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To be able to take the victory in the mode Team Fight Tactis di league of legends, you will have to use your wits to create the best team. We want to help you by offering you several teams updated to the patch 9.23, the latest available at the time of writing.

12 teams to try

The various teams next door will have a rating that will range from S (the maximum) up to B (the lowest rating), so you can have more variety in your comp, since the same champions will never happen in every game.

Economic team - Tier A

This comp is based on using the cheapest samples available right now. You will have it available Renekton which once built correctly will give you a lot of satisfaction. In addition to him you will have available Diana e Ivern, two very useful early champions.

The only sore point of this team is the lack of area damage, so if you have against a team "Summoners"You will not be able to take home victory.

The strategy to follow:

Make sure Renekton and hope for the drop of the Dancer Ghost e Claw di Dragon in the clash against the Krug, in Early you will have to make sure as previously mentioned Renekton, Ivern and Diana you will have to take it later and once you reach the Level 6 try to get The White so as to have 3 Assassins in the field.

We advise you to focus mainly on Renekton, once ready you will take care of the rest, below we leave you the items recommended for the 3 assassins.

  • Renekton: Dragon Claws, Phantom Dancer, and Warmog Armor
  • Kha'Zix: Thief's Gloves and Seraphic Embrace
  • Diana: Thief's Gloves

Malphon Brando - Tier S

This comp is mainly based on the sample Brand, in fact in Early and Mid game you will have to prepare the team for him. You will go to use 3 Wizards, 3 Mystics e 3 Guardians.

The strategy to follow:

In Early, any unit you find will do, creating an economy for the Mid / Late game. Once you get to the Level 7 start updating the store until you find it Brand.

If you will find Nami, we advise you to use Syndra so you can get the bonus Oceanic, also remember that Qiyana is part of the class Mountain, so if used in combo with Taliyah you will be able to easily finish the first rounds.

Here are the items recommended for Brand, your main champion of the entire comp.

  • Shojin's spear
  • Rabadon's Deathcap
  • Morellonomicon

Night Blender - Tier S

This comp is based on the continuous updating of the store in order to be able to obtain the two main champions of this team, nocturne e Kha'Zix.

The strategy to follow:

In summary with this comp you will be able to eliminate in the shortest time possible the opposing team, thanks to the class Assassins, Desert e Swordsman. By inserting a sample Wind e Mystical you will have some defenses from any defense-based enemy teams.

You will need to get a spatula in the shortest possible time to be able to close the Blade of the Ruined King, essential item for your Assassins.

You can start the game with any unit, but we recommend purchasing Low Budget Assassins like Diana o The White, by doing so you will have excellent "containers”For the items you will give to Nocturne and Kha'Zix once they are found.

If you fail to get the Blade of the Ruined King in the early stages of the game, you can continue to use this strategy, but it will not be the same. However in case you will have to get yourself Aatrox al Level 8 and you will have to choose whether to use 2 samples Arms master or bet everything on Azir.

The builds for Nocturne and Kha'ZIx are as follows:

  • Nocturne: Blade of the Ruined King, Blade of Guinsoo, Shard of Infinity
  • Kha'Zix: Blade of the Ruined King, Shard of Infinity, Seraphic Embrace

Brand Waiting Room – Tier S

Now we will see another comp based on the Magician Brand and also in this case you will have to use the other samples as "containers" for the objects that once obtained will pass to Brand.

The strategy to follow:

In Early game you can catch any unit, better if you find many Diana Zyra e Vladimir, so as to immediately have the "containers" for magical objects.

Once the economy is built in Early, in Mid game all you have to do is get to Level 7 and once you reach it you will start updating the shop in order to get Brand.

Let's see the builds for Brand and Yorik.

  • Brand:  Jeweled Glove, Rabadon's Headdress, Shojin's Spear
  • Yorik: Guardian Angel, Redemption

Glacial Berserker – Tier A

This comp provides for the use of Olaf that although recently nerfed, it still remains a very good unit, combined with the class Predators e Poison you will be able to take home victory.

The strategy to follow:

This comp boasts of 3 champions who will be able to do a lot of damage to the enemy, Kog'Maw, Olaf e Singing.

In Early game we advise you to save more money possible and to spend it only if you can make a Kog'Maw 3 Stelle, arrived in Mid game you will have to get the Berserker like Olaf, Volibear e Mundo that in combination with the class Glacial even if 1 star you will be able to do a lot of damage to the enemy.

Here are the builds of the main champions of this comp:

  • Olaf: Fury of Guinsoo, La Bramasagnue
  • Kog'Maw: Runaan hurricane, Red Buf
  • Singed: Frozen Heart, Morellonomicon

6 Mages 2 Tibbers – Tier A

This comp based on Wizards like Brand e Annie It uses few class synergies but remains very strong thanks to the massive amount of damage from Mages.

The strategy to follow:

With this team, all you have to do is get as many wizards as possible while building your economy to be able to buy Annie and Brand in Mid game. The fundamental object to find is the Wizard Hat.

While looking for Brand and Annie, we recommend using Taliyah e Malphite so you have an excellent front line to defend your Wizards.

