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All Mobile programs for free

We don’t exaggerate if we say that the world of smartphone applications is divided between free apps and paid apps. We all like free stuff, so we have no problem downloading the dumbest app we can find whenever it’s free, but it costs us a lot more to download paid apps. What many people don’t know is that there are alternative methods to download free paid apps, such as taking advantage of the free app of the day or getting them through other free apps. With Gums Up you can download free paid apps.

Tips for getting free apps

You can also download applications through other apps and get rewards for it with which to pay for payment applications. This sounds a bit convoluted, so let’s explain it step by step. The first thing you need to do is go to the Play Store or App Store, download and install an application like Gums Up and register. Now you can start using it, win gums – that’s what the points are called – and ask for rewards.

To accumulate gumspools you can use the applications that Gums Upte recommends downloading and meet the challenges it poses (a challenge that is quite affordable for any user, so they are not an impediment). You can also add points by filling out surveys or watching trailers. In the upper left corner you will see the Win gumsdonde button where you can see all the ways to earn points.

Download music, movies and books for free

Our catalogue includes films, books and music, and there are many programs that have been installed on our computer to download free music, but many obstacles that have been putting us to make this objective difficult.

Just like music, you have the latest movies and current books available on the market: our catalogue is being updated every day so that you can have the best service and be updated on the latest trends in the market of digital products. And of course you already know that you will have the possibility to download free paid games in our app.

With the Gums or points obtained, the song you want is at your disposal, as well as the book or film you want to download or view online.

In Google Play we can find the latest films on the market with the option of “Rental” so that you can watch it online. With Gums Up you can download movies for free. Obviously this rent, in the same way as the purchase, is not free of charge, but has a cost. Therefore, with your and always from within the Gums Up application, you will be able to rent or buy “free”: you only need to have obtained the necessary points for the desired product.


With a worldwide network of 500 million machines, Bitdefender has the world’s largest security delivery infrastructure. With 11 billion security queries per day, Bitdefender detects, anticipates and takes measures to neutralize even the most recent threats, anywhere in the world and in just 3 seconds.
Innovation has made us worthy of the trust of families and companies of more than 150 countries, and has given us a lot of awards.


Afterlight is the perfect photo-editing application for quick and easy editing direct. Our simple design, combined with powerful and fast tools, makes it easy to use will give you the look you want in seconds.

  • 15 ADJUSTMENT TOOLS. Use any of our 15 unique adjustment tools to enhance your images seamlessly with ease.
  • 79 FILTROS. Afterlight has 31 original fully adjustable filters, 14 filters of multiple Instagram users, 18 Seasons filters and the new Instagram pack. Wander that includes 16 filters. Includes new Fusion filters, allowing you to mix tools, filters and textures to create your own personal filters.
  • 78 TEXTURAS. Afterlight includes a range of natural and real light leaks that we have created with a 35mm film and an instant film, with textures of scratchy movie.
  • MARCOS. Provides a list of 128 different frames, simple and adjustable, perfectly matched to Instagram. Now includes the new wallpaper pack.


With Face Swap Live you can change faces with a friend or photos in time real. Record videos or photos of yourself and exchange them with those of a celebrity, an friends or any other fun images from the Internet or your phone. A unlike other apps that only use static photos, this app changes faces live video from your camera. It’s super fun and it works very well in real time and to take pictures and videos!


Send messages and call your family and friends for free! IMO best application for communicate and make video calls, work even on very low quality connections!
Don’t pay fees or SMS: send messages and make 3G, 4G or wifi calls without limits and without limits absolutely free.

  • Highest quality voice and video calls.
  • Chat in group with friends, family, roommates and many more.
  • Share photos and videos.
  • Express yourself with the free stickers.


We offer you an excellent coculator that will help you to create your own cards tricks to get resources!It’s a great way to get your planning or strategy is much more efficient, which you will know exactly HOW LONGER! You need until you can build your troops and your buildings!


The best and complete guide for the Clash of Clans- gems, defense, strategy of attack, etc.! The KMod application helps you calculate HOW LONG YOU need to waiting for the gem generation at Clash of Clans. Using this tool you can create your own cheat sheets to plan the best use of the resources based on the time available to you!

Stop refreshing the game all the time. Now you can know exactly
when to come back for their resources and upgrade their buildings or create more troops.
Check out the amount of precious stones, resources and time you need to level your buildings and troops.
Use the troop calculator to see how much elixir and dark elixir you need while you’re out there farms for profit. Complete tour for all levels; Advanced Strategy. Videos for each level and help with the gems. It’s the easiest way to win free gems and gift cards!


