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When your favorite team (from your favorite sport or sports or favorites) doesn’t make it to the playoffs, don’t wait all low season to get your winning dose: There are great games for just about every sport. Some of them are extremely realistic, while others offer amazing modifications to a classic sport, but all are amazing to have in your pocket. Why do we love all sports games? It’s a rhetorical question, of course!


The best sports gaming applications combine advanced graphics with ergonomic controls, making it easy to pick up the phone or tablet and jump straight into the action. Whether you like to get in the middle of the tough sports of the big leagues or prefer to lead teams and tactics, there’s something you can put to work on this list of some of our favourite mobile sports games for Android devices.


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These are, in our opinion, the best sports games for Android:

  • NBA 2K19: The annual update of the 2K basketball simulator comes just as the 2018-19 NBA season begins. The NBA 2K19 adds a story mode and, for the first time in the history of the game, you can enjoy an online game. The MyCareer mode has a new story as well as a new soundtrack and controls have been simplified, although not all players have encouraged that movement.
  • HOCKEY CLASSIC 16: The latest in the Distinctive Wireless mobile series, which adds new game modes and expands team lists to the mix. Players can get into instant action with face-to-face games, while the Playoff and Winter Games modes have a tournament style more in their favor. An exhausting new Giants Hockey mode has teams running up to 5 points, and the Outdoor Series and Live Games add new ways to play for an already solid mobile hockey game.
  • FIFA MOBILE: This is the renamed version of Electronic Arts’ annual football games, offering ingenious football action right on your smartphone. In addition to the Ultimate Team management mode, FIFA Mobile also includes a variety of short game modes, such as Attack mode, which puts you in charge of an aggressive attack on the other team’s goal, as well as a continuously updated list of Live Events games with themes related to the latest matches and events. In addition, FIFA football now includes social play leagues, in which players gather and join forces in league competitions.
  • SUPER STICKMAN GOLF 3: Launches the simulation entirely through the window in exchange for an absolutely crazy and sideways-scrolling physics and puzzle game. With 20 dynamic courses, hundreds of holes and a wide variety of hazards and terrain types such as magnets, moving obstacles and sticky terrain, players can unlock a variety of player avatars and ball trace effects with a variety of gameplay features, and can participate in online multiplayer mode when tired of single-player challenges.


Here are our favorite sports games for iPhone and iPad!

  • R.B.I. BASEBALL18: This massive game (a download size of 2.55 GB) lets you play the full season of 162 MLB 2017 games as your favorite team! With 3 difficulty levels to choose from, you’ll be able to enjoy the real baseball experience no matter what your skill level. Can you take your team into the postseason?
  • PUNCH CLUB: Punch Club not only offers you a fantastic boxing game, wrapped in beautiful graphics, but you also get an ingenious story to follow as you progress through your training.
  • SNOWBOARD PARTY 2: A surprisingly exciting snowboard game that has a lot of depth. With five game modes, 50 unique tricks to perform and 16 playable characters.
  • 8 BALL POOL: Another classic game that is still going strong, 8 Ball Pool is a fantastic pool game with several tables and different locations to choose from, you can face your AI opponents in three different difficulties on the training field.
  • SUPER STICKMAN GOLF 3: The third installment of the Super Stickman Golf series is all that the first two were and more. It’s an incredibly fun multiplayer game that takes an interesting twist on golf.
  • NEW STAR SOCCER: One of the most rated football games available on the App Store, New Star Soccer offers you a nice and fun mix of simulation, management and RPG elements, all in one game!


To download the best free iPhone sports games you simply have to:

1. Visit in your Safari browser on your iOS device.
2. Click download the app located on the third slide.
3. Go to
4. Finally, press the button located in the bottom bar and select add in the home screen.
5. Enjoy your favorite game for free!


This time, we’ve selected a top 6 of the best sports games for iPhone:

1. PIXEL CUP SOCCER 16: Who needs realism in football games? Pixel Cup Soccer laughs at the FIFA model and goes back to the 8- and 16-bit epochs of simple arcade games.

2. NBA 2K18: 2K has been refining its giant basketball simulator for mobile gaming, to the point that this year’s version offers a surprisingly rich sports experience as a console. If you like your b-ball, you have to download it.

3. POWER PING PONG: A good iOS sports game. It’s also a little brighter and more vibrant than the majestic touch of table tennis.

4. TRUE SKATE: True Skate asks your fingers to stand on a skater’s legs, pushing yourself with your spare finger and placing your feet on the board.

5. NEW STAR SOCCER: If you’ve never gotten along with the classic football games on your mobile phone, New Star Soccer proves there’s another way. This is a native mobile soccer game, and it’s brilliant.

6. POCKET RUN POOL: It’s both a brilliant puzzle and a brilliant sports game. This is due to the extreme freedoms that are needed with pool rules, including an ingenious rotary scoring multiplier system.


