How to use prepaid cards on the internet

Applications such as Gums Up that allow us to win money and prizes if we use them tend to offer prepaid cards for use in different online stores. This is cards gift, equal to which they can buy in stores but for use in your online shopping. As you accumulate points, gums will in this case, access to more value prepaid cards.

How to use prepaid cards on the internet With Gums Up you can get free applications for mobile, music, games, books, etc.; all this thanks to the gift cards. For example, as you collect gums can access google play gift cards prepaid cards movistar, vodafone, orange etc of the Google Play Store, where you can download games and applications for your smartphone or tablet to cost 0 or iTunes, where you'll find all the news from the music scene. You will also find Amazon gift cards and, if yours are video games, Xbox live and Play Station Network.

Prepaid credit cards

There are more cards play free store which the that Gums Up offers. The rise of online trading has made that increasingly more banks offer customers these kind of cards for shopping online. Prepaid cards we used before with the phone like mobile, they have a certain balance and we can use them until the balance is exhausted. They are safer than conventional credit cards, which havec a limited balance is harder to any hacker can access our account. Finally, we have companies that sell these prepaid cards directly to consumers with which they can also buy online, gift cards are the end of returned gifts. Its operation is exactly the same than the cards that can issue a Bank, with the only difference of the issuer. In addition, no need to have an account in the Bank to have one. That Yes, perhaps some online stores do not support them or are not prepared to use so we can not use them, but usually not will cause us any problems.

Use prepaid cards

After obtaining your prepaid card, you must transfer your balance to your user account. Therefore we are going to our Google Play, iTunes or Amazon account and look for the options exchange or gift, depending on the platform for which to use the card. To transfer the credit card to your account, we will ask that introduzcamon the card security code. If it's a card online, on the voucher you will find the code; If you have a physical card codes tend to be in the back of the card, and according to the platform will have to scrape to find out. The balance of the prepaid card we have in our account, now is the time to spend it. When it comes to pay on any of these platforms, you can select the option to pay the balance of the gift card or gift card. As it is used, the balance will be is discounting. 

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