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More than 40 million users around the world have already downloaded Monster Legends, one of the most interesting and fun games you can have on your smartphone or tablet, plus we also had it on social networks such as Facebook. It’s a free-to-play: downloading it is not going to cost you anything, although as we will see below you can buy things (the famous “purchases integrated into the application”) such as food, combinations, gold and gems.


But thanks to Gums UP you won’t have to pay a penny for those purchases! But first, let’s talk a little about the game for those of you who don’t know it.


Behind Monster Legends is Social Point, the study that has also developed Dragon City or Dragon Land. As you can see, fantastic beings difficult to find in real life but that will provide us with hours and hours of fun. The objective of the game is simple: to create the best combat team to be the best. To do this you must acquire new monsters and tame them, which will allow them to gain new skills and powers.

Challenge the rest of players and you can get the rewards of Monster Legends!, available for both Facebook and Android and iOS.


And that’s not all, you can join your friends in a team and participate in the Team Wars , a worldwide competition where you and your friends face rivals from all over the world. The truth is that it sounds great, and if you try Monster Legends you’ll find that everything it promises is true!

But to become a Master of monsters you will need a series of resources, such as gems, gold and food to reach different combinations. Thanks to this your monsters will grow, and you will even be able to merge them to obtain unique and even more powerful creatures.


The adventure will begin in a paradisiacal habitat, which can range from a campsite to a remote island.

    • Add temples, farms or new habitats for monsters, and you can start the great adventure alone to conquer the 25 islands of the adventure map and get the best combinations.
    • Each month you’ll have new themed islands to play with. Don’t forget to place monsters in their favorite habitats and remember to feed them!
    • If you go just of resources (gold, gems, food …) you will have no choice but to go through checkout and pay or have some other hack that there is on the networks, a hack that perhaps will make you have problems soon because they are not 100% reliable some of the hack that circulate on the networks…



Do you want to get the best combinations of Monster legends but you don’t know how to get there? There is no doubt that in order to get there you have to understand and know how crosses work. The crosses are the pairs of the different monsters to create the most powerful combinations of the game.



The first thing you should know about Gums UP is that you can download this free application from the Play Store or the App Store. You won’t have trouble finding it, and before you start using it you have to register. It won’t take you more than a minute, and from there you can start getting gums, the points that will allow you to get the Monster Legends resources or free Monster Legends gems you need. Gums UP is very intuitive and easy to use!


  1. The first thing you should do is go to the Winning Gums section, where a menu will be opened with all the options you have to get these points.
  2. The easiest way is to use another application, but you can also participate in surveys, watch videos or invite your friends.
  3. Each friend will report to you 500 gums, a very interesting amount.
  4. Now we only need to go to Gifts for resources, we will have plenty of resources such as food, gold and gems in addition to the best combinations in Monster Legends and honestly, we do not need a hack Monster Legends to do so, the best system is Gums UP.


There you will find PayPal money, the famous Google Play gift cards, which serve in the Play Store, or their counterparts for the App Store. They are the most common methods when making micropayments for mobile and tablet applications, and with them you can get all the combinations and Monster Legends resources you need without spending a penny and without having to rely on hack. This way, your aspirations to become the best Monster Legends teacher in the world will be closer as you will be able to raise your monsters without worrying about resources.



In multiple games we can find tricks or “hacks” to improve our stats . The Monster Legend Hack is focused on getting Labyrinth Coins, as you know this is the main currency of the game, available for real money, with the hack mentioned above you will avoid having to pay to get this kind of things.


And it has even more advantages! Because gifts are obtained instantly; you don’t need to accumulate large amounts of Gums to download products from our catalog and redeem them with PayPal (you can redeem gums for less than one euro!); and you’ll earn points every time you share the app with your friends.


In this Monster Legends you will find both a campaign mode and a multiplayer mode in the campaign mode your objective will be to conquer a series of islands while in the online mode you will be able to join other players and fight against others and their numerous monsters, both in stadium mode and in team warfare mode.


