HITMAN 2 – Review

The series Hitman has undergone a change, which we were able to ascertain with the first experiment of Io Interactive two years ago, with a very familiar structure in recent times, namely that of releasing the title with a solid base and which was gradually expanded by the individual episodes in the months to come.

The result, known as Hitman 2, both of us in the press and gamers certainly liked it, in that title it was possible to feel the desire to renew a brand, using all those modern technologies that are available today.

Despite the hard blows that the development team had suffered over the years, today he finds himself here with a new publisher who was ready to welcome him in his time of need, thus abandoning the now worn hands of Square-Enix and looking out towards Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment, which allowed the development of this second chapter of Hitman with the same structure.

An expected return

The history of 'Agent 47 picks up right where we left off, the game allows us to go over the plot of the first episode a bit through a very detailed computer graphics movie. This first season of the second chapter of Hitman provides six missions, a rich package at the content level, partly abandoning the modus operandi of the old episodic season.

In this chapter Diana together with our beloved murderer they are looking for a secret group governed by people of the upper class, an association that governs without the knowledge of everything and everyone, thus remaining discreet and beautiful to the outside public.

Since Agent 47's past is shrouded in fog due to a sort of amnesia, the game will gradually sink its roots within this aspect, thus exploring a part of its past and giving greater clarity to the player in search. of answers.

Narration is a secondary element - as also happened with the first chapter - despite the fact that it is well structured, there are several interesting videos and everything is decorated with a convincing dubbing but above all expressive.

Our only complaint for movies it is due to the fact that it is mainly about static scenes, moved only by the frame and the particle effects of the scene. We liked the setting of the new story, even if we expected some more insight into the protagonist, although fortunately there are many ideas that suggest a future third chapter.

The overall duration of the campaign is very short, but designed to be played several times due to the evaluation.

Legacy Pack e Gameplay

If you haven't played the first chapter but still want to try that experience, well, the development team has thought of you with the Legacy Pack.

The package includes all missions from the first season but playable on the second chapter. In addition, it will also be possible to unlock the original trophies of the title within the Hitman 2 card, which boasts well over one hundred trophies. A very appetizing offer that makes the title truly immense.

The most important element is undoubtedly the gameplay, who has always played a fundamental role within the brand and this time too things have not changed. Structurally, the title faces its predecessor, trying to improve every single element and expanding it to new horizons.

As always, we will have a target (or more) to be eliminated to carry out our mission, and we will be able to use many methods. The primary objective is not only to take out our target, but to carry out the killing in the most spectacular way possible by obtaining the points that will allow us to level and with a consequent final evaluation.

Completing the mission a single time is like touching only the surface of the title, the structure that is proposed to us is focused on replayability. Our focus is to try the various "stories", or the methodology with which it is possible to kill our victim, as well as using a certain discretion we will only facilitate our score as murderers.

Studying our prey well is essential for the success of the shot, since it allows us to approach them in a direct and safe way.

The AI ​​element here has undergone a marked improvement, the enemies are very reactive even to less suspicious noises, throwing the right bite to the gamer for a difficult and satisfying challenge. We confess that many times we have had to restart the mission from the beginning as the chosen approach inevitably led us into a tunnel with no way out.

It is also possible to carry out a direct attack towards the goal, which will only lead to a colossal confusion and an endless flight towards the exit, destroying the soul of the game, which is designed to carry out class murders.

A great community

Contracts, which can also be customized by users, offer unique experiences thanks also to community support. There are also events managed directly by the developers, namely i Elusive targets, that is, of the victims who are available only for a short time and whose fulfillment of the mission will bring important resources to the player.

The first Elusive Target is the talented actor Sean Bean, announced just a few weeks ago by the developers.

Finally one has been introduced multiplayer mode call Ghost mode, which entrusts the player with the task of having to kill - together with other players - a selected target. At the same time, the users in session will not share the same "place of action": in fact, everyone will act in his own parallel world and whoever completes the mission in the best way will win the victory.

At the moment this mode is in Beta version and the proposed offer is really meager, presenting only the map of Miami and heralding a sense of repetition.

It is also possible to play the mode Sniper Assassin, in essence, the beta version that we have had the opportunity to try in recent months.

For the uninitiated, in this mode we'll use a sniper rifle and it will be possible to face missions alone or with friends, where we will have to eliminate targets in the most silent way possible, thus finally reaching the final goal of the mission.

Compared to the Beta there have been really only small technical improvements; otherwise it remained as it was a few months ago.

Technically superb

The Hitman 2 maps are very well curated, full of elements and always original. We can assure you that a step forward has been made compared to the previous season, the scenic variety is truly incomparable.

He Glacier Engine he manages to show his muscles in all respects, even in the polygonal models, which do not stand out for their originality and characterization. It must also be said that the merit is due to the programming, making the environment always very dynamic and alive, full of elements to interact with.

The English dubbing does a masterful job, mainly because they manage to give that right thickness and depth during the dialogues, transmitting the pathos of the scene where the voice is reproduced. It's true, we miss the Italian dubbing a bit, but the English one manages to be loved.

Final Comment

The second chapter of Hitman it struck us deeply, it is a marked improvement from the first season, bringing with it a unique variety of action. The replay value is so good that it takes many hours away without even realizing it, being completely kidnapped by theAgent 47. Our only wish is that the team can expand and improve the sectors intended for multiplayer, making them even more valid than now. For us Hitman 2 it's a must have title.

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