How to make money with facebook?

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As you know, Facebook is a social network that people use as a method of communication with family, friends, acquaintances and even strangers. It is a website that helps us socialize with people from the other side of the world if necessary.

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But, Have you ever wondered if you can make money with Facebook?In addition to the fact that you can get money through the social network known among the media as Facebook, there are even many ways to increase your income through this social network mentioned above. Discover all these ways here, in this article we will let you know this and more.


To make money with Facebook, it is important to follow a series of patterns that it establishes In a very simple way, we can get it either by advertising, by offering articles or items that we no longer use, or even by posting articles in social groups.

These options are considered quick because they do not involve a lot of effort to earn money, it is all simple and easy for frequent use and thus be able to increase the income that entered your pocket without realizing when you did it.

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There are so many options to earn money with Facebook that you may be able to get the amount of money you dreamed of as a child only if you follow the rules to the letter. It doesn’t take much to earn it, you just have to have some retention and you will accomplish your goal in less than you think. Here are some of the options so you can decide how and in what way you will achieve your goal with Facebook.


When we talk about making money on Facebook using the MarketingBy “steps”, we mean all the ways to get into a business through the social network in a successful way.


Well, with the overpopulation of people who have this social network on the web, there are many people who can be both good buyers and good sellers (depending on what stands out more), who use this network as a platform to better establish their business, either by advertising their brand, or just offering the market through Facebook.

Since there are so many options to earn money through Facebook it would not be wrong to let them know some methods to get it in a clean, fair, effortless way and from the ease of your home.

This is governed by a few simple steps that are not difficult to understand and much less difficult to interpret, here you will understand that obtaining the amount of money dreamed is not at all difficult if you find the commitment and dedication necessary and required to obtain it. These steps were classified as follows:

# 1 CREATE FANPAGE: Thanks to the great mass of population that Facebook has from all over the world, it is easy to get people who in this particular case would be ‘fans’ interested in what you are promoting, publishing or selling. This would be the main thing to start earning money on Facebook.

# 2 PHRASES THAT IDENTIFY YOUR PAGE: When we talk about a phrase that identifies your page, we mean a few magic words that speak for themselves about what everything you will do on the page you decided to create will be about. This will be like tallow to attract people to subscribe to your page.

# 3 ESTABLISH THE TYPE OF CONTENT: Depending on your tastes you can decide what the page is about and what kind of things or objects are conforming. It could be clothing, fashion trends, home improvement sales, cars, and more. It depends on your tastes and the good you want to offer to the Facebook population.

# 4 START PUBLISHING: After following the steps above you can start posting images and even videos to give people a picture of how your profile will be governed and how it will evolve over time.


After following these steps it is only a matter of having patience to wait calmly for the followers to increase to the limit point, to start the money exchange through Facebook.


As well as we can earn money through Facebook by creating pages to offer good to the people who make it upWe can also do it by giving Like or I like it, but it is not an option that everyone can follow because not everyone will spend so much time just to earn $15 per week.


Just kidding, I don’t think anyone would mind making money just because I like pages, videos and pictures. It’s literally the easiest job found on social networks.

This option is based on visiting pages constantly and giving you like all your publications without exception, is based on being aware, attentive and simply see their updates and likewise leave the I like so that your payments can be raised in a high amount.

As well as the option to earn money in such an easy way through Facebook we can also earn it in a more classic and traditional way as it is to earn it by posting photos and videos.


Earning money on Facebook is too subtle an option for people who use the social networkBecause we would no longer just be enjoying talking to acquaintances through it, but we would be making money at the same time.


We have all wanted to have a job as simple as sitting in front of a computer or lying down with a cell phone in hand, enjoying a social network while working and it would be more interesting if we earned just by making videos. And honestly you can also make money with this depends on the followers you have on your Facebook account.

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