The latest version and global information about Plague Inc

The latest version of Plague Inc is now ready for Android and in direct download. Let's explain how you can download and install Plaga Inc version 1.13.4 game on your android device. This is one of the most interesting and curious games of simulation for Android that you can play.

Plague Inc Reviews

Opinions about Plague Inc, you can examine them in the reviews of the Google Play store, its average is 4 stars, given by the general users who have tried the application an average more than certainly acceptable. Seeing that the maximum rating is 5 stars. This application was developed by, if you want to see more information you can visit the author's website which is This application is within the simulation category. Plague Inc, supports and supports devices with Android 4.0 and higher.

Introducing the player to Plague Inc

This game starts from the actions of a virus, which the description of virus could be the following "Infectious particles that propagate out of the cells by transferring these". In the main menu Plague Inc decides for a type of illness, at first they are just the bacteria to choose from, but by winning the different types of game you can start playing with biological weapons. Once you have chosen the virus you have to choose the country where you are going to build it. Of course, you can choose and choose and start a country. In order to win, however, it is reached first if one of the following elimination process is chosen. Everyone knows that viruses need transport routes in order to spread to other countries. On the map all airports and seaports are very important points but you must choose one. Large countries like England and Germany may appear to be lucrative, high population and adequate access routes. This means, however, that such wealthy nations also have a very good medical team. Therefore, it is important to choose a country that is a good medium among all these conditions. Ideally, for example, Egypt. It is now included in the game report that the virus begins to spread. These messages are your guide to the rest of the game along with a news bar at the top of the screen.

Objectives of Plague Inc

The goal now is to spread the virus and eradicate the human species before a cure comes out. As the virus grows exponentially, the points to obtain are DNA to be able to develop new infections, it represents the "currency" in the game and you can use the screen to update the evolution of your disease in advance. The improvements are divided into three stages: transmission, symptoms and resistance as resistance to cold or heat required by the course of advancement even in the warmer regions, or colder. For symptoms such as cough, insomnia or (later) unlockable or extreme health effects such as pulmonary fibrosis should be foregone at first, not to attract attention. The most correct advice for Plague Inc could be to not stand out in order to progress progressively without problems. By making the virus carefully a symptom and the victims go to the doctor (everything that happens will be reported in the news bar), researchers are working on a cure. You now have two options: either adhere to your DNA points on the symptoms to actively eradicate research-based countries (research exists because of the risk, in turn, inevitably accelerated) or adhere points to skills Specials to freeze the temporary investigation or Reversed do. In any case if you want to have more information about hack plague Inc visit the link that we leave here.

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