Layers of Fear 2 – Review

The genre horror has a key feature, through a good atmosphere you can make the player feel a sense of fear or disgust, the term horror in fact means just that.  

Unfortunately over the years this has been forgotten, associating horror only with something that one way or another makes you jump out of your chair and no matter why you do it. Fortunately the genre is having a resurgence, some examples of this are R Evil 7, White Day e RemotheredTormented Fathers.  

A few years ago the Bloober Team had realized Layers of Fear, a game that told the story of a tormented painter and had a good horror atmosphere, albeit muffled by the presence of too many Jumpscare.  

Now they try to re-propose the formula already known in the first chapter, moving the focus on an actress. Will they be able to bring us a horror work capable of terrifying us? Find out with us thanks to our review! 

The troubled story of an actress

The plot of Layers of Fear 2 tells the story of one actress tormented by her past. The story will be told through the exploration of various places, linked in one way or another to the protagonist's past.  

The gameplay is much closer to a narrative work than to a real game. The adventure will start inside our cabin, where two objects will be located on the first floor, a slide projector that through various images will provide us with some information related to the protagonist, and the phonograph that at the beginning of the adventure will be unusable.  

On the second floor of the room there will be a telescope, which can be used to recover some objects scattered in the sea, and the projection room. Interacting with the projector inside, after a short movie the level will start. 

In this phase we will find ourselves having to explore various rather linear environments, within these we will be able to interact with some objects in order to obtain new plot information. There will also be gods scattered throughout the levels collectable such as posters, slides (usable through the projector) and interviews that can be listened to through the phonograph in our room. 

For the rest, Layers of Fear 2 is limited to being a walking simulator rather than a real game, enriched by just a few puzzles, whose resolution is the only real gameplay element of the title, not even well done.

In fact, the puzzles are either tremendously stupid to solve or based on multiple random attempts, because in some cases they lack any clue that can help solve them.

Horror atmosphere ruined by too many jumpscare

Layers of Fear 2 is intended to be presented as an atmospheric horror, but unfortunately it is not. 

In the early stages of the game the environments are well thought out, creating what is the typical horror atmosphere, thanks to the use of various tricks such as the environments claustrophobic, the absence of lights e a good sound sector.

Unfortunately the whole is later ruined by too much presence of jumpscare, so much so that at a certain point they will no longer be scary and will only be annoying and boring.

To save a little of that horror atmosphere is the story told which, although very predictable, manages to bring the player into the tormented mind of the protagonist and make him feel a sense of horror and disgust for what he will find himself going through.

Technical department

Layers of Fear 2 on a technical level proves to be a pretty good product, in fact all environments are well made and detailed in every aspect, even if there are smudges in certain elements of the scenario, such as water that looks like jelly.

After all, the atmosphere created by the environments remains valida

Regarding the sound sector, there is nothing negative to say, given that thanks to the use of bineural sounds it manages to make the player uncomfortable by giving, at least in the initial stages, a constant sense of danger.

In conclusion

Layers of Fear 2 comes with a good narrative and technical sector, a pity that the title does not shine in its fundamental characteristic, which is to be a horror game.

The team has in fact ruined the whole atmosphere created with the environments by abusing the jumpscare element, this in fact is exaggerated and poorly thought out. Because of this, il game it turns out a fair enough product.   


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