This time, instead of top 5, we got a top 4:

1. NBA K18: There is a fluidity and realism of movement in this franchise that does not have equal not even the giants like “The Show” and “Madden”. The era of slam dunks and unrealistic animations against which it is impossible to defend oneself is over. And the game has a fantastic My Career mode, directed by the legendary Spike Lee. If that’s not enough, allow a little history, allowing you to play against classic teams like the Lakers’00-01 (think Shaq & Kobe) and Bulls’95-96.

2. NHL’18: EA Sports has been playing hockey games under the NHL flag for 25 years. For now, they know a thing or two about how to make a hockey simulation, and their latest version is possibly the best. It has an incredibly fluid gameplay and works well for hockey fans or for those who don’t know what icing hockey is in the first place.

3. FIFA ’18: The defense and pass feel more realistic in this year’s version than in the past, reinforced by the capabilities of the PlayStation 4. More than most sports, there is actually a bit of competition here where Konami’s “Pro Evolution Soccer” has its defenses. They are incredibly similar in quality, but the undeniable reality is that “FIFA” is more popular, so you’ll find more friends and online players to play a game with, which gives it an advantage.

4. PINBALL ARCADE SEASON 2: In addition to well-focused physics and careful attention to pixel detail, this game includes some of the most classic pinball tables. We’re talking about retro games like Centaur, Champion Pub, Cue Ball Wizard, El Dorado City of Gold, Arabian Nights and more than a dozen pinball names like Williams, Bally and Gottlieb. Too bad you can’t shake and hit your PS4 to beat the competition.


Among the best sports games for Ps4, we are left with the revelation game of 2018, FORZA HORIZON 4. This trip at full speed is the best driving experience ever lived, not only because of its irresistible landscapes, its exciting driving and its perfectly recreated cars, but also because spending time with them increases our adrenaline and makes our day long-lasting. It is a simple and exciting escapism in a paradise on wheels.

Then, we have to highlight FIFA 18, NBA 2K 18, OLLI OLLI and The Golf Club.


This is our selection of Xbox sports games, the best sports games of all time:

FIFA STREET The seemingly impossible drawings and tricks of yesteryear have been replaced by a cleaner visual style and pure, accelerated street football. The game of FIFA Street is satisfying and almost as impressive as ordinary FIFA, despite the learning curve that must be followed to master the complexities of the game.

Among our must-have sports games for Xbox, we got UFC UNDISPUTED 2010, SKATE 3, SSX, TOP SPIN 4 and PURE.


  • PES 2019
  • FIFA’19
  • NHL 2019


With its Rumble HD, Joy-Con controls and its focus on the sofa or competition, the Nintendo Switch is undoubtedly the perfect complement to sports games. And although it didn’t have many at launch, slowly but surely the system has acquired some excellent sports titles from both major franchises and independent developers.


If you’re looking for an excellent sports game to take anywhere, consider some of the best sports games there are on the Nintendo Switch right now:

1. MARIO TENNIS ACES: It’s a recent release that returns the Mario Tennis series with an impressive serve after the lackluster entry on Wii U. A relaxed single-player mode will introduce you to the game and get you used to its controls, but the best of Mario Tennis Aces is in its online multiplayer mode. With a variety of characters and shooting options, several online tournaments and a “simple mode” for those less interested in the crazy clowning of trick shots, Mario Tennis Aces is the ultimate tennis video game.
2. FIFA 18: FIFA 18 pioneered the creation of important realistic sports games in its return to Nintendo systems, proving that the Switch was capable of handling detailed graphics and complex matches. The latest version of FIFA includes 52 stadiums, a huge list of popular players appearing on numerous teams and, of course, the Ultimate Team mode. It’s worth noting that in Story Mode The Journey is sadly lost because the game is not in EA’s Frostbite engine. That said, FIFA fans interested in online matches and their favourite teams on the go may not worry about the omission of history.
3. GOLF STORY: Golf Story apparently came out of nowhere to find a home among the other indie hits in Switch. Especially since the system so far lacks a Mario Golf title, Golf Story fills that gap and much more with its decent sized history and fleshy playability. Not only can you play on courses with hilarious obstacles and traps, either alone or with friends, but simply exploring those courses outside of matches can uncover secrets for those who have a solid enough swing – you can play tee from anywhere! In addition, Golf Story also includes other fun games such as disco golf and lawn bowling.
4. NBA 2K18: To play basketball on the Nintendo Switch, you have the option to choose between the NBA 2K18 or the NBA Playgrounds. When Playgrounds was released, it was the only basketball title on the Switch, but it was such a limited experience on all of its platform releases that it was difficult to recommend it. It’s even more difficult now that the NBA 2K18 is here. 2K18 makes the Nintendo Switch better than the realistic football experience of the platform in FIFA 18, as it has the same modes and functions available in Switch as in any other platform. You can play in MyGM, MyLeague and MyCareer mode, where you can create your own player and follow him as he develops his skills, sign with the teams and (hopefully) win many basketball games. A new Neighborhood mode offers an open world where players can meet other people playing at the same time and play pick-up games.
5. ROCKET LEAGUE: It wouldn’t be a list of sports games without the mutiprized Rocket League, which continues its reign as a prominent independent, whether you’re driving in crazy circles around your friends on the couch, winning match after match online, or just trying to figure out how crazy you can adorn your car this time. Of all the titles on this list, Rocket League is the one that shouldn’t be missed. The feeling of scoring an incredible aerial goal from the other side of the field in ranking is one of the best sensations that can be obtained in multiplayer games.
6. FOOTBALL MANAGER TOUCH 2018: Less of a sports fan and more interested in management? Football Manager came to Switch earlier this year with Football Manager Touch 2018, and despite concerns that it would be reduced too much to be enjoyable, it is actually a solid entry in the series. Sega cut the unnecessary backlog of games, but kept the combinations themselves and the robust features of creating a club intact. The game includes over 2,500 clubs to choose from, or you can create one of your own for any league in the game, and then play against the AI or online with friends and strangers. The main Football Manager game is here and works seamlessly in Switch.