Lapse It is an award-winning application for capturing stunning videos of the type time Lapse and Stop Motion. A simple, fast and intuitive application. There’s no need for expensive photographic equipment, just Lapse It.


Time Lapse is a photographic technique that brings the sensation of accelerated vision to the eyes slowly changing events. Details such as the movement of the clouds, the dawn or the sunrise.
the sunset, animal life, a party with your friends, even activities
painting, sports practice or anything else you can imagine. Now you will be able to observe them from a new perspective that will allow you to appreciate all kinds of new patterns in your accelerated videos you are looking to be able to automatically control the time between different snapshots with your mobile device? Lapse It is the option to consider by Erez Zukerman, PCWorld.
Lapse It is the best application that employs the time-lapse technique that I have used found for now by Robert Iagar, AppStorm.


Magisto makes your smartphone the smartest video camera. Simply shoot normal videos and Magisto will automatically transform them into beautifully edited and produced movies, minutes after you’ve recorded the videos!
Magisto uses unprecedented Artificial Intelligence (IA) to analyze and interpret its and turn them into memorable movies. This technology is so crazy that you have to see her to believe her!
¡NOVEDAD! Magisto WILL SURPRISE you with beautiful movies created automatically from your videos and photos. (Don’t worry, the movies are and you will always be able to disable this feature in preferences.
Create stunning movies using only 5 photos. Imagine one of the best editors of photos combined with a first-class video editor, available 24 hours a day for all your photos transform your photos into movie masterpieces in minutes! The easiest way to
transform simple photos into captivating stories.


Forget about speeding tickets. Nomad Radar, formerly known as as a Radar Warning System, is without doubt the most complete application of all its features.
gender, as it is the only one that gives you information about any kind of radar, but only in your sense of progress.
But not only to warn you about radars live this tool of Digital Nomad, but also to warn you about radars which also provides valuable data on gas stations, black spots on the road,
traffic cameras and official DGT information.

All Radar Nomad offers you

Fixed radars, camouflaged, mobile and by sections.
Traffic or traffic light cameras with their exact location.
Voice and vibration notifications.
Petrol stations with updated prices.
Constantly updated database.


Runtastic is an app that simulates to be a virtual personal trainer to make all kind of applications sports or outdoor activities. Through the platform from the mobile as well as from the mobile phone from a computer you will be able to track and analyze your workouts and your training statistics.
Its operation is relatively simple and its precision and functions are very simple complete. Not only is it an app for runners, you can also configure it for your bike, motorcycle, motorcycle, or other physical activities routes such as basketball, aerobics, diving, tapes running, climbing, skiing, golf, pilates, hiking, tennis, yoga, etc.


Runtastic PRO is the app to record all your sports activities via GPS: for running, walking, cycling and much more. It measures distance, time, rhythm, burned calories, speed, altitude and more. Move with your friends, analyze your stats and get in shape! Unload it now!


No matter how good the camera of our mobile phone is, it’s never too much more than a little bit of fun edit: retouch red eyes, improve contrast, apply filters. One of the best apps to get it is Snapseed, the application to edit photos as a professional.

And it is for four reasons: it downloads for free, its use is very simple, it allows you to adjust each parameter individually and also delimit the area of the photo in which the changes are applied.
Snapseed offers a lot of editing options – many even more of their own of professional software such as Photoshop – and these are a very small part of it of them. All you need to do is spend a little time exploring the different options and then follow your lead.


SoundHound is a music identification application that can tell you everything about a song, whether you listen to music that is playing near you or that you’re humming a tune you just can’t get out of your head.
It also comes with an integrated virtual assistant called Hound, which can still make it easy to plus the identification and playback of music in the application.
It focuses on the discovery of music and you can listen to music around you to identify her. But SoundHound goes one step further than Shazam with its identification.
In addition to recorded music, you can also sing and hum at SoundHound for get answers about that unbreakable melody in his head.

It also offers a different view of the discovery of social music, showing what it means to be a part of society that people close to you are listening at any time with the Map Musical. Plus, now you can play Apple Music handsfree elements in SoundHound with built-in virtual assistant, Hound. Now you can also transmit
complete songs using LiveLyrics, which allows you to jump to different points of a song playing a section of the lyrics twice.

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