You play like a superhero and the whole town fears you. You will fight against various gangsters of the star Mafia from America, Russia, China, Mexico, Japan, etc. The game was distributed by HGames-ArtWorks and is available for Android.

Rating: NOTE
Available: Android
Gender: Action
Players: One player


Hurricane Superhero Trailer + Game Images

The style of the city is similar to Miami’s Las Vegas, but it’s really New York. Become the boss on the city’s crime streets. You control superpowers that you can call a tornado and a storm. You can shoot lightning bolts out of your hand and you can climb any building in the city. This game is a third person city simulator, where you drive a car, a motorcycle, an airplane, etc. Below is the game trailer so you can start to understand how it works.

Explore the big city, go into the mountains, steal and drive supercars, shoot guns and much more in this free and open world. Here are some images of the game to get you started.

How to get coins for Hurricane Superhero

As in most mobile games, you will need to get a resource in order to gain some advantages in the game and to move forward. In this case that resource is the Coins. Getting them should be our priority at first. And mainly we can get them in these ways:

  • You can watch in-game ads for rewards
  • Connect daily to receive more coins
  • Complete missions and objectives
  • With the GumsUp platform you can get free coins for Hurricane Superhero

Free resource generator for Hurricane Superhero

The resource generators are used to obtain resources for practically any game without any cost for the playerr, you will find many generators on the Internet that can help you get the resources you want. We recommend  a very useful and reliable resource generator that will generate coins for Hurricane Superhero without any problems.

What are the Coins in Hurricane Superhero for?

As we have mentioned before, coins are a very important resource for this game, as they will give you different advantages. And surely you’re wondering what they are for? Well, here are some of the benefits that will give you coins in Hurricane Superhero:

  • You’ll get upgrades for your superhero
  • You’ll have a greater advantage over your enemies
  • You can get whatever you need.
  • They’ll give you more freedom in the game

Basic guide to start playing Hurricane Superhero

The game of Hurricane Superhero is a very intuitive game with very simple dynamics. The game tells you from the start what to do and why, so you don’t have to lose. However, there are some basic points you should take into account to start playing. Here is a video in which you will see how to play the game, so it will be much easier for you to start:

Analysis of Hurricane Superhero

Hurricane Superhero is a game that has captivated all audiences, as it is completely free and you can have it on your mobile. It is entertaining and fun. Besides, the graphics are wonderful. However, there are some negative points that must also be taken into account. Below, and now that you understand the game more, we provide you with an analysis of it.


  • Good graphics
  • Entertaining and dynamic game
  • Well adapted to your audience


  • It gets very stuck and presents similar problems.
  • Difficult to get resources

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