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Ready for golf? Golf Clash is a new golf game for iOS and Android. It’s designed for fast action games 1vs1 in real time that test your timing and aiming skills. Compete in tournaments against rivals from around the world to see who the real master of Golf Clash! As you progress through your career, you’ll be able to unlock a variety of clubs and balls that will add a unique touch to your game!


And to succeed in your confrontations here are some tips and tricks:


During the regular game phase, you will throw the ball back into the blue circle. You’ll know it’s right in the middle when the white circle starts shining blue. This is – by the standards of the game – your optimal shooting distance and power. However, if you think you need a little more “oomph” in the shot: you can throw the ball back even further.


    • The target circle will move out of focus, and the power arrow will start moving back and forth faster than normal. Then you can hit the ball harder than normal at the risk of damaging the shot.
    • Conversely, you can pull the ball just a little backwards to hit it lighter than normal. Evaluate the options and act on your best judgment!
    • In addition, when you’re putting on, make sure your bright trajectory aligns with the hole. You’ll know when you’re in the correct energy setting when you see the hole flag go up. The hole will also begin to glow blue.
    • If you catch two players with the same skill and exact timing, when it comes to that, it’s the player with the best clubs who’s going to win!
    • As you play, you will receive chests. These coffers need to be unlocked before you can claim the rewards inside and that takes some time… Start opening chests as soon as you receive them to make sure they don’t accumulate!


The chests contain coins and gems, but the most important are the new clubs.

  • When you first receive a club, it is unlocked and available for immediate use. If you get the club back, you’ll get “parts” of it.
  • When you get a certain amount of parts for a club, you can update it to improve its statistics – Always check your clubs and make sure you’re using the strongest club and ball possible!
  • The balls are a little different from the sticks. Instead of having only the statistical impulses in them, the balls have special modifiers that give them unique abilities. Some balls will have wind resistance, reducing the effect of wind on your shots.
  • There’s also Sidespin, which allows you to turn your shots sideways. Unfortunately, the balls are consumable, which means that after every game you use them and they disappear! You have to buy them at the store in packs, and they cost gems.
  • Before shooting, you can add effects to your ball if you want. You can add the upper turn and the rewind, which makes the ball spin in that direction faster. Adding effects in general will have a slight adjustment in the trajectory of your ball.
  • Think of it as a tune-up! Also, as mentioned above, if you have the right ball, you can also add side effects for more control. You can manage without using the spin, but the truth is that mastering it will help you a lot!


Now that we’ve covered the mechanics of the game, it’s time to talk about ways to get chests and gems..

Do your best to qualify for the league. Each time you climb into a division, you’ll have a better chance of getting more cards in your chest, and this game also has achievements that will reward you with gems when you complete them. Connect to Facebook gives you a free platinum chest! Challenge all your friends!



To download Golf Clash for iPhone you just have to:

Visit in your Safari browser on your iOS device.
2. Click on download the app located on the third slide.
3. Enter Gums Up…
4. Finally, press the button located in the bottom bar and select add in the home screen…
5. Enjoy your free game!

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Place target

It’s the first thing you have to do when you start playing, and it’s more important than the swing itself. The game will propose a default location that can sometimes help you, but usually keep two things in mind:

    • Wind: It doesn’t take it into account, so you have to adjust the target. It’s not that the wind has much effect, let alone if you get a perfect one. But the game will always aim at the same place whether there is wind or not, so adjust it a bit.
    • Distance : In general, the ball will always go further than it seems because it goes a long way from the first pot. So if you want your shot to stay in the street be careful with going out, but if you have the hole with a shot you will almost always have to delay it.


The swing or how to hit correctly

The technique is clear, you have to drag back the ball, place it in the blue circle and release when the arrow is just on the yellow target to get a perfect. When you’re near the hole, you don’t have the blue circle. But you’ll see if you’re doing well because your hole is marked in blue. Now there are several things when it comes to hitting:

  • Power: You can pull harder if you drag the ball below the blue circle. Although you’ll see that it becomes much more difficult to hit the arrow. In the same way, you can drag it a little above the blue circle so that it goes with less power.
  • strong>Diana: If you have the distance and power controlled, any swing deviates a lot if we don’t make it perfect (yellow target). So you must practice until you almost never fail!


As you win games, you’ll get chests. Each chest contains rewards in money, gems and sticks and balls premium.So when you unlock a new stick or the best, don’t forget to select it from the team menu. The difference in range and accuracy is usually very high as you unlock.


In general, think of these four essential tips:

  • Pull harder : It is not recommended, accuracy is lost and you only gain yards.
  • Look at your opponent : When you shoot before you do, it will save you a lot of experiments, you will see where there may be problems and it will simply allow you to fine tune the shot.
  • Tiebreakers: If you usually have to look at your opponent, in the tiebreaker you should x-ray what he does. And also think that you will always have to reduce the distance if you don’t want to go through too much
  • Street + Perfect = no complications : Don’t try to cross the map with a genius, usually wanting to save a blow usually means ending up doing some more as little.


With Gums Up you will be able to get free, easily and quickly, unlimited coins and gems! For that, what you need to do first of all, is to download the application Gums Up, which is, to date, the best application in the market. Then, once unloaded, the mechanics are as follows:


You have to complete different offers, and therefore, they will give you different points o gums. These points will be accumulated in your account, and when you want, you will be able to redeem them and get free coins and gems!

How do you get these points?

Once the app is installed on your Android device, go to the “Win Gums” section, where you will see a series of applications to download. You download the apps you want; you use them during a minimum of 30 seconds (between 30 seconds and 1 minute) and you will automatically receive the gums that are indicated. Gums Up will send you a code, which you have to put in the “redeem” section of your Play Store account, and it will be redeemed for the amount you have.

Enter the race to become the King of Golf Clash!

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