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Are war games your thing? Do you like breaking records in mini-games? Well, the best online war games are now available. You will be able to enjoy for hours the best fun and the incredible daily challenges. We bring a great list of online mini-games for you to break your own record and outperform all other gamers’ scores every day.


The variety of mini-games we have for you are the best option for big passes from home. Get ready to have fun from home like never before!


Best Battle Games

Devise attack strategies to kill enemies that stand in your way, become an expert shooter, lead your soldiers to victory and get the best score by being a warrior.

Your favorite online war games are available now, here you can enjoy the best and start the road to victory by having a great time.

Among the most common battle games we can find: First-person combat, third-person combat, soldier games in vs mode and more. All of these game modes focus on defeating the enemy and ending the forces of evil that are trying to take over our territory.

Our enemies can be living dead, creatures from another planet, soldiers, beasts and more. No matter what our enemy, we must be prepared to defeat them and be the heroes in battle.

The fun awaits you!

Army Games

With free war games you can defeat villains and increase the fun in big. The desire to lead the troops towards triumph is imminent. Victory is the only option!

The best battle games are available now, so you can enjoy yourself like never before for hours and become an expert warrior.

Soldier Games

To survive as a soldier we must be cautious, make attack and defense plans, because any mistake counts.

Army games require concentration and the mind of a gamer who can guide your soldiers to triumph.

The fun and plan of attack starts now!

Military Strategy Games

Incredible online missions await us to defeat evil rivals trying to stop us. Extreme fun just starts and we are part of it.

Start now and end the forces of evil with incredible military strategy games we bring to you!

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