Just Dance 2019 – Review

As for every year now, Just Dance back on our shelves and between a dance step and a fun choreography conquers the hearts of all the fanatics of the world of dance.

The name "Just Dance" comes from the homonymous song of the famous artist and singer Lady Gaga, which gave inspiration for the name of the series that we remember having initially debuted only in Europe, America and some parts of Asia.

We had the opportunity to receive a copy of Just Dance 2019 and we can't wait to tell you about it, and maybe make you want to play it with your friends!

The official Just Dance 2019 logo

History of the title and how a Just Dance is born

Just Dance was initially born on Nintendo Wii consoles as a means to unite friends and players from all over the world in wild dances and choreographies of every difficulty, having some of the most famous songs of the moment and beyond.

The series came to life from an inspiration that the team Ubisoft had when in the historic series Raving Rabbids a minigame was proposed that exploited the Motion Control Wii controllers to allow players to emulate dance moves.

Ubisoft therefore had the idea of ​​giving birth to a series that unlike the equally famous one Dance Dance Revolution, where the purpose is to move his body in rhythm with the song, he was able to unleash in the players the desire to dance with their whole body and be able to use the same moves you learned in the game even in everyday life.

The creation of such a title is a very long and full of research creative process, but which always allows you to create something authentic and real both from a visual and practical point of view when trying to emulate the dance steps.

Below we show you two videos that tell the background behind the creation of Just Dance 2019:

In the videos shown you can see how Just Dance 2019 has been made, i.e. with a team of experienced dancers rigorously waxed in white and dressed in the most disparate ways, in order to maintain the fresh and fun aspect of the series.

Once the dancers are made up and filmed it's time to choreographies, which come often adapted directly from those shown in the original videos of the songs, such as that of the Hit K-Pop by BLACKPINK with their DDU-DU-DDU-DU, still one of the most appreciated by the community.

After reviewing the recorded video, the Ubisoft adapts the movements of the dancers with those necessary so that the motion controls are correct and precise, thus creating the game that we all know and that has always been able to give many hours of fun.

Every year the Ubisoft team collects the most listened to songs of the last period or simply those that are best suited to being danced, often combining them with great classics taken directly from timeless musical icons such as ABBA, Queen and many other historical names.

Introduction to the title and game experience

The game immediately opens with a screen that introduces the selection of the controller to use for dancing; Just Dance offers 3 different methods of play, namely through Smartphone, Playstation Move o con Playstation Camera.

In the first case, the smartphone allows it easily up to a maximum of 6 players to take advantage of the title by downloading for free application Just Dance controller, available both on the Google Play Android store and on the iOS AppStore.

Playstation Move e Playstation Camera instead they need to be purchased and allow 4 players to play, but they are still rather old control methods, therefore they can be purchased at a low price and in any case very efficient in their simplicity.

Once you have selected a type of controller, the game shows the main screen from which you can see the songs of the moment and a lot of information about the functions and online competitions and global events.

Through the song selection menu, the player can finally decide what to dance through a small preview whenever he decides to lay his eyes on an interesting piece, each indicated with a level of difficulty to immediately understand what you are about to face.

Just Dance 2019 consists of a total of 41 songs among the most famous of the last year, together with some "vintage" pieces of the caliber of I'm Still Standing by Elton John and The Rhythm of The Night by the Corona group.

With respect to last chapter which reached a total of 43 playable songs, the step was not great and it would certainly be appropriate expect some new additions, which would enrich the roster of executable pieces even more.

What a song selection looks like in Just Dance 2019

As if that were not enough, the famous comes into play Unlimited subscription, which every year offers a truly impressive song park, starting this year with over 300 titles taken directly from all major Just Dance products.

With Just Dance Unlimited you can select one of the following subscriptions:

  • A 24h pass
  • One pass for one month
  • One pass for 3 months
  • A pass for one year

For further clarifications in this regard, please consult the associated Ubisoft page directly.

If you decide you want access all your favorite songs with ease, know that it is possible to mark each song with a heart which will indicate your appreciation for that song and allow the game to create playlists containing all your favorite songs or some that could become such.

Some of the Just Dance 2019 playlists

Each performance completed will earn the player of credits, which will also be achieved by leveling up or completing daily tasks of various kinds, able to range from successfully dancing a certain number of songs with certain conditions to reaching a sufficient number of stars.

