Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning – Review

It's been a little over eight years since Electronic Arts has put on the market the role-playing game of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. The project aroused good interest from the public due to the minds behind the title.

In fact, among the staff we find Ken Rolston, who held the role of designer in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. The universe of the game was entrusted to the skilled hands of the fantasy author RA Salvatore, who was involved in developing the entire universe of Amalur and its surroundings. While the artworks were edited by Todd McFarlane.

With these premises Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning he presented himself to the public, enjoying some success. Today the title returns among gamers, with a new version that bears the title Re-Reckoning, ready to offer the original but revisited experience for the current generation.

The premises of THQ Nordic for this remastered they are quite valid, precisely for this reason we threw ourselves into the universe of Amalur to discover them firsthand and give you our opinion on the latter.

A devastated kingdom

The narrative takes us in the midst of a battle unleashed by Gadflow, the king of the Ice Court who is ready to do anything to get the throne. The King of the Fae of the court of ice he is an immortal being, just like his army, which is why he manages to defeat any army that stands against him.

To break the cycle of domination of Gadflow the protagonist intervenes, a being who is thrown into the Well of Souls, from which he emerges, coming back to life and discovering that he is a key element to overturn the situation within the kingdom. We will almost immediately find ourselves involved in an escape, looking for answers and why we are "resurfaced“, Verifying firsthand the atrocities that the enemy army is using towards the innocent.

Only after meeting the weaver, will we understand that we are a creature whose destiny is half written and half not, the only ones who can shape the latter and shape it to their liking through choices. History will allow us to face and meet different types of races and mercenaries, often finding ourselves relating to them, also addressing their internal conflicts.

Some gaps

The guilds are also present, each of them will have a series of main and secondary tasks available for us, which enrich the entire universe of Amalur with details. Unfortunately the first hours of the game are quite slow and fragmented, the story struggles to start due to too many disconnected missions, making the final picture confusing.

Despite the initial appearances, the story is able to mesh once you reach the first fifteen hours of play. We will find several fascinating details that will make us understand the world around us, and the reason for certain choices made by some key characters. The villains who play a leading role remain almost anonymous, with a fairly sketchy background, despite having some interesting premises at first glance.

It took us about forty hours to complete just the main campaign of the title, we were pleasantly satisfied at the end of the day. The narrative does not stand out for its originality, but it is a territory where almost every RPG of this caliber has gaps.

Sword in hand

Pad in hand, it is easy to feel the sensation of being inside any chapter of The Elder Scrolls. This is due to the lead designer leaving his mark. At the beginning of the title we will have an Editor for the main character, which unfortunately does not present who knows what customization elements, binding the choice to a few models and a few races.

We will be able to enhance our character with armor and weapons, these can be improved in the appropriate blacksmiths and merchants. Along our adventure we will have to explore as much as possible to increase the strength of our hero, as well as often requiring slightly excessive farming to remain competitive against the enemies that parry us along our traverse towards the end. The crafting system is very simple, nothing too complex but it manages to blend the element of gathering e craft in a functional mixture.

The fights take place in real time, there is no break and we will often find ourselves involved in clashes with numerous enemies, creating a very broad action. We will have normal, heavy attacks that are divided into close and distance. We will be able to wield swords, daggers, bows and enchanted sticks. At a certain point in the game, we will also have several spells available that will help us fight the atrocities present in the kingdom of Amalur.

Contents and news

The contents within the game are not lacking, including secondary missions, storylines dedicated to the guild and the various additional contents present in this new edition, allow you to reach a disproportionate longevity, which manages to touch over one hundred hours of pure fantasy.

Within this new edition, a new “Very Hard” difficulty level has been added, which allows gamers to face a new challenge against the armies of the Fae. The Level Cap has been officially removed, now entering an area of ​​a certain level, the game will calculate that of the player, guaranteeing him a level of challenge that is always balanced.

All those bugs and crashes that ruined the gaming experience have finally been fixed. The graphic sector has been refurbished, the polygonal models are more pleasant to see, in the same way the places we are going to visit. Despite the cleanup work, we would have expected something more from the developers. The films have remained the original ones, we note the detachment between the moments in the game and the cinematic sequences.

Good quality audio

Even the audio sector shows some muscles, thanks to the soundtrack edited by Grant Kirkhope, also recently known for his work on Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle di Ubisoft Milan. Unfortunately we cannot say the same about the English dubbing, which often clashes with the interpretation of the character, giving a barely acceptable result.

Final Comment

It has been several years since our last approach with Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, during this time we got to know other similar fantasy productions. Despite this, the title remains as pleasant and fresh as it was in the past, unfortunately certain problems have not been solved and the feeble narration certainly does not help to make the production stand out.

The remastering work is acceptable, too bad for some textures, we could have dared much more. We certainly recommend Re-Reckoning to those who have never played the original title in 2012, or to those who at the time became fond of this universe. For us he is promoted, not with full marks but he managed to surpass the passing mark. We can't wait to hear more of the expansion coming out in 2021.


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