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One of the most successful sagas in the history of video games is Worms , the popular military strategy game where your worms must finish off your opponent’s. We have seen them in almost every possible platform, and as it could not be otherwise we also find them in our tablets and mobiles. Most of them are paid, like the Worms 3.


However, there is some saga title like Worms: Armageddon that are freemium. Even so, let’s see how to play Worms for free and at the same time get unlimited coins in Warlings: Armageddon..


If you played any of Worms’ games, you’re already on familiar ground. Worms is a game about trajectory, strategy and good luck . By controlling an infantry of four worms per turn-based action, your goal is to destroy opposing teams. Throw grenades, shoot a bazooka, or even rappel on a ledge and drop a sheep bomb. The last worm left standing wins!



We all know that we don’t have infinite money , so we’d better not pay for the game. But we are not going to resort to old tricks like pirating the mobile operating system but we choose the completely legal way. In the App and the Play Store, besides the mobile games of the Worms series, you will also find an application called Gums Up with which you can earn free money for these platforms and thus pay for the games; or in the case of Warlings: Armageddon, get more coins for the game .


To be able to download free worms pc, first you have to know the version you want, among the many we recommend, download worms armageddon pc, worms armageddon 2 pcdownload worms 2, download worms 3, download worms 4, these are the main recommended versions of worms so you can enjoy this mythical game without limits.



In Worms Armageddon, the Dreamcast port has been adapted to suit your new host. The menus have been reorganized to work within the limitations of the controller. However, the design of the controls works really well, effectively replacing the mouse and keyboard. While there are no hotkeys or shortcuts , it’s still easy to administer. Obviously once you have the version of worms that you like the most installed, you can opt to search and install a hack for any of these versions to enjoy all the resources of the game to the maximum, and no doubt you will find the hacks for Worms you want, hack Worms apk, Worms 2 armaggedon apk, Worms 3 apk, Worms 4 apk.



There are many game options. Deathmatch pits you against several computer-controlled teams. Quick Start allows you to enter the game without the hassle of settings. Training takes you through a wide range of exercises to improve your aiming skills and familiarize yourself with weapons. After completing your training, you can take on some missions. And of course, multiplayer …


With Gums Up, you can actually get coins for all the titles in the Worms saga, so don’t miss this unique opportunity. With unlimited money you can customize your worms with new hats, but beyond customization you can use infinite coins to buy new weapons. In each game our preferred worms come with a renewed weaponry -in addition to the classic weapons- so thanks to the coins you can advance faster and have more options to survive .

Conseguir worms gratis


The first thing you have to do is download the Gums Up app, which you will find completely free in the App Store and in Play Store and register. Now, you must start earning gums, the points of this app that you can then redeem for the rewards it offers to its players. To do this, go to Gana gums and choose how you are going to get them: using and testing other applications, watching videos, participating in surveys, inviting your friends to Gums Up… Each action has its reward, which is indicated next to the description of the action.



Here are some tips or tips that we reveal to you:

      Don’t be overwhelmed by all your offensive choices: learn to use the right rocket, grenade, and body to body attack correctly before branching.Pay attention to your surroundings: try to inflict great harm by knocking down your enemies in mines or inflicting instantaneous death on them if you drop them in the water.
    • Cold like ice : The ice mission near the start is easier than it seems. Collect as many boxes as possible without using any public service, then use the propulsion package to move to the next section near the guard. Pick up all the boxes there and stand on the polar bear’s head. Aim the flame thrower at a point just to the left of the guard and fire. You should cross the barrier that protects it, and the flames should send you to the water.
  • Pumpkin level : On your first turn, use the laser sight and fire the oil cannon with the shotgun. Kill two snipers with your first shotgun , then kill the last sniper with your last shotgun shot. In your next turn use the ninja rope to get to the place where the first box is. It contains a baseball bat. Hit the enemy in front to kill him. In the next turn, passes the mines with a ninja rope or some other method. Then proceed to the special box and take it.
  • Carrera Super Sheep:If you have picked up a box at the left end of the level, and the next box appears to the right, place yourself or deliberately detonate your current sheep and activate a new one. This will save time.
  • Obtain secret weapons with ease:Create two human-controlled teams. Then, start a normal multiplayer game. Create a long, flat landscape for the game, with no objects or bridges. Make sure there’s no indestructible edge at the top, or that none of the explosives falling from the air are accessible. In the game options, set the probability of getting a drawer of weapons to the maximum, and change the probability of getting a drawer of health or utility.


  • Activates invincibility (or configures the energy of all worms up to 200). Deactivates mines and gas cans. Change turn time to 90 seconds and turn time to 30 minutes. Then, in the weapon options, go to the drawer section and convert all drawer probability meters to zero except for one weapon, which you must turn into a box. Also, if you have completed mission 4 in the missions section, convert jet-packs to unlimited. Make both teams in the game contain eight worms.
    • Three extra secret weapons : There are three weapons in the game that are not listed in the manual. The first is Skunk, which is available, and was included at the end of the game. The second is the concrete burro, which appeared in Worms 2, and falls from the sky, crushing everything and everyone in its path. The final weapon is called Armageddon. Hide all your worms covertly before this is used, as it will cause huge fireballs to rain from the sky for about twenty seconds, destroying about four-fifths of the landscape and killing almost everything.
    • No fall damage : Press [F8] while on the rope to select the parachute. If you fall, press [Space] to activate the parachute and avoid any damage.
    • Avoid Incoming Fire :Press [Space] [Space] [Enter] during play while an incoming enemy grenade or bazooka is in the air. This should make it fly slightly off target and is useful when your health is low.
    • Reverse :Press [Reverse] twice to make a turn back:
    • Jump forward :Press [Enter] to jump forward.
    • A more precise orientation:When you fire a return missile, aim at the enemy and hold [Space]. Keep key held after the missile fires until the target is hit.
    • Despair Attack:If you are almost dead and there are many worms nearby, use the Banana Bomb to blow them all up.


When you’ve got enough gums, go to Gifts and choose your reward. Here you can choose between the gift cards for the App Store if you are from iOS, the Google Play cards if you use Android or the PayPal money , which we use in both cases. These three payment mechanisms are the most used to make the micropayments integrated in the application, necessary to get the coins for free, but also to pay for the game. Simply transfer the balance of the card to your iTunes or Google Wallet account to pay in the store, and the Worms or coins will be yours .

Don’t hesitate: download our application and get lots of FREE prizes!

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