An example of goals to reward the player

Each of these credits can be spent on a prize machine, which for 100 of them can give a new avatar, image or alternative choreography for one of the available songs.

A small incentive with prizes

The player also has access to a customization screen which includes a name, a selectable avatar and a title to attribute; each of these elements can be chosen depending on what you have available, and often obtaining certain avatars or titles will be a very demanding challenge that will allow anyone who decides to confront us to understand what we are made of, thanks to a particular title or avatars we possess.

The innovations introduced and many returns


Just Dance 2019 offers lots of news to simplify the gaming experience, which highlight a step forward compared to previous games; a striking example is the possibility of have a difficulty index for each song, as well as a short preview before selecting it which allows you to see a video lasting a few seconds able to understand the style of the song.

The preview function he only saw himself once nel titolo Just Dance: Greatest Hits for Xbox 360, while the difficulty in the songs was made visible only in the old Just Dance 2014 and never integrated again.

Another idea of ​​simplifying the gaming experience is the variety and usefulness of playlists, some already programmed by the game and others in continuous development depending on the player's style or habits.

The player also has access to a lot of information thanks to the basic screen before selecting songs, where he can discover the latest news, news from the community and keep up with all the eseasonal winds, song additions and much more.

What the basic screen looks like after starting the title

An important return is the Kids Mode which offers 8 different songs perfect for the little ones, as well as the Fashion Sweatshirt which allows you to take into account the calories burned for each song.

Speaking instead of the appearance online courses of the title, World Dance Floor it is a continuously updated modality, as it proposes themed songs according to particular holidays or periods, as well as global competitive events.

The home screen for World Dance Floor

As shown in this screenshot, at certain times of the day there will be several songs which if faced will allow you to compete globally to be the best on the square, and win the coveted title of Dancer of the Week; this title will be visible to anyone later decide to try dancing that same song.

The Just Dance community, one big family

The Just Dance community is one of the most involved and varied in the entire Ubisoft landscape, ranging from children to adults from all over the world.

On the internet it often happens to find fanmade video, i.e. created by users for the purpose of recreate some songs who would dream of seeing in a future title, and it is incredible to see the commitment that some are able to show in choreography and special effects, often with incredibly similar results to the product.

Ubisoft has always been very clear on the concept it has of communicating with the community, and is always looking for events and shows for bring together all lovers of the series; just think of the annual competitions that are organized to bring in every new Just Dance game a fan made choreography, and carefully chosen from millions of videos.

We missed getting back on track!

To further satisfy the community, Ubisoft released in 2014 Just Dance Now, alternative version of the main series which however allows play directly on a mobile device, therefore without the aid of a console and with a token mechanism, which if spent will allow you to dance a song; the player can connect their device to an internet connection and a screen, and then can use their phone with the same mechanism as Just Dance 2019.

To try Just Dance Now you can download it directly from the App store and Google Play.

Each title in the series also has at least one song that is involved in the dance the creator of the same, calling on artists of all kinds to give a touch of personality and exclusivity to the whole.

Just Dance has also always had an excellent reputation for being able to unite many music stars with fans of the series, who many times promote new titles or arrange to meet some players at particular events or even surprise ones.

Justin Bieber is one of the names that immediately springs to mind, since in 2014 during his Believe Tour decided to promote the game and collaborate with Ubisoft, viewing all the videos of the users who danced his song Beauty and the Beat in his honor, finally choosing the best ones and organizing a meeting for them.

In conclusion

We're talking about a great classic that Ubisoft really holds tightly and treasures like a little jewel, because that's what it's all about. The Just Dance series is as popular as it is constantly rejuvenated and fresh, always managing to accomplish its purpose and providing hours of fun and laughter.

The title is very useful both physically and mentally, being an excellent alternative to exercise especially keeping track of your activity thanks to Sweat mode, which helps a lot in calorie loss and gives a great incentive.

Let's not forget that Just Dance is a title that knows a lot of fun, so avoid the total laziness of those used to staying at home and prefer to avoid a healthy walk.

Unlimited mode is also fantastic, offering a truly immense song park for an honest amount depending on the subscription period selected, and often constantly updated.

Overall we are very satisfied with the title, which every year manages to make a positive impression and help us overcome a few moments of laziness or boredom: Thanks Just Dance!

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