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Explore dozens of planets with hundreds of levels to progress through the cruel and convoluted space. This wonderful game was distributed by X3M Games Ltd. and is available for your Android devices.

Available: Android
Gender: Action
Players: Android


Trailer of Impossible Space – A hero In Space

Unlock new weapons and abilities to make you stronger, faster and much more lethal and kill all the monsters and robots that roam the space to finish you off. Shoot your way through the terrifying boss monsters waiting to come face to face with you to prevent you from gaining your freedom. Here’s the official trailer for the game so you can begin to understand how it works.

You’ll find hundreds of levels, each with unique monsters and weapons. You will have to improve your character’s skills to become the space liberator they need. Here are some images of the game to help you get familiar with it.

How to get Money in Impossible Space

As with most mobile games, you will need a resource in order to move forward. In this game the main resource used is the crystals or money, they can be used for multiple functions such as shopping in the shop, buying characters, costumes, unlocking skills, etc.

Here we show you a series of tricks on how to get free coins for this game:

  • Complete missions to be rewarded
  • Look at in-game ads and in return you will get money to invest in the game
  • Play daily and move up a level
  • With the GumsUp platform you can get free money for Impossible Space

Free resource generator for Impossible Space

On the Internet there are many specialized websites to generate free resources for many games including Impossible Space, we personally recommend one that has been very useful to us, which is with which you can obtain Money for this game in a very easy and fast way without any cost.

What is the Money in Impossible Space for?

As we have mentioned before, money is the most important resource for this game, as it will allow you to get all the necessary equipment to improve. The resources in this game have a great utility. Below we show you the main utilities of the resources for this game:

  • Evolution and improvement of your characters
  • It will help you to go up a level
  • Change the design
  • To be able to enjoy all the advantages that the game offers

Basic guide to start playing Impossible Space

Although this game has a very intuitive playability and similar to many other games, it is important to know some important details of the game. Before you start with it. That’s why below we provide you with a video to see how to play Impossible Space perfectly and make it easier for you to start with it.

Analysis of Impossible Space

Impossible Space is a truly entertaining and addictive game that has been enjoyed by people all over the world. Its gameplay and graphics are wonderful. However, there are a number of negative points that we must also take into account. Below, and now that you understand the game better, we provide you with an analysis of it:


  • The game, graphics and interface are very good
  • Excellent dynamics to get involved in different game modes
  • Very entertaining and addictive


  • Problems with some updates
  • Difficult to get resources to move forward

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