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Magisto is the magical video editor that helps turn everyday moments into unforgettable mini-movies, complete with special effects and music, in one click. Do not stop sharing your best moments … This application is more than just an editing tool: it uses innovative technology to correct, edit and improve video quality, and incorporates professional-style effects and transitions to create a captivating and personalized movie.


It is the easiest and fastest video editor on the market!
Using artificial intelligence technology, Magisto algorithms analyze various factors – from camera movement to facial recognition and audio within your images – to determine which segments of your content are most interesting and attractive. The application also uses this information to effectively combine clips to bring your story to life.

To add a custom item, Magisto lets you add your own music and choose from various editing styles to set the style and mood of your video.

Just record and upload the video from your Android or iPhone phone, pick a soundtrack and give the movie a title, and the movie editor Magisto will automatically edit it for you. You do not have to be a professional editor or know anything about the world of video editing. Think of Magisto as your own private editor: Magisto will analyze your footage and splice it together for you, creating a professional-looking movie. A work that you will be proud to share with family and friends.

magisto -videoeditor

☆ Unprecedented AI technology that analyzes and edits the best parts of your videos.
☆ Easy to share on Facebook, Twitter, Email and even YouTube.
☆ Stabilization, filters, effects and automatic video transitions.
☆ Face recognition that detects important people in videos.
☆ Upload videos from your gallery or use Magisto as a smart camcorder.
☆ Add soundtracks from your device or licensed music library from Magisto.
☆ Access your movies from any device.
☆ Variety of editing styles for making amazing Christmas, New Year, Birthday, Baby and Wedding movies!


This app has no cost, which added to a change in the interface with the latest updates, has served to get more than 50 million users worldwide. However, to be able to enjoy all the functions, it may be necessary to subscribe to Premium versions that can reach 199 euros. With Gums Up, however, you can get that revolutionary app for free, quickly and easily!

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How do you get these points?

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How does Gums Up work?

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Here are the 5 easy steps to follow download Magisto for iPhone!

1. Visit in your Safari browser on your iOS device.
2. Click on the downloaded app on the third slide.
3. Enter Gums Up …
4. Finally, press the button on the bottom bar and select add on the home screen. .
5. Enjoy this magical free video editing app!

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