Hunt: Showdown – Review

Hunting games they are such a niche genre that few exponents have just managed to make themselves known. By reading this sentence you have surely asked yourself the question, and Monster Hunter then !?

Monster Hunter it is not really part of the hunting game genre we are talking about today, in fact it is the exact opposite. In fact, if Monster Hunter bases its gameplay on action, realistic hunting games in most cases they are very repetitive, much slower and rarely successful.

The only examples of games based on realistic hunting that have had some success are Duck Hunt and the more or less recent series Oh dearling, even if the latter presented various problems and was highly repetitive.

Today we are dealing with a title of this unfortunate kind, that is, Hunt: Showdown. Produced by Crytek, the title refers a lot to the classic hunting games by adding however elements from horror games and the PvP element to make everything more attractive.

Crytek will she have succeeded in creating a hunting game capable of standing out from the crowd and at the same time escaping the reputation of titles of this genre?

Find out with us through our review!

A hunting game with horror elements

In Hunt: Showdoun we will take on the role of a hunter of the supernatural, whose task will be to hunt various demonic beasts and claim their size accordingly.

Once started Hunt first, we will be thrown in the only single player game of the game, through which the fundamental elements of hunting beasts will be explained. First the player will have to find the tracks of the monster that he is looking for, through the use of Dark Vision which will allow us to identify the points of investigation.

Once we have found a point we will have to interact to eliminate one of the areas of the map, so as to understand where our prey will be positioned and once we have collected all three points of investigation we will find out its exact position.

Combat with the teach it will be very similar to a boss fight. Every wanted man will have some weaknesses and resistances, for example the Giant Spider will be weak to incendiary attacks and sawn-off shotguns.

After this phase of the game we will have to extract the prey. To do this you will have to wait for a amount of time while performing the capture ritual. Once this is done, you can head to the exhalation point to escape the map along with his corpse.

In the tutorial these steps will be very simple but, once you are in a real hunt we will also have to take into account the fact that we are not the only ones to hunt the beast.

In fact, while we explore the map it may happen to come across other players who will not hesitate to eliminate us. Especially in the last phase the other players will be able to see us thanks to the Dark Mink forcing us to play it in a much more stealth way.

Once you have finished a hunt or are eliminated, you will be returned to the game menu and we will be awarded points and money based on how many common monsters we have exterminated, killing other players, completing challenges and capturing the boss or not.

Hunters, equipment and bestiary

Within the menu we can spend our credits to buy new weapons, consumables and heals. For each of these, the degree of effectiveness and its price will be shown, plus you will have the opportunity to recruit other hunters.

These will start from a default level, based on their price, and they can totally customize thanks to the use of perk which will increase his health, speed, stamina and more.

The purchase of hunters it will be almost essential to pass grade 11, since from that level onwards if you are killed by another player you will lose your hunter, forcing us to buy another one to continue playing.

Through the menu we will also be able to view the library, this will give us a detailed description of the weapons in our possession and, by completing challenges, we will be able to unlock pages of the bestiary which will give us a lot of details about the monsters we will face.

Technical department

Hunt can boast an excellent use of the Cryengine. Each element of the scenario creates a fantastic atmosphere and the hud is not at all annoying, the excellent sound sector shows off the use of binaural sounds and directional audio. Finally, the monster and player hitboxes are done really well.

Speaking more thoroughly of the aiming system, this presents a very arcade gameplay where the shots are not in the least affected by recoil or gravity, as well as being highly reactive.

However, the only flaw that we have been able to redeem concerns the aiming system, in fact the button used to aim directly through the sight of the weapon will be the same one used for running. Fortunately, this can be solved thanks to the complete customization of the commands.


Hunt Showdoun in conclusion it proves to be an excellent hunting title, thanks to the addition of elements horror e PvP well thought out and structured.

Thanks to this it is able to emerge from the stereotype that (classic) hunting games have, in the long run, however, its repetition could be boring, and it may not appeal to those who do not like fps.


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