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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a mobile multiplayer online battle arena developed and published by Moonton. The game was distributed by Moonton and is available for Android and iOS devices.

Available: Andoird, iOS
Genre: Role Playing Game
Players: Single player



Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Trailer + screenshots

Join your friends and take on real human opponents in this new 5v5 MOBA: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Choose your favourite heroes and build an unstoppable team alongside your brothers in arms. Find a match in 10 seconds and battle for 10 minutes. Below we provide you with the gameplay trailer:


Take a line or set up ambushes from the jungle, assault towers, engage in exciting team battles. Here are a few screenshots of the game, so you can see how it works.

How to get Diamonds in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Diamonds are the premium resource in this game. They are very hard to get, but, at the same time, they will give you a bigger advantage than coins. Here’s how you can get this resource in a simple way:

  • Missions: daily and the first time you complete a campaign level
  • Achievements
  • Game modes: Campaign, Tavern, Labyrinth, Arena, Tower of Babel
  • Events
  • Events
  • Viewing ads
  • Free diary envelope

Free Resource Generator for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Resource generators are used to obtain resources for virtually any game at no cost to the playerr, you will find many generators on the internet that can help you get resources, we recommend a very useful and reliable resource generator that will generate diamonds for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang without any problems.

Basic guide to get diamonds for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Bang

You can probably find some very useful information on the internet on how to get diamonds for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. However, you should be aware that much of this information is based on the use of hacks (which it is preferable that you do not use). For that very reason, we provide you with a video explaining how to get them:

What are Diamonds used for in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang?

Diamonds are the most important and difficult resource to get, as they will give you incredible advantages. Below we explain what benefits they will give you in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang so you know how to invest them.

  • They will allow you to get all the items you need
  • You will also be able to get heroes, skins, etc.
  • They will also allow you to get heroes, skins, etc.
  • They will give you a greater advantage over other players and opponents
  • You will be able to play with more freedom and less worries

Basic guide to start playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Bang game is quite simple and suitable for all audiences, but it is important that you have a number of points in mind before you start playing. Here is a video to help you understand how the game works.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Review

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang quickly became one of the best mobile games. It is a very addictive and dynamic game at the same time. However, there are some negative points to take into account as well. Below, and now that you know better how it works, we provide you with an analysis of it:


  • Very good graphics
  • Simple but entertaining gameplay
  • Suitable for all audiences



  • Disproportionate levels
  • Disproportionate levels
  • Problems with the latest update


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