League of Legends and E-sports

It seems lie that makes less than a quarter of a century were unthinkable linking sport with video games and is that if we ask any time ago nobody would believe is that there are a few so-called "electronic sports" that have an impact in many countries of this planet. A few sports that move many brands, teams and players and always in certain competitive and cooperative games. We're talking about video games such as Fifa, Counter-strike, Hearthstone, Dota and more. 

History of E-sports Des sports games to games where strategy and communication with the members of the team it is crucial for the overcoming of the tournament, are talking about gamers called professional, boys and girls, normally of young, professionally dedicated to it and who dedicated a huge amount of hours to that game in particular and to make all the possible to defeat the rival strategies. Before this decade had tournaments for video games such as Quake III: Arena, or Unreal Tournament, two of the major First person competitive shooters and even before that in the first Atari there was some competition, but nothing to do with the anger and the masses that flock theme of real-time strategy video games.

League of Legends and the competition

One of the games that most impact has caused networks and, we could say, the most popular among people who moves the world gamer without place to doubt is LoL, League of Legends. A game of real-time strategy and which are organized tournaments des of the year 2011. LoL could tell that is as a game of chess, simple a time take the idea but with much complexity in its multiple and different strategies. Without place to doubt what began to make grow the imminent colossus of the E -sports was the multiplayer. The first video games that you could fight against each other was in local network, either in famous cyber centres, where specifically in Spain was a total "boom" or with friends, things changed when it could begin to play against players from around the world that were not to your around and a wide range of possibilities showed us. We could say that League of Legends departed from Dota, since Dota was very limited since one could say that it was just a Warcraft III mod that had only a map, some players believed that they could change that same and Riot Games was founded and this League of Legends, a video game easier, with a slower learning curve and graphics with a more childlike touch that didn't like the community of Dota and for many years there were disputes. An of the things that made that League of Legends out a success is that was free, was one of the precursors of them games free or freemium as them know now, only you had that download the game and start to play, without more. and that was that the community of players grew to rhythms never seen. Guessed that there would be so many millions of players that if a few of them already spend their money with micropayments already them would be profitable, but also you can get points free hack lol riot.

Success of LoL

The following made by Riot Games was producing LCS (League of Legends Championship Series) so that there were two types of players, professional players and they could charge for it and the casual doing that today almost 70 million people play League of Legends and the number of players who know it every day is increasing. No hint of doubt LoL will be a game very studied and tried to imitate by many, perhaps the formula works and repeat with another ip, or perhaps, what is clear is that LoL was one of the big drivers for Esports give to know much more.

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