you since it is the best system to get the gems. We now that everything is based on gems and gold coins, and there are some websites that offer a code generator to achieve this resources with a code generator attached to your account. We test all of that websites and just one it works, so it is not the best way to get all of this resources.


At Gums Up we give you the chance to get free gems at Clash Royale. How do you do that? Very easy, you just have to download our application and start earning points called “gums”. The “gums” are won using different methods among which would be to complete surveys, test applications, play video games, etc… Thanks to all this you can exchange the “gums” for gems. And we repeat that it is 100% secure, much better to get a redeem code.


If you’re tired of looking for tricks and different more complex modes that ultimately come to nothing our method is the best, Gums Up is the best application to win gems! Get “gums” and exchange them for gems in an unlimited way, very simple and without any kind of deception. What are you waiting for? It begins to get “gums” to take advantage of them in the game, the new videogame that follows the line of Clash of Clans and that is going to become a new phenomenon that will be talked about a lot in the future.


If you’re looking for Clash Royale cheats on Android or iOS or don’t stop watching youtube videos trying to find too expensive techniques, or exchange codes for gems that not work as good as they say, don’t waste any more time and join the Gums Up community, what can you lose? Nothing, because it’s TOTALLY FREE, either for your Android device or iOS. Win “Gums” at your own pace and with these you can get gems as well as movies, music, video games and much more.


Enter the app and see for yourself starting to win gems to enjoy in Clash Royale!

No cheating, no cheating, no cardboard: it’s all about redeeming points for products offered by online stores. In addition, Gums Up has a customer service that will help you at all times if you have any questions or queries and also tries to improve day by day thanks to the constructive criticism made by users. It’s never too late to start.


To get free resources in Clash Royale we have several options, the first, as is evident, is playing the game legally. If we do not want to have to get them tediously in a legal way you can look for some other way of get free gems through the use of some hack or trick, unfortunately these are constantly patched and you have to be aware of the appearance of them to use them while they are in force.


Get gems for one of the best games for this generation of smartphones that provide thousands of hours of fun. In this type of game, if you don’t have gems, the fun is limited. If you get gems, you’ll have a better chance of dueling the bigger ones and getting many other trophies that would otherwise be very hard to get. Get free Clash Royale gems with Gums Up!


Getting Clash Royale hacked is an arduous and difficult task, however it can be achieved pending new updates and general patches, which sometimes can leave some bug used by the hackers to launch a program that takes advantage of the new bugs associated with these patches to get free gems and thus avoid a large investment of time that may not give us to compete with people who invest real money in this type of games.



Getting hacks for Clash Royale is a difficult job, however you can get pending new updates and general patches, which can sometimes leave some bug taken advantage of by hackers to get gems and thus avoid a large investment of time that may not give us to compete with people who invest real money in this type of games.


Hacking the game is an impossible task. However if we don’t focus so much on the idea of how to hack the Clash Royale probably we can use some bug present in some of the patches that are coming out to get things like free gems which thing will make us able to compete with people who spend their money on the same and against whom normally we could not do anything.

Download the Gums Up app and start getting Clash Royale free gems!

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