League of Legends initiation guide

This post is how purpose to new users in League of Legends a quick guide to start playing the most played moba(Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) in the world. The basic recommendation is start playing with bots(és decir contra la máquina) and begin to familiarize yourself with all the characters and game mode, apart from videos experienced players online.

League of Legends initiation guide The first thing that must be taken into account is to know how to win a game, and mainly the objective of each game is the collapse all the turrets enemy up to the nexus enemy and collapse it also. Each team has 11 towers, 6 are found in Rails, the inhibitor 3 and 2 in the nexus of the base of each team. Another important paragraph are the minions or subjects that you are the small army that helps every team, this comes off by gusts and time depending on the time of the game in which we find ourselves. The primary objective therefore is knock down towers, each time you're in front of a tower enemy, is say in your range, is going to attack, unless you have minions of your team of by means which then the focus of the turret will be for these, but if you attack an enemy player then the focus of the turret will change again toward you. In League of Legends, every time you destroy a turret enemy this will give gold and experience to your team, each track has an inhibitor, and to destroy all towers of each rail reaching the inhibitor and destroying this is to generate stronger and higher than normal statistics, minions apart give you gold and experience the team how with turrets.

League of Legends 2016

Normal map consists of 3 lanes with towers defending, "top lane", "mid lane" and "bot lane" are called (alluding to its situation on the top, middle and bottom map). Each character specializes in a lane, normally in the top go players who are based in the melee whether tanks (players with high defensive characteristics) or assasins(focus in damage). In the mid lane play the magicians and the bot lane uses the ADC and supports (ADC specialize in damage per second "dps" and the supports can be or tanks or healers that help the ADC to stay alive so that they can do damage to their wide). Then with these covered lanes we have 4 of the 5 components of a normal team, we lack the last and we could say that most important character of each team the jungle, these characters with special characteristics going all jungle map killing monsters that are found to get puff out (bonus). Depending on the monster that he be killed, you'll get a bufo of one type or another, they can give gold and experience, regeneration of mana and cooling, apart from these monsters of little difficulty there are other more difficult to destroy and therefore give best puff out. On the one hand we have the Dragons, which will give you a type of bufo or another, depending on who you kill and on the other hand we have Baron Nashor which gives a bonus to the entire team of more life, more mana and power of skill and dps to the entire team. The game also has a chat where you can talk with your team or the opposing team, must have a pleasant with all the players behavior even if they are enemies because LoL does not tolerate improper as insults or harassment behavior and you may close your account.

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In this moba from riot games how in many other online games, there are a number of typical vocabulary game that first not everyone knows is the typical vocabulary in many online games, we have made an overview of the most used, Op is "Power Over" means that a character is more stronger than others, Focus is when you have to do harm to a player , Monster or turret in particular Feeder which means when a player dies much by a same player rival giving this experience and gold over making sure a lane is defenseless, Farm siguinifica kill many minions getting much gold and experience, Noob, which means Rookie, Afk which in English literally is "Away from keyboard" is to say when a player is upon departure but without playing , GG, which means "Good Game" is to say good game, Gl, which means "Good Luck" is to say good luck, KS in English is "Kill Steal" is say a death to steal a player from your team, Ap is "Ability Power" means to ability, Ad which in English means "Attack damage" is damage physical, which means "attack speed" it's attack speed. And here we could say that it is a fairly comprehensive for earlier basic guide of first contact with the game taking to understand a bit what are the objectives and functions of the game, now only create an account and download the game and start enjoying which is said is you which is the second game more adictive in the world.

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