PC sports games come in many shapes and sizes. Football Manager and Rocket League have almost nothing in common, but both are undeniably sports games. Meanwhile, FIFA has added a campaign based on the story, and Pyre is a fantasy role-playing game that plays like a sport.


Gums UP is a user-friendly application for downloading free PC boat games in an easy and fun way. How does it work? You need to download the app and register, and you can start gumming to benefit from all the advantages of being a member, such as downloading your favorite games for free, plus music, books, movies, apps, and get gift cards from major online stores.

All you have to do is register and start playing! Once in Gums UP, to get free Pc sports games in full English you just need to download trial apps, interact in the Gums UP community, take surveys, win Gums with your favourite games and start downloading the sports games you like the most.


Here you have the best selection of sport jeugos for Pc:

  • FIFA 18: EA’s annual football series is in full swing right now, with the addition of a surprisingly compelling single-player story mode. Unlike the PES, the Fifa’s strength lies in a game of short, fast passes like Xavi. If you want to play online, it will be your favourite football simulator, as a strong and healthy online community ensures that it’s always easy to find a game.
  • PES 2018: While FIFA will attract those interested in the story of a player or in online multiplayer mode, PES is our preference for the local multiplayer mode, or when I want to sink into the Masters League. The two games also play a little differently, with the PES leaning more towards the long passes and passing through the balls for a faster and more frenetic game.
  • PYRE: It’s essentially an RPG with a sport instead of random battles. History and atmosphere are the kind of strong things one would expect from SuperGiant (which also made Bastion and Transistor). The sport itself can end up being a bit one-dimensional, as attacking players can’t move without the ball, it doesn’t make much sense in the passing game. However, the way fiction and sport are combined is a unique delight.
  • FIRE PRO WRESTLER: Is wrestling a sport? According to Vince McMahon it’s ‘sports entertainment’, which is close enough for this list. Unlike WWE’s horrific official games, Fire Pro Wrestling World relies on the fact that wrestling is an act, subtly pushing players to start an entertaining game, rather than just trying to win. That, along with its amazing character creation supported by Steam Workshop, makes it unique among wrestling games.


The online sports games Pc allow you to be the athlete using only the mouse and keyboard. They are a great way to kill time while practicing your favorite sports in one of the craziest ways. Whether you like 3D games, top-down views or even classic 2D games, here’s our selection or top 10:



This is our ranking of the 5 best extreme sports games for Pc. We really like the genres of games like this one: Skating, Riding, Roller-blading, Ski-Boarding…! They say that if it’s hard to do in real life, it should be easy to do in virtual life.

What makes these games fascinating to us is that they are based on sports, specifically those of freestyle variety, without rules. Skateboarding and BMX and things like that, danger and, however pretentious that sounds, self-expression; none of these things are held together by a strict set of rules (at least not outside the competition stages). With this in mind, the way developers design the rules and mechanics around these otherwise fast and loose activities is what makes games based on them so exciting.

  • SNOW: Snowboard game by Swedish developer Poppermost Productions. Trepidante.
  • TONY HAWK’S PRO SKATER 4: A classic saga in extreme sports.
  • ON A ROLL: Another skate-like that seeks to apply the analogical/physical concept to inline skating. The details of this are scarce at the moment, but this first game footage looks exciting, as the game seems to be adding a bit of combination madness to the Tony Hawk style in the mix.
  • BMX: It has the potential to capture the same gratifying realism as Skate. S
  • PRO SKATER HD: Impressive graphics to feel the adrenaline of skating
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