Kill la Kill IF – Review

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Shivam Sai Gupta

The guys of Arc System Works, producers of titles of the likes of BlazBlue e Dragon ball fighter z, this time they collaborated together with the animation house trigger to create the fighting game of Kill la kill, one of the flagship titles of the Japanese animation house after leaving the studio Gainax

But will they have managed to do a good job this time too, maintaining the fidelity of the anime? 

Another point of view

If you have already seen the episodes of the animated series, you will know that one of its strengths lies in the narration joint to fan service

The incipit is based on the existence of special clothes called Gokuseifuku (ultra uniform), which give superhuman abilities to anyone who wears them thanks to the so-called biofibra, that is, the material they are made of. 

At the center of the story this time we will have Satsuki Kiryuin, the student council president who rules with an iron fist the Honnoji high school.

Almost every student inside the school has a Gokuseifuku, whose grades vary from 1 to 3 stars. Based on their level, it is possible to understand what role they play within the school. 

To break this tranquility by creating chaos within the hierarchical ladder, will come Ryuko Matoi, armed with half a scissor sword and eager to find out the truth about her father's death. 

Recovering the plot of the animated series, the story mode Kill la Kill IF was written by the same screenwriter as the anime Kazui Nakashima. The adventure starts from episode 8 and then follows branches of different texture, recounting unprecedented events from Satsuki's point of view. 

 The story will be told through scene animate who will try to have the faithful trait of the anime, but not totally succeeding in the visual sector, due to various rather sparse or animated scenes that are not really very well.

We rarely hear the feeling that was given to us by looking at the Trigger studio product. 

A little taste of the modalities

During our adventure, we will find ourselves tasting the various modes that we will unlock as we go. These range from the classics 1 vs 1 fights to battles Vs. 1 4 in the arena, ending up in one survival mode.

The various battles inside the arena will very often not be fully enjoyable, due to one badly handled camera, where we frequently found ourselves in the situation of having lost sight of our character in the middle of the scene. 

A severe shortage of characters

The lack of real content is the major problem within the title.  

In fact we will have only available 8 characters to be used in battles and online matches: initially we will be able to use the two protagonists and the Four members of the DEVA of the student council, Nui Harime and Ragyo Kiryuin.

It will also be possible to have two variants for Satsuki and Ryoko only after finishing the story mode, thus increasing the roster to 10 wrestlers.

However, counting the fact that we are analyzing a fighting game, we are talking about a very small number of characters available, in addition to the very few arenas available, just 6. Such a lack of variety negatively affects the longevity of the stock.

Fortunately the July 26 two more fighters will be available via a Free DLC, adding Nudist Beach members, Aikuro Mikisugi e Tsumugu Kinagase, who will fight together, thus increasing the roster of characters up to 12.

It will certainly be an improvement over before, but there will still be too few fighters left for a fighting game.

A product not too well cared for

The product shows fidelity to the line of the anime, only that it is not always visually pleasing starting from some animations that are not too fluid, facial models not too cared for, a Antialiasing excessively marked during game footage and extremely bare backgrounds with no elements accompanying the scene.

 As if that weren't enough, the optimization isn't excellent either, with frequent drops in framerate compared to the target of 60 fps.

Positive we can note a cel-shaded well done by the guys at A + Games. 

Overall, it will in any case be a visually pleasing product and everything will be accompanied by the sublime soundtracks taken from the anime. 

Summing up

The product created by the guys from A+ Games can be considered a pleasant fighting game to play, which will be appreciated even more by those who are fans of the animated version from which it captures almost all of its essence.

The control system will not be of the deepest, unlike other titles of Arc System Works, but it will be practical and intuitive, so as to easily create spectacular clashes.

Leaving aside the various technical problems, it will result an enjoyable adventure for fans of Kill la kill who will appreciate the game of A + Games.

The low amount of content will decrease the longevity of the title and it will take us very little time to see what it has to offer Kill la Kill IF

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