Below we leave you the builds for Annie and Brand:

  • Annie: Magician's Hat, Morellonomicon
  • Brand: Jeweled Glove, Rabadon's Headdress, Shojin's Spear

Sivir Hurricane - Tier varying from S to B (due to continuous nerfs)

Finally we see a comp based on the best ADC of TFT, Sivir, thanks to its synergy with the Desert it can do a lot of damage and can be defended by the classes Wind e Mystics.

The strategy to follow:

Let's start with two free slots, left deliberately so as to make this team flexible, you can decide whether to add assassins like Qiyana e Zed or you can add two more Monks like Soraka e Nami.

If Qiyana will be in your game, we recommend that you use this comp. At the start of the game you will have to use any unit waiting for Yasuo, Qiyana or Aatrox. In order to get to Mid Game without problems, we recommend that you get Renekton and Dr. Mundo, so that you have a great pre-Sivir team.

You will need a few items to get the most out of this strategy.

  • Sivir: Runaan's Hurricane, Slayer of Giants (can be replaced with the Red Buff)
  • Yasuo: Frost glove

Behold the Light – Tier variabile A – B

This strategy is based on the Light class which was recently modified, now it can only heal the 25% of max HP of your units. The main units will be Master Yi e Vayne.

The strategy to follow:

At the start of the game, you'll need to get all the units in the class Luce available, until the Mid Game if you do not have the 3-star main units, we do not recommend the forced increase of the level. Get it right away Vayne e Nasus and try to get the items to be able to create the Talisman of Light.

Once you find Master Yi if you still don't have enough slots, replace Jax, after which get yourself Janna o Nami if you do not find it so as to have defenses in case of very aggressive enemies.

The recommended builds are:

  • Vayne: Guinsoo's Fury, Runaan's Hurricane
  • Master Yi: Talisman of Light

Shadow Rangers - Tier variabile da S - A

The comp Shadow Rangers rarely seen in play due to the recent class nerf Ombre, but by inserting Kindred the team obviates this problem.

The strategy to follow:

In addition to Kindred, we recommend that you look for Ashe as the second ADC that paired with Taric (Crystal class) manages to synergize very well.

In Early Game you will have to look for champions belonging to the classes Luce, Cleaning, Inferno o Druid. With the Inferno class you will have a great Early waiting to find Ashe, we recommend Varus and Kindred.

Your main goal will be to get to the Mid Game with at least 2 Tidy up as a team, as you progress through the game, you'll need to get items for Kindred and then Ashe.

The builds to follow are:

  • Ashe: Statikk Dagger X3
  • Kindred: Slayer of Giants

4 of a Kind – B Tier

This comp is much weaker than the others, however in some cases it will be very useful to you thanks to the potential of Ezreal e Ashe.

The strategy to follow:

This strategy is not particularly difficult to execute, you just need to have an excellent Front Line (Taric and Malphite are just fine).

In Early Game any unit will do, you just need to have at least 1 unit at a distance to be able to put all the useful items on Ezreal and Ashe. Arrived in Mid Game you should have 2nd + Ranger and a nice solid Front Line, at this point you just need to find one Master Yi to be able to win at home.

The builds to follow are:

  • Ashe: Statikk Dagger X3
  • Twitch: Hurricane of Runaan, Slayer of Giants

Sand Clone Army – A Tier

This time we will take advantage of the Re di Shurima, Azir that thanks to its ability to summon units united with the Assassins you will be able to defeat your enemies. This comp in the future may no longer have the same effectiveness as it is now, in case it will be enough for you (hi nerf to Azir) to use the Assassins of the moment together with a Kha'Zix built as it should.

The strategy to follow:

In Early Game, you'll need to get hold of Low Budget Assassins like Diana, so as to be able to exploit them as "containers”Of items for Kha'Zix, The item you need to aim for is Herald of Zeke, fundamental on Azir. Once in the Mid Game, just take any Summoner unit such as Yorik o Annie.

The build to follow is:

  • Azir: Herald of Zeke X3
  • Wall: Guardian Angel, Redemption

Predator – A Tier

Finally, here is the last comp that we recommend to be able to play the best TFT games.

This com is based on the class Predators and on the continuous updating of the store, so that you can have many 3-star units.

The strategy to follow:

In Early Game you will need to get the Low Budget Predators and the object Buff Red very useful in combo with the Predator skill. Once in Mid Game you will have to replace Kha'Zix with Azir in order to have the class ability Desert and if you find a Singed put him in the team to be able to use the Poison as an alternative to Assassins.

In order to make this strategy work best, we recommend that you bring all units that cost 1 coin to 3 stars.

The builds to follow are:

  • Kog'Maw: Runaan's Hurricane, Red Buff
  • Rek'Sai: Ionic spark

With this last comp we are done, have fun using and try to evolve them by introducing other possible class combinations.

league of legends e TFT are already available on PC e Mac. In the future they will arrive on Smartphones and Consoles.

If you are interested in the League of Legends universe, we recommend that you take a look at the announcement of the New champion Aphelios, of the new patch 9.24 and League of Legends: Wild Rift.

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