We’re talking about Monster Legends, a video game with a very important social part and also incorporates a small campaign. In this video game, we will go hunting monsters or defeating them so that those we already have at our disposal become more powerful. The greatest gameplay in this Monster Legends resides in the cross between monsters towards some more powerful ones that we can create.


Like MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online), is also a management game.

  • By management we mean that we will have to raise our monsters, collect food and make them stronger for the combat arena.
  • In addition to of course breed different species to cross them and that a more powerful monster comes out and get to create an incredible team to battle against other monsters in the arena of combat .
  • Of course, you’ll have to train your monsters and give them food. A meal and other resources such as gold that will be given to you as long as you have a good habitat and the best.


Join now your friends with their respective monsters, level them up, mate them and get the best monsters, either epics or legendaries, for the battle against other players around the world. Don’t miss the opportunity to become the best fighter in the arena.


Here we’ll show you some of the legendary monsters that can be created for this year:


NemestrinusRhynex + Darknubis

The head of the forest, the one that re-establishes the balance between ecosystems. It can also be bought for 2,300 gems and its price when sold is 7,500 gold coins. Weak against the fire element.

Lord of the AtlantisRazfeesh + Drop ElementalThe king of the seas who decided to start his way on land, strong against fire but weak at electric power. You can sell for 7,500 gold coins or you can buy for 2,300 gems.
VadamagmaSkipples + DuchessMonster that is born from a volcano, very powerful against fire enemies although it is weak to water type enemies. Besides it is invulnerable to blindness. It is available from level 25, you can sell for 7,500 gold coins or buy for 2,300 gems.
ThorderRabidex + TartarusGentleman of the lightning: one of its main characteristics is its speed. Strong against the water element but weak against the earth element opponents. It is available in the store for 2,300 gems and can be sold for 7,500 gold.
RockantiumMusu + TerracrankIf we had to choose a monster for its imposing strength, without a doubt, this would be a clear candidate. Strong against the lightning element but weak against the dark element. You can get it in the store for 2,300 gems and sell it for 7,500 gold.
DarkzgulFayemelina + DarknubisAs one of the dark bosses, Darkzgul is strong against earth-type monsters but weak against light. You can buy it for 2,300 gems and sell it for 7,500 gold.
GoldfieldErpham + Drop ElementalPowerful monster against the element of light but weak to the element of plant. If we had to put the word “magic” in one body, it would undoubtedly be Goldfield. You can sell for 7,500 gold and buy for 2,300 gems.
Arch KnightGoldcore + EsthirelThe defender of light: strong against the element of darkness but weak against the element of magic. You can sell for 7,500 gold and buy in the store for 2,300 gems.
LaomuErpham + GalanteLegendary monster of nature type. Their spirituality and reminiscence will blind many monsters. Strong against the magic element and weak against the fire element. You can sell for 10,000 gold or buy in the store for 2,300 gems.
NebotusObsidia + ChtulhuFirst legendary of darkness. Resistant to the earth element and weak against the light element. It can be bought for 2,300 gems if you don’t want to mate as sell it for 10,000 gold.
Worker HulkPandalf + HyperionResistant monster to the element of light but weak to the element natura. It can also be obtained in the store for 2,300 gems and sold for 10,000 gold.

As we have seen, each legendary monster belongs to a typology of element representing its maximum exponent in its ecosystem. You can get them both by mating the monsters on the board as well as buying them in the video game store, which will make you need a lot of gems and that’s why there are also the hacks Monster Legends that can be found on the net.

UNLIMITED MONEY PVZ 2! 🌵In reality, legendary monsters are still evolutions, which in this game are transmitted as mates to result in a stronger species . More and more video games are emerging in which our mission is to train and train some beings to fight against other players and undoubtedly is a genre that has much future. Not only because of the possibilities in combat, but also because it can give an interminable game experience!


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