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Although in its release period ‘Fortnite‘ began to be distributed in physical format, it wasn’t until the arrival of the free download of the Battle Royale mode when the game began to take off until it reached the same sky. Now its developer, Epic Games, has found in Warner Bros. Interactive a new partner to announce a renewed physical edition that can be found in stores under the name ‘Fortnite Cryogenization Lot‘.


It is available for Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One since 16 November 2018, but can also be purchased and downloaded as a digital content package both in the game store and in the platform stores.


The ‘Cryogenation Lot‘ will include t he Battle Royale and premium content, such as the hail suit, the freezing point backpack accessory, the ice pick pick, the cold front delta wing and 1,000 V-Bucks, which can be used to purchase game items, such as skins and Premium Battle Pass. The curious thing, however, is that ‘Fortnite: Cryogenization Lot’, does not include the Save the World mode; that is, the cooperative mode of payment of the game.

However, if you’ve been kidnapped from another planet in the last few months, you should know that in ‘Fortnite Battle Royale’, 100 players team up and compete to be the last survivor in games where they build coverages, fight enemies, and survive as long as possible until victory is achieved.



Where Fortnite separates from the competition is with its sandbox elements. Most game missions involve not only the third-person shooting game, but require the construction of defensive structures . You will spend time building defensive perimeters around targets using walls, floors and even traps.

There is an incredible amount of control that players have over what they build, allowing walls to become fences, gates to be built to facilitate entry and angular pathways to be built to stop approaching zombie groups. With this, creativity and experimentation is expressed to find optimized designs is in constant play.


Whether you are with strangers or random friends, it is very fun to build these structures together. Everyone has their own perspective on what needs to be built to survive, and as these opinions merge, not only do you learn from each other’s successes, but you end up with different results almost every time you queue up to play.

The elements of sandbox may be Fortnite’s core competency, but they are only a small part of the experience. Most of your time will be devoted to fighting enemies of diverse qualities. On this front, Fortnite has the same success.

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We explain the best sensitivity for Fortnite in PS4 and Xbox One, with which you will improve when building, pointing and moving.


Sensitivity is one of the most important aspects of the entire game setup. It will affect the speed with which you turn and the speed with which you aim or build. The more sensitivity you react, the faster you will react, but in turn you will lose accuracy. So it is important to know the optimal sensitivity.


Normally, if you’ve been playing for a while, you’ll be playing with a low sensitivity. And if you’re a PS4 or Xbox One player, your movement or aiming speed is lower than that of a PC player, who plays with a mouse. So even if it’s hard to get used to, and the joysticks on the controllers aren’t the same as a mouse, you should raise the sensitivity to the following values:

    • Control X-sensitivity: 10
    • Sensibility Y of the control: 10. Probably seem to you to be very high, but if you manage to dominate it, you will notice the difference.
    • Sensibility of the ADS of the control: 40
    • Gun-sight of the control (Sensibility): 60

They may seem too high to you. And if you try them for the first time you will feel very strange and very clumsy playing. If you come from a low sensitivity, such as 3 or 4, you may have to start with raise it to 6, then to 8 and finally to 10.

The fact is that although it takes you a while to get used to it, the sensitivity 10 – 10 (or at least 9 – 9) is the one with which you will get a performance very similar to that achieved with a mouse from PC .



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Structurally, Fortnite takes you through a series of missions that are played in pressure groups of four players. In most cases, a short period of preparation is provided before enemy swarms begin to approach the target areas. It is now not only necessary to build a defensive position , but it is also mandatory to acquire resources for each party.

Players often go around hacking trees, cars and all sorts of objects to turn them into usable materials. This element of the game is similar to Minecraft , although it is presented differently enough not to feel derivative.



This flow game of harvest, construction, combat has a good pace that helps to maintain what is traditionally a monotonous style of gameplay from falling victim to repetition in the early hours. However, as you play longer you may find that problems related to players accumulating resources for future missions and meeting repetition begin to emerge. If so, you may not be interested for a long time. The weapons library of the game contains all the notes you would expect, from pistols, shotguns and even heavy firearms such as rocket launchers. Although the weapons diversity is noteworthy, the way they feel in their hands is even more of an achievement.


Host of Unreal Engine 4, Fortnite feels great to play. Weapons and movement feel sharp, to the point that energetic players – like myself – can jump like a rabbit with surprising accuracy, something most third-person shooters don’t achieve.

Interacting with the building tools is immediately available, allowing you to move from fighting to knocking down a wall or trap in just a couple of clicks, an important point to keep in mind in case of major difficulties.

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