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Shadow Fight 3, in a few words, we could describe it as a game with a spectacular combat mechanic based on SHADOW; many equipments and weapons to collect; beautiful images; three unique factions and fighting styles; hundreds of perches and super moves; hyper realistic animations and a character creation tool with different fighting modes.

Rating: NOTE
Available: Android, IOS
Gender: Fighting
Players: Online multiplayer
Launch date: November 2017

Shadow Fight 3 is a hybrid RPG game, in a graphically superior aspect. The third game in Nekki‘s series, in which you explore the feudal era of Japan, playing as an hero with an unknown destiny. With lots of fighting, as well as room to improve equipment and weapons, there are many improvements…

Here is the official trailer of Shadow Fight 3 so you can have a first contact with the game.


This video game was released in November 2017 for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS x and Xbox One platforms, Shadow Fight 3 is an offline game, and requires Android: 5.0 and above. Here are some images to see how Shadow Fight 3 is developed.

How to get coins and gems in Shadow Fight 3

In the game of Shadow Fight 3 the main resources that we are going to use are the coins and the gems, these have a quite big importance to develop your skills in this game. Below we provide you with legal ways to obtain coins and gems for Shadow Fight 3.

 Win Duels

2ï¸ Registering with your email or Facebok

ƒ Performing secondary missions in the game

ƒ With the APP Gums Up you can get coins and gems for free for Shadow Fight 3


Coin and gem generator for Shadow Fight 3

You can find many resource generators for practically any game on the market, the generators will allow you to get resources for free for the game you want. We recommend a very reliable generator that will provide you with the coins and gems you need for Shadow Fight 3 game.


Tutorial to get coins and gems for Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight is a very popular saga within the video game industry, that’s why you can get information very easily through videos or guides. Here we provide you with a tutorial to get resources for the Shadow Fight 3 game.


What are the coins and gems in Shadow Fight 3 for?

Resources have a quite significant importance in the development of Shadow Fight 3 game. Here we make a list of the main utilities of the coins and gems in Shadow Fight 3.

  • Improve combat skills
  • Buy special boxes
  • Unlock cards
  • Getting objects

Basic guide to playing Shadow Fight 3

The game of Shadow Fight is relatively simple once you know its functionality, however for players who are new to the game it is important to know some basic rules. Here is a basic guide on how to play Shadow Fight 3.


Analysis of Shadow Fight 3

The game of Shadow Fight 3 will provide you a spectacular experience in terms of combat and you will be able to enjoy an adventure for being the best warrior. Now that you know the game a little better, lets take a look at the main advantages and disadvantages of the game.


Offers single player and multiplayer mode

Very complete and dynamic gameplay

Very spectacular graphics

Rather high need for resources

Controls sometimes fail

Constant game updates


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