Life is Strange: Before the Storm – Episodio Bonus: Addio – Review

It hasn't been long since Life is Strange: Before the Storm saw the release of his latest canonical episode. As had already been announced in its debut, this chapter would have a bonus chapter, available for those who purchased the Deluxe Digital Edition of the game, but once the Retail version was announced, it was discovered that the latter was also available in this new version. edition. For the uninitiated, the episode puts us in the shoes of the protagonist of the first season, Maxine Calfield, lover of photography and childhood friend of ours Chloe Price. Everything takes place on the last day where the two are together, before the aspiring photographer moves to Seattle to abandon her friend in Arcadia Bay. It is true, during the first season we had the opportunity to glimpse what happened that day, but we did not have the opportunity to investigate, in fact the episode serves to fill this basic background, as well as a final dedication to the young protagonist who c 'accompanied years ago.

An intense bond ...

The beginning is that of two carefree, problem-free little girls trying to enjoy their growth together. But in the thoughts of one of the two - Maxine to be clear since we will use her in the episode - lies the thought of having to say goodbye to the other, due to the move to Seattle. The one that immediately catches the eye is Chloe, because here we will see her less vulgar, carefree and innocent, which we know she will lose shortly afterwards following a tragic event. The episode immediately presents us with an important choice, that of saying the bad news right away or enjoying the rest of the day and then ending it with the unpleasant news.

Obviously the choice falls on enjoying the day, where the two will remember the good times when they disguised themselves as pirates and this is where the search for treasure starts. The treasure was nothing more than a time capsule that the two had hidden as children, we will learn all this through a tape that the two had recorded several years ago. From here will begin our adventure with our best friend, sharing the tasks and then seeing us again in the garden of the Price. During the episode we will have a new area never visited at the home of Chloe's family, the basement where the amulet that the two had hidden as children resides.

The importance and pain of loss

The episode does not stop only at what it makes us see explicitly, but it will be up to the player to recall memories that the two have created, moreover, walking around the house it will be possible to feel a feeling of familiarity, which we have acquired thanks to the adventures of Maxine in the first season and during the Before the Storm course. The bond that unites the two girls is now more marked than ever, realizing that they have very deep roots. What Deck Nine has developed is a mini-tale full of strong emotions, which are aroused in the player until the end of the latter.

The notes of pain

To season the dish, the soundtrack takes care of it, even more charged with strong notes and with a final track that leaves its mark inside the gamer's heart. The dubbing of Life is Strange has always been of excellent workmanship, even in this case they manage to convey the right feeling with the right tones of voice at the ideal moment. As always, production never fails on this. The same can be said of the polygonal models, identical to those we have been able to appreciate in previous years, even if we appreciate the effort to make them less serrated, a small annoyance that was present in the first season.

Final Comment

We have reached the end and although it is not an episode of disproportionate duration, the bonus episode Goodbye wins the hearts of us players with strong and important scenes. Max's last goodbye to Chloe is impactful, thanks to an effective background writing that marks the points he has set for himself. If we add to everything the effect of the soundtrack, we get a strong mixture that makes us satisfied and tested, since at the end of the episode there will be tears. We congratulate the development team on this latest episode.

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